Are your kids affectionate?

So I just wanted to see how other people’s kids did with affection. I know all kids are different, and each has their own personality, but I am curious. Do your kids give you hugs, kisses, etc, and tell you they love you without being asked or prompted?


Mine are. It has aways been normal and the thing in my house. Even my 12 year old son still does it.

With mine, once they turned 13 - 14, it stopped. If they are younger, get it while you can!

Yes my daughter is 3 and she is constantly hugging me and telling me she loves me

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My babies (23-2yrs) always give me random hugs, and i love you mama, melts my heart everytime i hear it especially my big babies.


Both of my adult sons have always hugged me. My mother never hugged me or told me she loved me - yes I know she did she just wasn’t affectionate.

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My daughter’s did, till around 12-13, my son not so much

Yes all the time. He’s 10 now but he’s been very loving his whole life. I’d say he tells me he loves me close to 50 times a day if not more. Just randomly comes to me and says I love you mama or he will randomly hug me, lean his head on my shoulder or come lay beside me.

My two year old asks for hugs and kisses all the time. Especially when he is super happy or gets hurt. He will want me to hug him and then kiss it to make it better.

My oldest 2 are and always have been my 17 month will hug me but hardly ever gives me kisses but demands I give him kisses on chela and forehead :joy:

My daughter randomly gives hugs and kisses in her own time but will SOMETIMES give hugs and kisses when we ask we don’t pressure her to give hugs or kisses if she doesn’t want to. She’s a year and 8 months old and will say “uv you” (love you) when we lay her down for a nap or bedtime

My oldest is 12 middle 9 always give me hugs and tell me they love me

My son we hug n tell each we love each other. Not my daughters. They did some foul stuff n we had lost respect for each other. Relationship has gotten better in last year.

My youngest does but my oldest isn’t affectionate. She’s very introverted whereas my youngest is a huge extrovert and she’s always needing attention

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My adults 23 & 25 always I love you mom … the younger ones hugs and thee I love you mom … even on messenger not a day goes by with out hearing I love you … :heart::heart:and I love it

My daughter turns 6 in June and she ALWAYS gives me loves. She even put her older, much “cooler” cousin in her place when she tried to make fun of her for giving me loves. She said, “She’s my mom…” and then came and loved on me after giving her a look of disappointment.

Yes my youngest just turned 18. They all liked to cuddle and say I love whenever hanging up the phone or when leaving the house.

The most used phrase in my house is “I love you”

Everytime we part mine tell me they love me and give me a kiss. They are 19, 17, and 16.

My son is 17 and the hugs are constant. He just knows when Mama needs a hug. He is leaving for University soon and I’m going to really miss those hugs and the smiles…my baby…

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My little one; has always been an on you type of love. But my older one it’s definitely been a journey. Not only was he not very affectionate but he wouldn’t talk either. Simply because he didn’t want too. Which is fine in it’s self. But the first time he actually ran up and gave me a hug and a kiss without prompting he was about 3.5. Ngl I legit cried. I finally got to hear his true voice around that time too; when I finally got to hear him call me mommy!!

My two daughters nearly 4 an 2yr old will say I love you mum give me hugs sometimes asks for a hug

My 2 year old… she doesn’t talk… once a day she’ll come up and cuddle… and lay her head on me… and just hang on me. She doesn’t kiss without being prompted tho. She’s still pretty mean to me when she feels like it tho so I’m not really sure :rofl: I feel like yes & no lol

My kids are 12,10,8 and 1. They are all very affectionate & loving. Hugs & kisses & cuddles. Especially the baby. She will hug my head & grab my face to kiss my check. I’ve always showered my children with affection. Their grandparents as well.

My 14 year old, 12 year old 4 year always does

Yes my soon to be 4 year old wants all the hugs and snuggles, kisses. She always tells me I’m beautiful and cute and I love you so much and how she missed me all day

My daughter is 15 and always asks for a hug or kiss. I hope this never ends

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My girls are not that affectionate. My son however is a big momma’s boy.

My daughter is 4 and soooooo affectionate constantly giving love. My son on the other hand is 6 and is already embarrassed to hug or kiss me goodbye when I drop him off at school :joy::sob: its rare that he even comes up for a hug on his own at home lol but never ever refuses when we ask for one but he does and has always said “love you” many times throughout the day. I’ve accepted that he is sadly already " too cool" for his parents lol

I have 10, 8, 5.5 and 5 year old kids, bio and step kids. All of them will ask for hugs and kisses, cuddle on the couch, and say I love you to me unprompted from me. We are a very touchy feeling, say how you feel family. We talk about our emotions all throughout the day. Good and bad!

Mine are 3 and 4 and every 20 min no lie they come and tell me they love me and have to give me a hug and kiss even when they are playing or in the bathroom they scream MOM I LOVE YOU!!!:heart: My oldest one who is 11 only tells me when I tell him and he no longer hugs and kisses me just because i have to be the one to go to him!:sob::sob:

Definitely so… but I was not a lovey kid. I told my mom I loved her and my dad… But I was not and still am not a touchy feely person.

I have 3 sons and all have varying degrees of affectionate moments lol. I’m a love you when I leave the house and hang up the phone type person and all 3 respond differently. My oldest is a yep and nod, my middle is a love you see ya later and my youngest is a love you kiss me hug me one more time mum ill be lonely without you type.

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I have 3 boys they hug and kiss me and tell me I’m beautiful alllll the time.

My 3 boys are all grown up and moved on to their own place and every time they see me it’s Hugs and kisses never to old to love on your mom :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My 4 year old daughter tells me she loves me all day long. Hugs me and kisses me and tells me I’m beautiful :black_heart:

My daughter does this all the time, she’s 10

All three of my kiddos are super lovey all the time! We have two 3 years olds and a 2 year old!

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My boys are 4 and 7. They tell me they love me all the time. More so after they get in trouble lol! When bedtime comes they always ask me to tuck them in and kiss them goodnight.

Mine are 11-9-1- and 2 months and they all do, my 1 year old cant talk but gives kisses and hugs and my new born cant really do any but always has the biggest smile and coo’s when we interact with him, talk to him and hold him.

My 14.5 year old hates me and my 4 yr old loves and snugles me all day lol

All my kids are affectionate. My twin almost 14yr old tell me they love me and want me to hold them on my lap. My almost 10yr gives hugs and my 28month old doesn’t really talk yet, but he gives hugs, kisses and snuggles.

My daughter is super affectionate with her dad and me. Not so much other people. I don’t make her hug/kiss anyone if she doesn’t want to

My daughter is very affectionate she is always hugging me and telling me she loves me. My son is 13 so no hugs or really I love you as often but he wasn’t very affectionate when he was younger.

Looked forward to that, but got kids who didn’t like to be touched. My son would wriggle to get out of my arms as a baby even. My daughter would just tolerate being held. Even today when they’re grown and flown I just get a quick squeeze and a peck on the cheek. But we always say “I love you” before we say goodbye and I know it’s true.

My 12 year old thinks im lame and my 4 year old is hugging and kissing me all the time

My son is 8, he gives me hugs & kisses daily. Tells me he loves everyday.

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My boy is 3 and is always asking for a kiss and a cuddle and tells me he loves me

Never. my boys are 15 & 16 and I don’t even get a bless you when I sneeze anymore

Yes my kids do they are 8 &7

My 15 yo son still likes to have cuddles & kisses. In fact all of my 5 children still have kisses, cuddles and I luv you’s but sometimes they do it when they want something but that comes with Mummy …LOL. we have always showed our children love and affection.

My 12yo does, at anytime but the 9yo doesn’t. Only on her terms which is at bed time when she wants cuddles on the bed.

My 11 year old hates affection. My 7 year old has ASD and he is very loving toward me but can be picky with others.

My son is a little over a year old and he gives hugs and occasionally kisses without being prompted he likes running into my arms when I’m sitting on the floor just chilling. Sometimes he gives kisses and too when he does that but its mostly just hugs. My son is very affectionate and we love our hugs and cuddles and he likes blowing kisses and fist bumps and he’s the best :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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My son is 2 he doesn’t like affection or give it

My 2 year old grabbed my face today kissed me on the lips and cheek twice and said I love you, I was putting her in her car seat. It was so sweet I wanted to cry.

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My two older ones don’t they are 22 and 10. My 2 year old will tell his dad love you but not me but will hug and kiss me all the time but not his dad lol kids are funny

9 year old autistic son: not overly affectionate, but gives warm, long hugs at bedtime. He shows his affection through his art and writing.

3 year old daughter: compliments me, her dad, and siblings and happily hugs and kisses anyone in the house. She is the kindest, most beautiful soul.

2 year old daughter: a ray of sunshine, affectionate on her own terms. Gives out kisses occasionally without being prompted. The best way I can get cuddles from her is when I tell her it’s time to brush her hair, then she plops eagerly on my lap!

More they age less affectionate they become.

My son is 13 and he wants a hug or he tells me he loves me all the time


My 3yo tells me he loves me and I’m beautiful daily, my other 3 kids also compliment me and tell me they love me and I’m the best mummy all the time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My boys are 15 and 12 my daughter is 10 and they hug and cuddle with me, they all tell me they love me all the time…

My 5 year old has never been affectionate even when he was a baby he hated been held and cuddled my 1 year old doesn’t mind a hug and some cuddling but if it’s to long he gets a bit irritated

My grandsons love their hugs and kisses, come running as soon as they see us.

I am from a family of 7 and all of us don’t do things the same. Same with affection. Don’t worry about. There are different stages boys go through too.

My adult children still give me hugs and I love you and vice versa as do my grandies,

Both of my sons are super afdectionate. They ask for hugs and kisses all the time, and they are constantly telling me I’m “the best Mommy in the whole entire world” lol. :heart: They both will randomly climb in bed or on the couch with me to cuddle, and they ask me to hold them. My oldest is 6, so I know my time with him wanting cuddles is limited. I soak it all up.

My 3 boys craze hugs and kisses say I love you loads everyday, my daughter 15 (autistic) hates being touched and has never said I love you, it’s heart breaking but we know she loves us and shows it in different ways. Xx

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12 year old gives kisses at bedtime to mom. Occasionally cuddles, but it’s never fun because she’s all elbows and knees and ADHD. Also ASD and has no concept if personal space. Claims she hates her dad, but I caught her sitting in his lap yesterday, lol.

2 yo also has no concept of personal space, cuddles often, likes to hold your arm - not hand. Forces you to “pet” him when he’supset :woman_shrugging:t3:. Hugs sometimes. Used to give kisses, but not anymore.

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My daughter is 6 and my son is 7. They both tell me countless times throughout the day that they love me. I get hugs and cuddles every day too. My son is the bigger cuddler though these days. I have to snuggle him every night before bed lol

Yes all the time, very loving

All of my kids do. They’ll randomly stop playing just to come tell me they love me. They’re 4,6,&8

We have five kids, and they always have.

My 16 month old grandson is now copying us when we hug a toy, and then he hugs us. And now he is copying kisses on his cheek. Show babies affection and that’s how they learn.

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Yes , 27b,13g,11b,6g
Some more than others but I still get told they love me daily. 27 yr old when he leaves the house e

My oldest (13years old), has always been very affectionate. She still gives me at least 3 minute hugs each time we hug. But we are not AS affectionate as we were when she was younger.
My middle (22 months) gives hugs, kisses and cuddles all day. She also says ‘I love you’ first many times a day.
My youngest (6 months) loves getting all of the cuddles and loves and hugs around our necks on his own while we’re holding him or will cup our faces in his hands and smush his face into our faces, he also reaches to initiate hand holding. :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:

My oldest is a lover my youngest just turned 10 and doesn’t give hugs kisses or has never said I live you back or at all she says ok I have been considering counseling to see if there’s a problem but im the same way when it comes to affection except towards my kids I always tell them lol

We give hugs and kisses and day I love you. We say it to my kid niece a lot too but she’s never really been around anyone that’s like that so she gets a little weirded out at first but now loves it

Yes. My 5yo does a lot, but my 2yo does it a lot more which I find surprising lol. They always tell me they love me and hug me, kiss me or cuddle me whenever they can. Very affectionate girls lol.

My son will just pop in the room and tell me he loves me but I also have done that with him since he was little. Always good to know you’re loved

My two year old loves to give hugs and kisses, she likes to sit in our laps sometimes too. She crawls all over her dad. She doesn’t really say ‘I love you’ unprompted yet but will sometimes say it back when we say it to her, though I think that’s more of a developmental thing. She leaves sloppy kisses all over her baby brother’s face, haha.

My son 22yrs old yes my 17yr old daughter no

Omg yes! My kids are 8,6 and 4 and all day long my husband and I are given hugs and kisses

Oldest says I love you and asks for hugs and kisses without prompting. He’s almost 8.
Youngest is 3 gives snuggles without any prompting…but “I love yous” actual hugs and actual kisses take a little prompting.

Yes they do :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Yes my 3yo is so affectionate. Loves cuddles, always randomly says he lovea me, blows kisses, hugs etc

We use I love you a tonnnn at my house even my four year old will tell his brother he loves him quite often it’s so cute and we hug, not much of kissy fam besides me to hub lol

My son would literally be on my back all day if he could he’s always been affectionate, my 2 year old is the opposite she’s never really like being cuddled or kissed, and will cry if it’s forced on her she’s 2, 1/2 now and she’s tells you no or yes she will ask for cuddles etc but is still headstrong about it with everyone other than her brother who she forces affection on :joy:

It has to be a natural thing in the family. We always hugged and kissed our grandparents when we left after visiting., not the same with our parents, my mother was not afecenent with us as children or adults,her parents ,our grandparents still kissed us good by up until their death at 80.

They have to be taught how to show affection. They imitate what they see.


My daughter is very loving. She gives mommy kisses and hugs whoever she’s comfortable with. She’s not one to just sit on the couch and cuddle but she will give snuggly hugs and pat your back and say “aweeeeeee” lol she’s very sweet with her toys and the pets too. She will be 2 July 6th.

My are adults and tell me every day they love me. They are very loving kids

Yes they do. My daughter is 4 and my son is 2.

All 3 of mine (1, 3, 6) like to give random hugs & kisses, my 2 oldest always say I love you and we share “you’re so beautiful/handsome” to each other a handful of times a day… they always get a hug & kiss before bed too. They like to cuddle and rub my arm. Anytime we part ways, it’s always an I Love You, hug/kiss, blow kisses as they walk away and then we make hearts with our hands.

My oldest(5), isnt physically affectionate but he’ll tell us “were the best mommy/daddy in the world” or “I love you more than all the dishes” He usually only hugs and kisses when we’re saying goodbye, My 18 months old, she will go back and forth between being a terror and then big hugging you and giving you kisses lol and wanting to cuddle, anything cute she sees she kisses, she’s a ton more affectionate. My 4 month old seems to be following her tracks cause he loves the kisses and already tries to kiss back.

No but I know they do we have a love/hate relationship with 25 and half yrs old a 10 yrs old and almost 9 year old

My youngest does all the above randomly throughout the day, my middle only at specific times like whenever shes leaving me for school or bed, and my oldest its rare if I get hugged nowadays, They’re 7,10, and 11

My daughter is 8 and autistic. There are only 2 people she will fully wrap her arms around for a hug… me and my sister (her aunt) and probably because we’re both very affectionate with her. Randomly she’ll say “hug me” when she wants one, but I’m the one who is more affectionate towards her.

My 8 year old doesnt care for it. But my 2 year old is so sweet and loving. Gives kisses and holds your hand. Runs up and hugs me while yelling mommy!!

My son is about to be too and he randomly comes up to me for kisses, hugs, or he does this cute little thing where he rubs his forehead on mine and then hugs me so yes he’s very affectionate