As a SAHM how do you stay on top of house work?

As a stay at home mom, I have five kids how do you stay on top of the housework? What are your cleaning schedules iv been a mom sense 16 now 28? I kind of learned to just clean when the kids are in bed for the night .do you have any organization hacks? I feel clothes and toys are everywhere, and I throw out or donate so much, but the mess just seems to always come back then I look at other moms, especially YouTube cleaning videos, and their houses are spotless!


I’ve learned that until the kids are in school, my house will always be a mess. lol When nobody is home, there’s nobody to make a mess, at least not as much anyway. Cleaning while they are awake is pointless for me, so I pick up during naps and after they are in bed for the night. About the only things I do while they’re awake are dishes and laundry. I’ve learned to be okay with some mess. We have a small house so all these ‘spotless’ houses everyone has will never be mine. lol We have stuff sitting all over because we just don’t have room to ‘hide it away’. I’m like you and get rid of stuff often but it still feels like we have so much due to limited space.

Im a mom of 2 , my 2 one is like having a 3 one . At night i make sure the kitchen is always cleaned , toys are always picked up. I pick up my sons room while hes at school if he’s at home he does it , same goes for my daughter. In the evening i just go over stuff like sweeping and stuff like that. The bathroom i clean twice a week . If everything stays picked up its easier to stay on top of it . Also if the kitchen is clean before we go to bed it leaves not everything a mess. It will nevee be clean im sure a lot of us are on the same page. Even as much as you try.

Homes are for free expressions not for good impressions girl :wink: i clean when my youngest is napping. My oldest will usually play in his room or ask to play minecraft so itll give me time. I usually try to do some dishes as i cook if i can… my oldest (5) likes to sweep so he will help sweep. You can also give kiddos some easy chores to do too. Also make them pick up the toys. I make mine pick up multiple times a day otherwise all the toys are out everywhere. The clothes idk what to say. I have piles everywhere

my main issue is always laundry i have three kids and its just me so things get a bit hetic thats when i have my older pick their things up and help watch their baby sister so i can vaccum or get laundry going in the washer they pick up trash their toys help load the washer help unload the dryer sometimes help take trash out help watch their baby sister

I’ve learned not to compare… A house that is lived in is loved. “Mess” will eventually fade as the Littles grow. Do what you can, but don’t sweat it… As long as your family is happy, healthy and cared for, that’s all that matters.

Learn to live with the mess, they are only young for so long, all to soon your house will be clean and your kids grown. Soak up every min you can with your kiddos and have clean house when they move out!

You don’t lol you can try but it’s never ending and if you don’t have help it’s even worse

Het them to help with chores. Helps you and them to learn responsibility

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How old are the older kids? My mom had me washing dishes at 9.

Clean everyday :pensive: what doesnt fit doesn’t stay

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Don’t spend time on Facebook

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dont ever go by that girl. its eiher clean just for d show or their kids must live in some type of fear. not organized and dirty are 2 different things. as long as ur house is not filthy (dirty dishes, bathroom, n clothes) enjoy them while u can. ppl who have their house spotless like that spend their life obsessing about one little thing being out of place and will put their kids thru anything to be “seen” as impeccable. they dont see their kids lives being miserable… u teach ur child how to clean, cook, hygiene, etc, but dont traumatize them bcz in the end ull have a spotless unhappy home. why? kids fearing punishment, and a worn out mother who never has time for them bcz her priority is what ppl will say…

I have 7 kids and they each have a chore. Our motto is get the house organzied and go our separate ways which means get all the stuff that needs to be done done and then you can do whatever we want.

I am a foster and adoptive mom as well as having 4 kids if my own. Sometimes I have 8 children in the house.I’m not good at keeping a clean house either but I’ve found 2 things that work for me. Quiet time. For one hour a day the children okay in their rooms and are not allowed to bother me except for emergencies. It’s good for my piece of mind and for them to learn to entertain themselves. Second I set a timer for cleaning. Start small, 15 minutes each day. If you’re like me you’ll find you go over the time set but it gets you started. My children also use the timer to clean their rooms and bathroom on the weekends. Overall enjoy your kids the house is not as important as they are

As long as it is a clean mess don’t worry ,it proves you have a happy home with children playing that is what they will remember when they grow up ,because they will very soon ,sit back and enjoy X X


Let the kids help. Depending on the age. Mine always wanted to dust and polish. Also extra clothes baskets help. At the end of the day have a game of tossing toys in the basket. The room gets a cleaning and the kids think it play time :grin:. Don’t make yourself crazy. I did alot of my Cleaning after they went to bed (I have 4) now are grown with kids of their own. Some day you will wish they were little again. Like my wise mom use to say the house work will always be there but the children won’t. And she had 8 of us. Enjoy those precious kids.

I clean as I go lol… I have 2 kids (6 & 3) and my 3 year old stays home with me. I make him help me pick up toys… he knows he can’t bring toys in the living room. As soon as I get a load of clothes I go ahead and wash them. I’m such a neat freak lol

Do not base what’s happening in your house on what is happening in others house.
1.Give the children age appropriate chores.
2. Your house does not have to be spotless just free of health and safety hazards.
3. Talk with your husband about helping with chores.
4. Be easy on yourself. You are wearing many hats as a stay at home mom.

Have yr kids help u
Make out a chore chart with stars
And as they do what is for a chore
They get a star
And at the end of the week who did not argue or fuss with and did the chores
Gets rewarded for what they wld want
That is what I did when my
kids were young
Try that see if it works
U can purchase it all at dollar tree
And it isn’t costing much out of yr budget
Another suggestion
Have the kids help make it out
And let them sign there chores on what they wld like
And u rotate every week on that
Good luck
On yr journey with trying to figure what u wld like to do

I feel like my house is NEVER clean. Do what you can, Momma. What you don’t get to will be there tomorrow, trust me!

simplify… it’s not always easy get up, early… have a routine… I found cleaning the kitchen after breakfast;!while kids are in school or if younger, playing is the best time… once that’s done everything else seems much easier… just have to be consistent and have a routine. As kids get older they can help too.

Kids of age definitely need to help. But messes are going to happen just do the best you can. And know you are rocking for your family. Blessings. Hope you find a balance fit for you. :heart:

I have 5 kids also…mine are older and i have certain chores for them…i however do all the laundry.each of us gets a day where i do just that persons laundry(7 people all together)…so i basically run 2 loads a day,one load clothes and one bed sheets and stuff…the other laundry like towels is whenever i get a load


Lol my house looks like it was hit by a hurricane everyday after I clean. Seriously. I’m just happy I got my kids laundry done n out of my way. Now I gotta deal w mine n hubbys laundry. Staying on top of shit sucks but you just gotta stay dedicated

My house definitely isn’t spotless but one rule we have here… Toys in your room. At least the front part of the house will be neat. Washing dishes as soon as I cook helps me feel more organized

5 kids here single ,in relationship…house is clean but never organized,dont care, i,take,care kids is only one,kids are kids only for so little…i will jave a perfect clean organized house when i get old😜

Clean as I go, maybe once a month I’ll let the mess go, to just get that break, and do it again the next day. But I clean everyday all day :sweat_smile:

Teach the children to pick up as they play if they get a toy out they must put the toy away before getting another you out make sure that they have a place to put the toys

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Phew. Well to be honest my house is sometimes a disability LOL but when my kids are in school that’s when I get stuff done.

No advice bc as a mom of 3, I struggle so bad. If I had 5 I can’t imagine what my house would look like. Just know that I feel your pain :weary::joy:

Teach your children to clean, give them daily chores to do.

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Your kids need to pitch in, chore time and play time can’t have play time if you don’t do your chores.

I tought my kids how to clean and it all came out good

We organize and clean together. We all live here and it takes us all to live well.

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Giving the kids chores helps alot

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I have no ideas, just messes in my house