Average age of a homeowner?

27 here! Land and home paid for!

Bought my house with my husband at 22

Younger the better, if you can afford it and are responsible go for it. Better than wasting money renting

The younger, the better ! Bought my house at 19.

My husband and I moved into our home in 2013. We paid it off last month :black_heart: I’m 27 and he’s 25.

Bought my house by myself at 22.

Buy now!! Even if it’s not the house of your dreams, real estate is always a good investment, we were 24 and 25 when we bought our first place, my husband now, bought his first place at 19

If you can financially afford it go for it !

Im hpoing to be 30 and my boyfriend would be 45. Thats in 4 and half years.

25 when we bought our first and 26 when we bought our second

I was 23 and our home was paid off in 13yrs…

That’s awesome I’m 31 and still renting. There is no right age , just when you can afford it, then do it.

My husband bought his first place at 18. He’s currently 35. I’m 25. We’ve been home hunting/looking for almost a year cause we’ve outgrown his “bachelor” pad. Lol. 7 years and 3 kids later it’s time for a new place. Age doesn’t matter as long as you can afford it.

Due to moving around a lot I didn’t own a home until I was 38.

My husband just turned 34 and I am 30. We just bought our first home in February. There is no timeline , there is no age limit. Don’t go broke on something that you can’t afford just yet because of what other people say. If your young and financially stable enough, go for it!

i was 19 & my husband was 22 when we first started building our home. we finally got in it last year. I’m 24, he’s 28. Even if it’s buying, the earlier the better! I couldn’t be happier knowing our home is OUR home & that we have a place of our own for our kids!

I was 22 and my husband was 25.

My significant other and I will own our own home next january, Ill be 20 and he’ll be 23

I bought mine by myself at 27. Age doesnt matter as long as you’re financially able and responsible

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If can do it just do it.its so much better.for me a mortgage is then rent just became a homeowner in August I’m 32

My husband is 25 and had his own house built by the time he was 19. We bought a home together when i was 25 and him 23 and now we r 27 and 25 buying our 2nd home together.

My husband and I bought our house that we’re fixing up to sell 2 years ago when we were both 20.

I closed on my first home a week after turning 23

We bought ours when I was 25 and my husband was 26. Nothing wrong with starting early and not wasting money on rent. As long as you have money saved up and a steady job.

I was 25 and I loved getting my home at that age

Got our starter home at 20 now ( 5 years later) looking for a larger one. Just make sure to have some clear expectations. Our family grew a little faster than we expected :blush:

Age is not the issue. Are you ready? Are you where you want to settle down. Plant roots. What about your careers? Are you stable in it? Do you still need the ability and flexibility to move quickly to become successful?

If you’re ready. Think it through. How much house can you afford? Dont forget to factor in the extras. House maintenance, yard maintenance, insurance, taxes, all that is on you now as owner.

My husband and I jumped in at 25 and 22. We didn’t have a clue and honestly we bought to early. We missed opportunities because we were stuck with that house. We eventually sold it. And bought a house later when we no longer needed to travel for our work.

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I was 17 when we first bought a house we had it paid off by the time i was 19. Now 21 and we just sold our house and got a place with land

my husband and i bought our first house at 25 when our son was 1 month old, moved out into our new house exactly 3 years later, we grew out of it way too fast :rofl:

My husband and I were 19 & 20 when we purchased our first home. Lived there 10 years and sold it then lived in our RV for a year and a half and just recently purchased another home

21, now I need a bigger house as I’m 26 with a new baby and 3 bonus kids!!

I am clearly behind I am 32 and I do not own a home I rent my place

My husband bought it house when he turned 18. It is 4 streets over from his mama. I met him when he was 23, and now he is 33 and it’s just so nice to be safe and home. I’m always so proud of him for doing something so amazing as buying a house for his birthday.

I am almost 30 and do not own a home.

I was 25 :slight_smile: pregnant with our first

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Do it as soon as you are financially able. Never too young or old.

I’m 24 and my husband is 25. We are going to look into seeing if we can get approved for a mortgage

We are buying our starter home at 22 and 23 we will have it paid off in a year and as soon as its fixed up we will find a bigger home for us and our daughter

I wad 20 and my husband was 23. Were now 25 and 28 and bought our second house a year ago!