Babies femur measuring at <5 centile at 34 weeks advise please

Hi mammas,
This will be a long one, 3 weeks ago today i lost my dad very suddenly and he was on his holidays so it was panic stations to go out there to be with my mother ASAP… what followed was nothing short of traumatic from hearing what happened, to ID the body, to viewing the body in the church of rest, then it taking nearlt 2 weeks to get him home and the funeral only happened 2 days ago because of all the delays… this was an incredibly stressful and im aware stress during pregnancy is bad news in itself. Anyway yesterday i had a growth scan and on the scan they detected that the babies femur is measuring <5 centile, initally u didnt think anything of it only small baby as everythinf else on the scan was coming up normal except weight is a little less than it should be. Bloods are notmal, urine us normal, doppler test is normal and head and stomach are also measuring normal, until the doctor said this can be a soft mark for downsyndrome and other chromosome issues, they gave me a leaflet on a blood test called the harmony test that can give me either a “likely” or “unlikely” chance that baby has cromosone issues but cant say yes or no, this test is 500euro and with me being out of work due to grieving stress and anxitity im really not in a position to have it, also its a 12 day wait for results and im not even sure i want the test as its not like i can change the outcome at this stage anyway, im just wondering if anyone else has been in this position and the baby has come out ok? Or just small? Im climbing the walls with worry and the last few weeks has really knocked me for 6. The hospital now want me in on a weekly basis for monitoring doppler scans and growth scans. Thanks mammas