Baby girl name ideas?

Baby girl names? Cannot decide and due this coming month :confused:


My daughters name is Harper

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I have a Marlee Kristine and baby girl that’s due July 31st, is Raylee Ann


I also love Emerson, Everlee and Stevie

Everlee Grace, Maggie Elizabeth, Savannah Lynn, Katee Nicole, Gracelyn Renee’

Sinclair, Hadley,Cambry,Reagan

I haven’t had my girl yet and may never but we’ve chose Lilliana Marie, Lilli for short.


Summer Rose or winter Jade


Emery Kate, Eva rose, madilynn faith, Emma rose, Emma faith

Larkin…Bridgette…Sage…Demi…Aubrey…Ainsley…Braylynn…Remmi…Gracie…Fallon…Henlee…Jaclyn…Jaycee…Karleigh…Macy…Meadow…Peyton…Timberly…Victoria… Zoey…

Ava, Quinn, Alannah, Olivia, Layla…Sachai (Saysha) :wink:

My girls names are Amaya nd Melania!!

I have a Zoe Star and Ciara Skye :heart:

Girl:… Lacey Leigh
Boy…levi. ?

Anjelina, Aurora. Eddie, Willow, Josie

Ophelia, mila, arya, amelie, esme paisley, presley,

I have a Kenlee Gray and Kaycee Mae. Also love Paislee, Harlee, Preslee

Delanie Rose Julica Marie Katharine Grace Graciela Ann

Abigail Claire, Libby , Lydia Jossilynn were all some of my top names

My favourite girl names are: violet rose, autumn rose, Holland, haven, aria and Britain :slight_smile:

I named my daughter Mallory 25 years ago and still love the name

My girls are Catherine and Camille

Ainsley, Breelynn, Carys, Delaine, Emery, Faith, Grace, Harper, Hayley, Isabella, Jacklynn,


Kendyll is also a favorite of mine

I have a Josie and Jada :blush:

Gabrielle, Kellie-ann, Summer, Charmaine, Maureen, Cheryth, Aldyth

I have a Colbie Grace :purple_heart:

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Ruby Lola Robin Clara

Libby Mae, Lydia Kathryn, Madison Claire, Natalee Jo, Payton Lynn, Quinnlynn, Rosa, Savannah Grace, Tatum Rose, Violet Grace, Zoe

Mines going to be Ava Dawn. If it’s a girl that is lol.

I’ve always liked the name Kinsley but my husband doesn’t like it.

Aaliyah, Berkley, Aubree

Qeisera G Joemmanbaks

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Kenna and Kalli are my daughter’s names

Paisley, Ensley, Delaney Rose,

I have an Isabelle Faith but some runner ups were Misha, Meridia, Noelle, and Briony. And there’s my name that’s also available! It’s pronounced like Gabrielle just without the G. :wink:

Karlee, Kayla, Kinsley

we were told we were having a girl until 20 weeks :rofl: so we had Raelynn Victoria, Avalynn, Ava Lane, and Paisley!

Isabella, Kathryn, Gracie, Molly, Reagan,

I like Cassandra. Cassie for short

Aria, Lila, Eden, Malia, Colette

Elizabeth, Rachel,Katrina, Emily,Jessie,how about a combination of your Mom’s name’s.

I have a Starla, Aleigha, Tia and Cierra

Destiny, Desirey and Michelle are my girls names

I’m due next month too I’m naming my baby girl Mila Rose.

I have a Hanley grace and my runner up would have been Adley Rose but I had a boy

My girls names were chloe belle, Victoria Ashley, Charlotte Elizabeth or Alexa Rose

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Cecilia , Lucy, Antonia, meli, zina

Kiah is a special name.

I went with Kaidence :heart:

DeAnn…Mary…names of my babies

That’s cute are you going to call her Maddie for short?

My grand daughters names are Harper Indigo Grace :two_hearts:and Arabella Violet Mae.:two_hearts:love both those names .

Londyn Grace, Ava Mae, Ellie Kate

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I have a Kendra Jacquelyn and Eliza Kate

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We try to use very uncommon/unique names… I really loved arwyn but I couldn’t convince my husband to use it lol other names I liked were Lennon, London, Lyndon and Reese (ended up compromising and going with Reese for her middle name)

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Julia, Jayla, Mariah, MaKaylnn, Kamyla, Kensington, Kallahan,

My daughters name is Harper and it’s not very common which is nice.

My daughters name is Harlyn Naomi :heart_eyes: I think it’s beautiful

My little girl now 14 years old name is Jazlyn

Ava, Avery, Jolie, Brynne, Bailey Morgyn, Kamdyn, Karsyn

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Nancy, Rosenda, Marcia, Mary, Theresa,Roberta,Opal, Marjorie, Ruby, Millie,can you tell I like old names😊

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My baby girl is Sophia Gabriella, was in active labor and still hadn’t chosen a name. She was born and my mom said, how about Sophia?

Look into your & dad’s cultural heritage & find names from those countries, or look back several generations in your family for ideas.

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My favorite is Marcela Elle

I think the best way is to know the last name.
But I like Rosalee

Mine are Miriam Adele, Trinity Faith and Isabel Marie

I have 4 girls…
Brianna Nicole
Kensly Shyann
Skylar Raine
Daisy Grace


annalynne willow meadow nataja rainiegh journey

Justine , Gianna , Andrea , Giavanna

My daughter is Ever Sylvian :cherry_blossom::blush:

If you name your daughter _____lyn you will date her as being from 2019, like everyone from my era was Patty, Debby, Susan, Mary, and my daughter’s era was Meghan, Lauren, Taylor, Erica. Not bad or good, but something to consider.

My baby girl is Faileas (fall-ish) Eagail, it’s Scottish Gaelic. It’s apart of both my bf and mines heritage so I would go off of what you want

My daughters name is Cali Rose

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Ive really liked the name fawna

Vanessa, Scarlett, maci, maddaline.

I have 5 girls
Rylee Faith Kayden DeMasi
Avelynn(pronounced as Evelyn) Larae Anakin DeMasi
Emily Keona Winter DeMasi R.I.P.
Anabell Ryker Mahrie(pronounced as Mar - ee)DeMasi
Harley Blake Styles DeMasi

How about Monica :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

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Rose Ariann or Arianna :slight_smile: lol

Jane and Camilla were in my top 3, I’m going with Sylvia

Azrielle. Short a sound. As in apple.

Kai it’s my sons name but it can be used for both genders

I’m naming mine Layla

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My daughters name is Addysan. Other names I liked before I decided was Aubrianna, Taylor, Savannah, and Harper.

Ayala, Merida, Aurora, Kamryn, Raelynn, Gracelynn, Nylah, Braelyn, Roselyn, Aylynn

My daughter is McKenna Rae. My son would have been Paisleigh Jane if he were a girl.

Sailor, Nikkalette , Angelique Grace

Kynz’lee pronounce Kinsley

Leighna Louise was our pick for a girls name :heart_eyes: had a boy though! (pronounced lay-na)

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I have always loved the name Anna. And my middle name is Lea. So if I ever have another baby, and its a girl I want to name her Leanna/Lyanna or Annalea/Analeigh

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Teegan Jewel
Rowan Nichelle
Colette Anna Clair

Just named our daughter Caroline Belle💞

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Beckett. And middle name whats yours?

I love Kendra and Audrey

Arionna, Bridgette, Cassie, Grace, AnnMarie, Kennedy, Reagan

Abrielle Azriel Ainsley

I have a Leilah-11 yrs and a Paislee-10 yrs.