Baby girl name ideas?

So my 6 year olds name is Savannah and I’m currently pregnant with baby girl #2, I’m stuck betweens names Sophia and Sophie because I want it to go with my 6 year olds name. A lot of family members and friends have suggested I name her Sophia and use Sophie for short some times like a nickname, I’m not totally opposed to it but I’m still not sure. What do you other mamas think of that idea? And if you have a daughter named Sophia is calling her Sophie something you also do?


We have a Sophia that we call Sophie.

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We have a Sophia that we call Sophie.

I like Sophie cause it’s less common of a name. It’s a common nickname but not actual name.


My daughters name is Sofia and lots of people call her Sofi

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My 6 years olds name is sophia. Alot of my family calls her sophie. It all depends on her when she gets older. My daughter will be tell them “that’s not my name its sophia” so theyve always use it i dont mind

Sophia. 3 syllables each.

I personally call her Sof but others call her Sofi

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If you are going to call her Sophie, name her Sophie.


I would name her Sadie grace

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I have a cousin with that combo nothing wrong with it

My granddaughters name is Sophia . We call her Phia ( Feeah) or Soph or SoSo but never used Sophie as nickname

I worked with someone named Sophia and we all called her Sophie

I have a Sophia and I’ve called her Sophie since she was born. Honestly I wish I would have just named her Sophie. It’s so odd hearing someone like school call her Sophia🙈

I would name her what you are going to call her. Lots of cute S names: Sophie, Sadie, Serena, Selah, Sabina, Saraphine, Shelby…

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You are making too hard. If you want to call her Sophie then name her Sophie. Otherwise go with Sophia. Both beautiful names.


I would name her sophia

I like Sophia because it’s the formal version. That was when she grows up she has a more formal name to go by. I’d go with Sophia and then call her Sophie.


That’s funny, I am pregnant with my 4th and I have Sophia picked out to go with my two girls Skylar & Aubree. :heart:

I always thought Sophie was a nickname for Sophia.
Maybe they can share their middle names my girls middle name is Rose

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My name is Sophia… everyone calls me Sophie… it never really matters to me. I like them both.

I like Sophia better…my friend named her daughter Sophia…we call her soph

We have a Sophia and her nickname is Soph. To me Sophia and Sophie are two different names.


Scarlet is also a pretty name, or you can do Stephanie

Also so have a sophia too i call her sophie for short

I have a Sophia and we call her Sophie or Soph for short.

My daughter is named Sophia. I absolutely hate when people call her Sophie. Its not her name. I felt like it was confusing when she was little because it wasn’t her name and I would correct people. To each there own. Lol

In Italy Sofia is called Sofi as nickname :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter is Sophia and she HATES being called Sophie. She always says that is not her name. I also hate it because that’s not what I named her :woman_shrugging:t3:

My 2yr old is Abigail Sophia. Her older siblings call her princess Sophia after the Disney show :joy:

My daughter is Sophia, but we call her Sophie!

I love the name Sofia !

I like Sophia and would call her by her given name

Do you momma, I put so much thought and effort into my girls names and now all of them have a nickname lol I’m pretty sure the only time they hear there real names is when there in trouble. Even the teachers at school call them bye there Nick names. It kinda just stuck.

Jess i called her sophie the first year of her life lol