Baby girl name ideas?

Cora, Coral, Emma, Emily, Lily, Jasmine

We named our daughter Aiyana

Kinzley, Logan, Kyleigh, Laeken

I have a Donna Janine and Kylie but wished id put my muum and aunties name in somewhere as a middle names

Sara, maria, Mary, Emma

I had Ariella Brelyn picked out for a name but had a boy lol

Charlotte, Violet? My granddaughter is “Emilee Aurora” love her name :revolving_hearts::cherry_blossom:

Noelle, Mischa (pronounced Me-Sha), Briony, Ainsley, Hannah, or my name is available lol. :grin:

Penelope and Emersyn are some of my favorites right now.

Gabrielle, jasmine, grace,luna,samantha

Langlee… gypsy…beauty… Jamison…

Linda Margaret sally Sharon and marie

Evelyn, Aurora, Marley.

Alexia, Alexis. Charlotte.

Wrenna, Gwen, Ryan and Sophia topped my list. Sophia won for us. But patially because of our last name.

My girls are Vivian Pearl and Everlee Ruth. I love their names!
Also love: Paisley, Sterling, Olivia, Sophia, Emma

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You will know her name when you look at her face, I was uncertain of the name for or my 3rd daughter until after she was born

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Precious,ilsa,Olivia, keeleigh, siobhanne,kelis

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If we have a daughter her name will be Denise Ann… I’ll be calling her deni tho…But that’s after my fiancee younger sister and mother who both passed away.

My daughter’s name is Melody Jaelynn :heart_eyes:

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My girls r Mercedes danielle and milagros deyanna

Hazel Beatrice or Mary Alice or Nora lee. Carolyn Mae or Paula Ellen, Brenda Kay, chyna June

Weird names are the best tho?! My daughter is Wynter rayne. If we have another girl her name will be Dyxie Rae

Scarlett. Savannah. Emily Rose. Shyla. Kaira.

Raven, Rosalyn, Riley, Jayne, Winnie

I love the name Ophelia or Iris or Caroline I love old fashion names I named my daughter Pristine Irene it means perfect joy I always look at the meaning of names when considering

My daughter is summer paige

If my oldest would be having a girl it would’ve been Bentley Jayne

Marilyn, Emily, Gemma

Name them after one of your ancestors let the name live on!

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Lilly,Lillyanna, Libby,Zoe,Aubrt,Ellory Kalla

I like the name wharepaku

Hope, Chyanne, Emily