Baby girl name ideas?

Opinions on the name “Rebel Brielle” for a girl? So far we’ve only gotten negative feedback such as “please don’t name her that” “she’ll hate y’all” and my favorite “you know she’ll only live up to her name”
I like it but my husband LOVES it!


If you like it then go for it


I think that name is very unique and beautiful

It’s your kid name her what you want. Who cares what other people think. Others said my son Damion would live up to “Damion the devil” but he’s a good kid. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I think it’s unique! Personally I love it

I actually love it. It’s your baby! If you love it, then go for it.


Its different but its ultimately up to you

Not my cup of tea, but its your child and if you like it thats all that matters :slight_smile:

My daughters name is Brielle Kenleigh

Its your child but I wouldnt Im guess not use to stuff like that.Rebel is boyish for sure.I dont like certain names like Blade,either for a child.But to each their own.


My sons name is Link and whenever he goes to his dad, my dad says “he is now the missing Link” or my favorite from my dad “he is the strongest Link” lol doesn’t matter what you name your kid, they’ll hate their name at some point at least for a few minutes :joy: i personally think Rebel Brielle is beautiful


Name her what you want. When she gets older if she is more professional she can go by her middle name.

It’s your baby! We kept our names secret so we wouldn’t have to hear opinions.

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I like the names . I’m not sure I like them together. It’s all you though

I actually like it. Unique names are my favorites!

My daughters name is Alchemy…everyone hated it now everyone loves it blah blah blah but she loves it…she knows shes unique

Not my cup of tea either

I don’t like it at all but I do like the middle name.

I don’t think that it flows well together. Personally I like both names just not together


Not a fan. But it’s your kid :woman_shrugging:


I like Brielle but not a fan of Rebel, but it is your child, your decision.


My daughters name is Miriam and it actually means rebellious…

I like Brielle not a fan of Rebel

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I think if you love it then that’s all that matters!
People told me they didn’t like my daughter’s name before she was born. But she fits her name so well and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.
After the negative feedback I decided to not reveal my son’s names before they were born. People tend to keep their opinions to themselves if the baby is already born.

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What matters is what you guys like. No one else’s opinion matters. I listened when ppl told not to name my baby something then, someone close to me took my baby name.

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I love it
I like the name Bria too

How about Brielle Rebel? That way she can be B. Rebel or Brielle R. depending on which she likes.


try thinking about yelling it on a playground or calling out the door. Ultimately it’s up to you but try using it in real world settings & see what you think. That’s what I did for my kids names to see if it was better on paper than in real life.


I like it… I named my daughter Alexis and she has started telling me she wants her name to be Alexa. She is 3. So do what you want.

Ok ultimately its YOUR daughter and YOUR decision. I am all for unique names. I like the name its better then naming her compass directions. Or after fruit.

It doesn’t matter if any of us like it or not, it’s your baby and that your choice…personally I truly like it though…congratulations on your pregnancy

I personally do not like it but it’s your baby do what you want to do. I like traditional names. I’m boring lol I have an Emily Diane and a Claire Elizabeth. I’m due with a boy in July haven’t decided on his yet

I think u should switch it and make it Brielle Rebel


Do you like it?
I like it better switched, lol, but it’s not kid. :green_heart:

I like it but I think it would be cuter backwards. Breille Rebel :heart:


When I first read it out loud, it came out Rebel Yell… I’d reverse it to Brielle rebel.


Rebel Brielle is definitely different and cute.

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I mean it’s better than Savage or king. I was told that naming my son Atticus was going to be a bad idea. But it’s unique and we love it. But we call him by his middle name, Dean.
And we named our Youngest Colson. Not something you usually hear.

I personally like Rebel. I think it’s cute. But I’m the type to go for unique names. Hell I want to name my daughter Athena, if I ever have a girl.

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I think Rebel is really cute. Brielle is meh, for me. But you name your baby what you want and screw anyone who tries to make you feel bad

It’s your kid your choice but since you asked…switch it

Brielle rebel. Or I like rebel, but with a diff middle name .

If you love it do it! Don’t worry about what anyone thinks!

When I named my babies, I made sure they had names that wouldn’t allow for bullying.

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The only girl I’ve ever known named Rebel was a meth head that eventually overdosed and died. It sounds like a very redneck white trash name to me.


If you like it that is all that matters

My nephews name is Rebel.

I don’t like it, but it’s not my kid, so who cares what others think

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Name your baby what you want. Nobody’s opinion should matter. You will always get negatively no matter what. It is a unique name and different.

My family threw a fit because we named our son Cayden Valentine. The name Valentine is in my fiance’s family. It’s an old name but he really liked it. And I wanted something unique so we agreed on it. Do what makes you happy!

The more people who told me they hated my daughters name, the more I loved it. Name your daugter the name you like.

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I love it! I’ve gotten mixed reactions over our son’s first name. But in the end, we chose his name out of love. We’re hoping as he gets older, he loves it too.

I think it’s awesome! I wanted my son’s middle name to be wild but my husband wouldn’t let me…then right after we had a little girl and he still wouldn’t let me :pensive: LOL

Name YOUR baby whatever YOU see fit :woman_shrugging:t3: my daughters name is Remington Grayce

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I would leave out the rebel part only because she will be harrassed and bullied at school brielle nichol is pretty


It’s YOUR child. You can name whatever you want but just remember. Your children will be adults one day. Would you hire someone named Rebel? Hmm.

She’s your baby. Fuck everyone else

Well, I do love Brielle. It’s my daughter’s middle name… her first name is Aleah.

I like it. Its different. People will either get used to it or suck it up. It’s not their kid. A few family members weren’t sure on the name I picked for my daughter (Tatum) but its grown on them and suits her well. Go with what you like!

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I don’t like it but it’s not my baby. Y’all can name YOUR baby whatever you want.

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I like it. And it makes me think of Rebel Wilson whom is pretty dang cool.

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I like the n ax ne liberty

In my opinion I don’t like the name at all. But it’s your decision what you name her

Luv it. Almost named son Justin Illusion…


Honestly I think of a dogs name when I hear the name Rebel, it also seems more of a boy name. But it’s your baby.

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I like the Brielle maybe you could do it in reverse order? Ultimately it’s your decision regardless of any negative comments. Congrats to you on your pending arrival!

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I agree Rebel will cauz kids to harass & bully her​:confused: - How about Reba Brielle- cute name :relaxed:

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I love Brielle, that’s just beautiful! Rebel isn’t my thing… But she’s your kid, name her what you like. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like Rebel screw what other I or other ppl think. It’s your child. I wished I’d had not listened to others and named one of my daughters Dixie.

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With kids named Chicago, North, etc…Rebel seems normal. Do it!

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I love the name Rebel!! It’s unique and beautiful! It’s your child and choice! I don’t think it flows with Brielle though.

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That is a beautiful name! I love unique names and that one is absolutely beautiful!

My sister in law and brother keep the baby names secret until they were born just so this wouldn’t happen. It’s a beautiful name. I hated mine for ever because kids made fun. But now I get so many compliments no it. And I love it. It’s so me lol. You name your baby what you want!!!

Whatever you like and think fits your child

I’m using rebel as a middle name- I love it

I love it! Huge Rebel Wilson fan though I’m sure that plays a roll

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Love it! I wanted to name my daughter Cherokee rebel or rebel rose

I like it alot very pretty

I personally love Rebel for a first or middle name. I don’t like Rebel Brielle however i love Brielle Rebel. If you both love it then go and name your child whatever you both love. Everyone has different tastes we all love and hate different names. It is not up to anyone else to choose but mummy and daddy to be.

Last girl I knew named rebal ended up a drug addict

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I like rebel not sure how she will like it. But do what you want kids don’t go by their first-middle as they get older so it should be ok

Maybe get a puppy or a pony and name it that. It doesn’t matter what you like or how cool you think it is, they’ll want to change it when they’re 12 and realize parents are outdated and annoying.


It’s your kid. Screw others opinion.

I like it and Rebel Wilson is a wonderful actress, so go with it follow your heart.

Who cares what people think!

Screw what everyone else thinks it’s your baby

I may be the odd ball out here, but my sons name is Rebel Hunter! Everyone hated it, but its adorable and fits him so well !

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Ignore them, Rebel Wilson isn’t doing bad for herself! :grinning::grinning:

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I like it, the idea. Imo I don’t think they go together only because of all the Ls.
OR maybe it’s the r sound in Brielle. Just something about them together doesn’t roll off my tongue right. But go w your gut. They don’t know what your child will like and not like and Chances are she will be happy to be different and stand out. That’s what most girls seem to be worried about after a certain age anyway is ‘being unique in their own way.’

I like Brielle. I dont know about Rebel. But, she is your kid. Name her what you want.

My family hated the name we chose for our son due in July. I don’t really care what other people think. If you like it, then do it. We chose Killian, and we let our soon to be 6 year old choose the middle name, which will be Cole.


I love it. You should name your precious baby girl what ever you an your husband decide. God Bless.

I grew up with a Rebel. I have always thought her name was pretty.

I like Brielle, rebel sounds like a dog name.

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I’m not a fan but you and the father are the only one who needs to like it.

:woman_facepalming:t2: i mean, you do you. But don’t do that to your child.

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I believe in naming kids for traits that yoù would wish for them to have. “Rebel” is not exactly a trait I’d want my child to have. However, Rebel Wilson is a fantastic role model to name a child for. I’d probably just swap the two names around.
But, it’s your child. No one else’s opinions on the name really matters. You like it, your husband loves it, go for it!


I think its a cute name. If you and your husband love it then I say to go for it, don’t worry about what other people think or will say about it. Shes not thier baby is she? She’s yours. So go for it! :heart_eyes::heart:

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Your child your choice.
There are Much Worse names out there

Its cute. Who cares what other ppl think. Its your kiddo

i like it. worst case, she doesnt like it and goes by bre or brielle 🤷🏼