Baby name ideas?

Is jayden more a boy name or girls???

Im due in November and i cant pick a name for my son im stuck between
Mason and jayden


Both. I know mainly boys with the name Jayden. But love Mason.

My nephew is Mason so i love that name

My niece is a Jaden… but I also know of boys with the name as well

What about Caden? I have a Cullen and a Caden

Go with Mason, too many Jaydens.

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I just think of Jayden Smith.
And that tattoo that Sal has to get on impractical jokers. (Not trying to be a dick lol I’m just saying).
But it could go either way.
Mason is cute & less trendy.

I think both names have become very popular lately. Jayden is a unisex name though.

I was going to name my son Jayden. I was 18 at the time and my mom told me that it was to girly. But I LOVE it for a boy. I ended up going with Hunter and thank god I did because it fits him like a glove!

I think it’s more a girl name

My sons name is Jayden Drake :slight_smile:

I think I would have used Jadyn for a girls name

I would say both equally honestly :thinking::hugs:

I knew a boy named Jayden he was so precious. Rip.

My mom’s old best friend named her first born (girl) jaden. One of my best friends named her 4th (Jaydeon). Neutral.

I have Hayden , Kaden , Cayden, Jaedon, Jadon
Jayden…all boys throughout family

My Jadyn is a gal, 14yrs of age …

I once met a girl with the name Ryan. And I loved it! Its so original and unique for a girl!

I love Mason!!! I know a girl and and boy named Jayden. I personally think it sounds like a females name.

I’ve known girl and boy Jayden’s so in my book it’s unisex

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I like Jayden for a boy, but they will shorten it to Jay most likely.

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I work at a school and we have a male and female jadyn

My son’s name is Jaden❤

Boy. Jayda I think is girl version.

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I think I would try to figure out what you would call him for short with each name

And yes I would say it’s more a boy’s name…doesn’t really suit a girl - just my opinion (friend of my son, she doesn’t like her name either)

Mason is a lovely name

Girl EVERY name these days can be girl or boy named lol

If it’s too common change it to make it more unique.
Xaidyn Or Zaidyn (Zaydin)…

Mason is a great name too


Personally I think boy

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My son’s name is Jaiden

I think girl. Im naming my son masyn due here soon in a few wks :heart:

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I think girl but probably because I know a few girls names Jayden.

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My son has a friend (boy) named Jayden.

My baby boy is Jayden Ross :blue_heart:

It sounds more like a boy name to me.

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I would say Jayden is a boys name but i prefer Mason. Mason was on my list when i had my boy but my partner at the time didn’t like it. We decided on Jax. Jax was always my favourite name for a boy 100% no regrets.

Hahaha my first born is jaydin my second is Mason

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Mason is awesome. I think of a girl when I hear Jayden but my nieces name is that.


That’s my sisters boyfriends name and her best friend. (Who is a girl). It can go both ways but when someone says Jayden I think girl.

I no a boy and a girl with the name!

I would say Mason, but my niece is Jayde, pronounced Jade. Jayson maybe?

My nephew was born during the “Aiden/Ayden,” era. By the time I had kids it’s still going. I know an equal amount of Boys and Girls with Jayden, Kayden, Hayden, Brayden etc… Both Jayden and Mason are great names. Do what makes you happy.

Jayden is a unisex name

My first thought was boy but I’m sure in this day in age it’s probably used both ways.

Boy and I love the name Jayden

I say Jaden for a boy
I say. Jayla for a girl

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jayden is a gender neutral name. lol
will smiths son is jaden.

Jaydin is my nieces name. But I have seen boys named that also. Unisex

Its unisex…

So is my son’s name, which is Rowan.

I am a former OB nurse… I’ve seen Jayden more with boys. That being said, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but imho, all the -aden, -ayden named are overused. Aden, Jayden, Kaden, Braden…lots of all of those atm.


I’ve known both boys and girls named Jayden.

Both!if u feel it child is a Jaden by all means go for it!

I know two Jaydens. Both boys.

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Mason sounds more masculine, unless you WANT him to have a unisex name in case he decides to become a woman someday.

I prefer Jayden for a boy. Was going to name my 12 year old Jayden yet I hsve a niece named Jaylin so I didn’t.

It’s Both, I like Mason more.

If ur baby has a penis then a boys name… a vajayjay then it’s a girls name…
Tho I believe that of any name - people get too judgmental about what is feminine / masculine- about names, toys, everything… name your child what you want and feel right / happy about and teach them to be proud of them and where they came from and screw anyone who judges otherwise…

I have a nephew named Jayden

My son is Mason Reid. Jayden is a unisex name. I think it sounds good for both boy an girl. Maybe combine them into Jayson.

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Those are both unisex names :woman_shrugging:t2:

Try yelling the name like kid is in trouble which is easier to get out fast…lol my nephew is mason friends daughter jayden… it’s all about what you feel is right to you…sometimes it hits when you finally meet them…

Jayden is more a boy name but mason is more masculine!!

Jaydon is unisex HOWEVER I know 5 boy jaydons and only 1 female🤷🏻‍♀️

You can call him Jay for short

I know more of my boys than girls with that name. Both names are very common. My oldest son is Logan and also is sometimes a girl name. He doesn’t know any girls named Logan but knows it may happen. We do get frustrated because going anywhere their is another Logan.

I’d say boy but there are a metric ton of boys with “ayden” names out there. I think Mason is really nice.

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My eldest Son is Jaiden :blue_heart:

I’d say it’s a boy’s name.

Both are pretty unisex. But you don’t hear Jayden very often

My daughter’s middle name is Jayden

I’ve heard both Mason and Jayden used as unisex names! However the way you have them spelled are the boy version!

I have seen Jayden more fora girl than Mason

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I have a nephew Jayden

it works for a boy or a girl

My little boy’s name is Zayden

Mason. Lots of jaydens

Just like Jordan is both boy or girl, Leslie be as well… I say this cuz I know people with those names

It’s a boy name but don’t do that to him. He’s gonna know at least 9,000 other jaydens lol. Hated my name in school

My granddaughters name is Jayden however has boys and girls with the same name so truth is what name do you want for your child is the best name you will.give

What’s the middle name going to be?
Practice yelling the names, that will help you choose.
*Both names can go either way, so it’s really what you like that matters
Let us know what you picked :grin:

I have a cousin named Jaidyn, she’s a girl.

I think Jayden could be either boy or girl.

I have a nephew named Jayden

More for a boy I think I like zayden

My friend named her boy Jayden.

I named my youngest son Mason. I lđź’™ve it!