Baby name ideas?

Hey everyone! :blush: I wanted opinions on these 2 baby names.
Allison Crystal
Lilith Lucille
Thanks! :heart_eyes:


Lilith Lucille sounds cute and unique

I like Crystal Lucille lol

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I like the second one it’s very unique

Gonna be honest. I think they sound better swapped. Lilith Crystal or Allison Lucille…


Oh but when I wanna name my son lucifer because I thought it was the male version of luci lol

Def go with lilith.


Lilith Lucille, it just has a Unique ring to it

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I like Crystal Rayne
Lillith Lucile

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I think they sounds cute mixed.
Allison Lucille
Lilith Crystal


Oh Lilith is cute I never liked the name Allison…:grin:

I don’t want to come off rude. Just my opinion, but for some reason the first thing that came to mind when I read Allison crystal was, stripper name. Obviously not everyone is going to think that.
I like Lilith Lucille.

I like Allison Lucille

Lilith - not crazy about Crystal -

I have a lillith … it’s a lovely name !! Mine is lillith Tia

Both are cute, love Lilith tho.

If you love them, use them. Whatever the name, your child will make it into something beautiful and loved… They are both original and musical.

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Switch the middle names

Dont go with allison crystal, they are arch enemy’s… my “cousins” name is Allison and id love no more then for someone to take her out at the knees… shes a narcissistic pyscho!


Which is the first one you thought of? Go with that one. I like them both.

Allison is so common, I’d go with Lilith (love it btw) but I’m not too fond of the double L with the first and middle name

I like the two L names together they are beautiful

Lilith lucille :black_heart: my daughter is Lillian but we call her Lillith

Crystal is way prettier though

Lilith Lucille :heart::heart: i love that one

Lilith Lucille love the sound of it

Of course Crystal. My daughters name a Crystal Shay.

Combine them!!! Allison Lilith

Allison is my daughters middle name and crystal is mine💓

I like Lilith Crystal or Lucille Allison

I like Lucille Allison.

My name is Leslie Leigh-Ann and although I dont really like my names individually at all I have always liked the sound of alliteration when spoken so its pretty clear where I stand LL!

Lilith. That’s a cute name.

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I think lilith crystal sounds good. …

Lilith Lucille :heart::heart::heart:

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Allison Lilith is pretty.

Ally cat and lili lu, I like the Lilith Lucille more than Allison

Lilith Lucille :heart: love it

Aww Allison Crystal is very pretty

Love those names…you could even switch them around.

Allison Crystal if you named her Lilith Lucille before it’s all over she’ll be Lily Liu

As a fan of SPN and TWD… Lilith Lucille!

Allison Lucille. Mix it up a little

Allison crystal
My daughter is Allison Marie

Allison Lilith or lilith allison

I love both but I favor Lilith it’s just more rare but both beautiful names

I like both…
Love …nickname… …Lily

Allison Crystal is a cute name but Allison Lucille is cute too

I love Allison but that’s it I’m afraid.

I love the name Allison

Crystal Allison
Allison Lucille
Crystal lilith
Allison Lilith
Lucille Crystal

I like both. But Lilith is a rare name you hardly ever hear.

I love Allison Crystal

Totally not biased at all lol

Allison Crystal is beautiful

Lilith Lucille. Lily is a cute nickname and I think it rolls off the tongue more

Allison crystal is cute but Allison Marie is cute too.