Baby name ideas?

I need help with baby names! I want something unique, for a boy or girl… I’m waiting until birth to find out what my little love is. :blue_heart::heart_decoration:


freedom liberty for a girl and Tanaka Thunder for a boy



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My babygirls name is Nezrae and I was suppose to name her Nezhae both are very unique

Girl: Aspen, Londyn, Harper
Boy: Declan, Lyric, Finley, Keegan

My daughter is named Renesemee

My boys are Aiden and Liam

My baby girl is due in October Her name is going to be Milliela (milly ella)

Athena. It was my choice if I had a girl.

My boys are Atticus and Colson. Two names you don’t normally hear

My boys are Brayden and Ian. I rarely hear the names

Thank you for all the replies. :blush: I have 3 boys named Jamison, Lucas and Colton. I’m wanting something that maybe isn’t necessarily a “name”. I’m having such a hard time. Lol.

My great grand daughter is named Nadia Ann

Blair works for boy or girl :slight_smile:

I have a daughter named shantia

For heaven’s sake. Not Archie. Nor

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I was going to use Cayson for a boy! My little girl’s name is Kynnedi

My daughters name is emberlynn we are also pregnant again and if we have another girl I’m thinking of naming her annalynn, roselynn, renesemee, I’ve also heard gracelynn, maylynn, my friend named her daughter emmalynn, (I’m obsessed with Lynn lol)
I cant remember all the boy names I came up with for my son we named him Levi tho!

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I had Oceanna Breeze for a girl but ended up with a boy

We’re naming our daughter Cadence

Willson for a boy and ayanna for a girl

Kennedy for a girl
Tate for a boy x

I really love my son’s middle name. Monroe it’s unique and beautiful

Octavia for a girl
Eli for a boy

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Naming our baby girl Ella Mae

I love unique names, I had so many girl names picked out, ended up having a boy and only had 2 boy names in mine. Here’s some girl names : Emogyn(Emo-Jin); Liberty (short cute name Libby); Americus: Kennedy; Joey; Elle; Coralie; Arya; Boy names: I called my son Rylan ; there is Tristan; Roary; Silas; Declan; Atticus, hope some of those help

Emery for girl and Emmit for boy

I love Genevieve for a girl



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Kay james is my sons name

I did the same with last 2 I had a boy and girl but my youngest is chay Marie I also have a Ryan a donivan and a emily mae I love the name amilia leigh was second name we had picked out for youngest

Alivia, Olivia, nevaeh, jaden

Blayse, Sterling, Hawk, Lark, Jude, Alivia, Beck, Breslynn

Due in July with a boy, he will be Killian

My daughter is lyric saige

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Drake August for a boy


my son’s are Tyler Mathieu, Travis Andrew, Trenton Elijah, Tobias Brady, and Tavaras Jacoby.
I also like Major, King, Tiberius, Jethro, Atreyu, Amry, and August.
My girls are Adrianna, Alexia, Aribella, and Aliana.
I have also liked Kinzlee, Brynlee, Cataleya, Katerina, Bianca.

My children are called
Koen (cohen)

Skyla. Aurora. Kaiya. Harper. Paisley.

Callan. Trevor. Gavin. Ian. Clayton. Ryker.

I like Vendreya for a girl and Heinrich for a boy

I always liked “Rayne” ( rain), and Willow.


Have some names in mind and wait until after the birth and you meet your precious bundle of joy. Keep in mind that the name you select will be with them for their lifetime. :+1:

If you write heaven backwards is Nevaeh. Boy is Bryson, Aavory , King .

My sons name is Sawyer Randall, and we had Evelyn picked out for a girl



Girl: Sidney, Payton, Savannah

Boy: Chase, Lucas, Declan

Palmer James, Emmery, Shiloh, Monroe. Girl names

We chose Felix for our boy, and everyone loves it :yellow_heart:

Everly grace
Ember rose
For girls

Love those names! :heart:

I ended up naming my daughter Jade Delilah and my son Emmit Sidney.

Not really unique but I always liked Camryn for a girl oe Cameron for a boy

Leihlonny( le. Loni) for a girl or Morgan. For a boy Dallas or Maddox

We have Genesis Rose and Kaydi Marie right now. Gonna have Joseph Norman in a few weeks

Kai for boy and Teagan for a girl

I would call baby a traditional name like John Darren Barry Gary Steven Mary Jenny Donna Rachael Karen you never here any of there names now that’s unique all the modern names are common loads of kids are call them

Lemmy for a girl … Hunter for a boy

Matilda or Glenda. Peter or Sally.

Aislynn Fox for a girl. Memphis for a boy


Natvidad- girl
Jay- boy

I have an Arabella, Araylia, Artimis, Aries and Arcus

My daughter’s name is Acelyn Nash. Ace and Nash are pretty gender neutral.

Harper Gabriele Skyla Skylynn Ravyn Oakleigh Sage Danielle Jaylyn Jade Fynley Fay Tyler Lyle Kinlee Rain

My daughter is Skyla Joy