Baby names that start with D?

Hello Ladies. My cousins looking for names that start with D! Boy and girl names! Common but uniquely spelled.

Girl at my work is named Dillen.

Desiree. Diamond. Douglas. Dewayne. Derrick. Devon. Deschanel.

My name Driel J Meiners (Dreel)


Please stop with the "unique " spelling. It just makes you not unique and can we all be honest, look ignorant. I’m not trying to be mean but seriously save children from a lifetime of hassle and being ignored for their resumes in the future. Just pick a name you like and spell it correctly.

Delilah. Dell. Dylan. Daemon. Drake. Dixie. Dixon.

Delia (she’d get “Del” for a nickname which is cute)

Destinee, DeAndria, Dayton, Deecon

Damien , Dante , deseree, darla

Dakota boy or girl, Desi, dreama,devlyn

Dachiel, Deonna, Deedra, Donmichell, Danaye,
Drake, Dayden, DonPaul, Duece, Denver

Damien, Declan, Daxson, Daelyn, Davina, Dahlia, or Delayna

Girl: darleen
Boy: Damien