Back pain in pregnancy

FTM here. Currently 24 wks + 5.

For the past three days I’ve had a pain in my back. If I lay on my side, breathe in too deeply (includes sneezing or coughing) it’s hurts way worse. Was wondering if anyone knew what it could be.

I have an appointment tomorrow so I’ll ask my doctor as well but would like some input before hand

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Sounds like baby is in your ribs

I just had my son 8 weeks ago… 2nd child. With my first I was fine. No pain in my back. My second i had horrible back and hip pain… I have a pinched sciatica nerve in my leg whivh was a big cause of pain. But my doctor told me twice that i was (his words) “dry” he said my body was dehydrated becausr i wasnt getting enough fluids… Told me to drink a gallon of water a day and take a tylenol and relax. Also my heating pad was my bestfriend!!! Your baby vould be pushing towards your back to… With hisback up agianst your belly and his legs in you back.

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I’m 33 almost 34 weeks and I had the same pain and still get it my doctor said it was normal because my hips are spreading making room for baby however Tylenol is perfectly safe for baby and also staying hydrated really help especially if you’re sitting all day it will hurt when you lay down. Good luck

Could be position of baby. You may have pulled a muscle or something too. Definitely ask at your appt tomorrow!


I had pain in my back and right rib all third trimester baby just was tight so caused pain! But definitely luke warm baths not HOT and Tylenol helped ease the pain a little but I’m not DO so definitely ask just to be safe mama!!:heart:

Sounds like normal pregnancy issues…babies growin takin up room and getting up in them ribs or pushing on some nerves…have had 3( including the one now) stay in my ribs…may go away when baby drops but depending on babys position it may not…my baby girl is engaged and she still gets in my ribs…just depends on the baby and position…baby is prob pushing or resting on something involving your back…i get it some times but usually a warm bath help…