Bc pills & missed period

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My fiancé and I were going to do IVF due to me having a tubal ligation 5+ years ago.

My specialist at the fertility clinic prescribed me BC pills to take before my egg retrieval. I only took 5 days of the pills due to having to cancel our cycle.

My period is over 10 days late :sob: and was always like clock work (never late )

Any ideas ?! Was 5 days worth of BC enough to throw everything off?!

Birth control is… the devil. At least in my experience lol it messed with my hormones so much. I took the pill for probably 6 months before I quit because it was driving me crazy… and it took about 3 months to get all my hormones back in check. So at least to me and what’s it’s done to me… it is possible for it to have affected you quickly. I would talk to the doctor that prescribed it and tell them how you feel/ what’s going on and see what they say.