Best back support?

Hello mamas. I have one child, two and a half, and one on the way. I’ll be a stay at home mom again until I’m ready to go back to work. To get things done around the house and also be able to entertain my two-year-old, I know I’m going to need a baby carrier for this:) I hardly used one for my first because well it was just him lol and I didn’t mind just holding him myself half the time. QUESTION: What is the best baby carrier/brand for back support and also comfortable for baby, nothing too OUTRAGEOUS like $180-$250. I think $100 will be the limit. I live in Canada and don’t do a lot of online shopping, so hoping to find one somewhere in stores. Thanks in advance:)


Well don’t get infantino. They are back killers.

Find a local babywearing group! You can try out the different carriers before you buy. What works for someone else may not work for you so a group is good way to test the waters and connect with like minded local Mamas. :heart:

I have a moby wrap… havent gotten to use it yet bc I had to have a c section :upside_down_face: but it’s easy to tie & nice stretch breathable material

Join local groups just for baby wearing moms and buy second hand if you can. Our group does meet ups and we do “try on” events. It’s great to actually get “real opinions” and see how they fit on real people.

Following, I have an 8 year old but baby is arriving in May. I have been looking at different carriers but it’s hard to decide, I also have MS so I think about that.

My favorite one was 20 dollars from walmart

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This was affordable and customized to my body. It’s great

I had the ergo carrier and so loved it! I carried my very heavy baby all over NYC and Ireland for 2 weeks. If you can find one used I would snatch it up.

Look on a market group in your area and see if you can find one there

I have a chimparoo . I’ve used it since she was born. 5lbs to now at 22 lbs and 18 months old. She and I love it

It’s a woven wrap so has great structure and not overly stretchy

I used the moby wrap for my baby boy for like home chores and while he was a newborn out and about. Makes breastfeeding easy in public. Once he was bigger I got just a traveling 4-in-1 harness when we would be out and about because the back support was better. My son is really tall so I did what was most comfortable for him as well. He is only 1.5 years old now and wears 3T. Just a tall boy. But using these helped so much with keeping up with my toddler daughter and being able to clean as well.

I had an ergo. Loved it!

I’m pretty sure the one I had for my little guy was Safety 1st and it was less than 50 bucks. I found though, that a wrap did my back more favors than the carrier itself, but that’s just my experience.

I loved my boba wrap