Best bottle for breastfed babies?

Hey mommas! What bottle worked best for your breastfed baby? I am on the hunt for a bottle since I am going back to work soon.:grimacing:


I liked the tommee tippee closer to nature. That’s all I used for my first

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My daughters favorite is Como tomo


Look into Minbie Bottles

I like tommee tippees😊 they resemble a woman’s nipple so it’s harder for them to get confused😊

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Avent natural. Loved them!

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My daughter’s likes tommee tippee

mam and como tomo. but depending on how old your LO is, you may be able to start on a sippy cup. i introduced my son to one at 4mo, we used a transition cup, then a weighted straw cup and 360 cup.

Playtex nurser drop ins. The top looks just like a boob lol

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philiphs avent naturals


Tommee tippie and dr browns worked best here

Dr.browns was a win 4 me 2 out of 2

I have these and my daughter loves them

Avents are pretty awesome. Youngest loved them

I swear by this bottle.

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Nuk brand all natural

Nuk with my son, Tommy tippie so far with my daughter.

Mam worked for us but honestly I spent a month comparing every bottle nipple I could find to my nipples shape after he ate thats how I found the right one

Dr.Brown works wonders

Nanobebe! They are made specifically fot breastfeed babies. They help prevent nipple confusion and the milk cools down and heats up faster to keep the nutrients!!

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Avent natural! For both my babies

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I’ve tried Medela, Tommee Tippie, Dr. Browns, and ComoTomo. So far no luck. I just bought a Nuk so fingers crossed! Hopefully she’ll take this one

Avent, premie nipple - no nipple confusion

Some babies are picky and will take some brands and not others so keep that in mind

Both my kids preferred parents choice bottles.

Mine liked the mam ones

Nuk. Worked from the very first try

The Mam bottles from walmart!!!

Mam. They’re awesome.

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I tried every bottle under the sun and ended up with Tommee Tippee


Both of mine never accepted a bottle and we tried all of these. It was so hard, babies had to come to me. Hopefully that does not happen to you

Munchkin latch =

Dr Brown and after 1 was Avent :ok_hand:t2:

98 cent bottle and 98 cent sippy from Walmart.

We found Dr browns with the vents worked best

I like the como tomo bottles


The Dr Brown bottles are what i use… I love them.

MAM was recommended by our lactation consultant.

Breastflow. Mimicks breastfeeding

Lansinoh mOmma bottles are wonderful!

Dr Brown but really she never took one it

Lansinoh momma or mam