Best bottles for a breast fed baby?

What are the best bottles to start putting your breast milk in to start switching to bottles but still using breast milk? My baby has been EXCLUSIVELY breastfed for six months. I need to start now before there is no turning back. I do not want to breastfeed the recommended two years for various reasons.


Tommie tippie. Nipples are formed like a breast.


We use tommee tippie bottles. They are closer to nature for closer to breast. I had to switch to formula due to severe food allergies and he would not take a bottle until I got those!

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My daughters loved the playtex bottles with liners. Also made it easy on me because you only need to wash the nipples :joy:

Mam bottles works excellent for us

My twins only use tommee tippee

Dr Brown’s Wideneck bottles.

Nuk bottles were the winner for our babe

They have tons of new nipples that are shaped like a boob, made especially for breast fed babies not sure where your from but Walmart has like 10 different kinds!!!

Both of my kids had no problems with the Playtex Ventaire bottles

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My ebf baby would only take MAM bottles. The nipples are flat, like how a mother’s nipples get during bf’ing. And they’re super easy to clean since the bottom screws off as well as the top

My son will only take pigeon wide neck occasionally
We’ve literally tried every bottle & that’s the only one he will take, but even that’s not always.

Tommee tippie for sure! Was the only bottles my LO would take after 10 months of breastfeeding

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2 years? I thought it was 1😅

I exclusively breast fed for 7 my and my baby refused to take a bottle but she took a sippy cup just fine.


I got the ones that’s nipple matched my nipple the closest

I used playtex ventaire wide with all four of my kids, not too expensive and anti colic, switched from bottle to breast and back without any nipple confusion

The only bottles my little boy would take were the cheap parents choice bottles from walmart. We tried all kinds of expensive bottles for him to only like the cheap ones lol. He also could only use slow flow nipples for a very long time. He was exclusively breastfed for almost 5 months and I had to go back to work.

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I just use the parents choice from walmart, 5oz bottles

We use Smilo with zero issues.

I breast feed my son who is 6 months old and he has used the playtex baby vent air a couple times, anti colic, anti reflux no problem. :slight_smile:

Here a bottle
Box you can order and I plan on doing this so my baby can choose. I want to try the nanobebe bottles they have really good reviews but I feel like even if you like them the baby might not.

I use Mams love them! I’ve tried others but my little one likes those the best

I’m skipping the bottle and going to a sippy cup. Some people even start their babies in small cups with no lids or anything.

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Comotomo has been the best for us. My 18 month old has been a little used to the bottle, having it here and there up until a few weeks ago when I stopped nursing. She’s continued to take this bottle easily and switching to using only the bottle has been a breeze.

I agree about mam. It’s the only bottle my son ever used

At about 6 months old I went straight from breastfeeding to a munchkin sippy cup

Every baby is different but my daughter likes Boon and Avent Natural bottles

At 6 months I’d skip the bottle and find a sippy cup


My breastfed baby is 11m doesnt really like bottles but she likes the sippy cups with the weighted straws

MAM & Avent natural bottles did it for me. They are the only ones my son would take. I exclusively breastfeed and didn’t introduce bottles until he was 9 months and it took another month so finally find ones that he doesn’t choke on.

At 6 months you can introduce a sippy cup. And just put breast milk in that. Then you dont have to ditch a bottle

Comotomo. My baby takes them great!

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I used avent when my son was younger and he did just fine with them, but every baby is different.

I wasn’t able to breastfeed and my daughter has horrible colic. We did great with the nano bebe bottles and with Dr. Browns.

We tried so many and the only one my girl took to was the Lansinoh Momma bottle.
She was EBF for the first 6 weeks so she was stuck in her ways.
This bottle gave me some freedom back :slightly_smiling_face:

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles for Baby, 5 ounces, 3 count

Skinny neck teat!
Pigeon, Medela or homebrand

Every baby is different. I bought one bottle of each and rotated till I noticed a favorite. And I don’t blame you for not wanting to go that long. I didn’t either.

try a few and see which the baby prefers

If you can go straight to a sippy cup it’s not a bad thing I had a hard time getting my son off the bottle.

I’ve learned and always passed on that because every baby is different. Look for whatever nipple most resembles yours and go from there

I used the medela bottles with my picky baby and she likes those. I’ve also heard comotomo ones too

Tommie tippie, the only brand I’ve used for my 3 kids and they loved it! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Good luck. My daughter is exclusively breastfed, I introduced the tommee tippee bottle in the beginning around 2 weeks. Sometimes she would take it but then she started refusing. She absolutely refused the bottle after 2 months of trying. Idk why she would take it some days and not others. I honestly think its because I didn’t give her a bottle as often as I should have because it’s so much easier to just breastfeed. Your baby might not take a bottle at this point. Try a sippy cup instead

Two of mine preferred tommee tippee and my third preferred the nipples that came with the sample bottles of formula!

I used nanobee bottle i think i spelled it right its round (boobs shaped) easy to hold. My daughter prefers them as they steer more breast like to get anyway

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Playtex drop in liner bottles. They were excellant for my BF babe! They are also a billion times cleaner!!

We tried the nano bottles but she had a hard time with them but she loves her tommee tippee bottles!

Avent! I cannot recommend these enough! Number 2 nipple is what breastfed babies are supposed to stay on so that it won’t be so difficult to go back to the breast due to breastfeeding being “more work” to get milk. If that makes sense. I personally like the glass bottles better. To me they’re cleaner and easier to keep sanitized. They also come in plastic bottles as well.


My baby was exclusively breastfed, and when we tried bottles she would only take the Dr. Browns options bottles! We love them!

I use Dr. browns bottles

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My son and daughter both took perfectly to the Nuk Simply Naturals! I always recommend them and give them for baby shower gifts

I hope you have luck. They can sure be stubborn when you are trying to trying something new.

I used the lansinoh bottles. Worked like a charm

My breast fed baby went between breast and any kind of bottle with no issues. My other 2, formula fed babies, I could switch from gerber bottles to Nam, to Dr Browns and several brands for each feeding and it never bothered them

Dr brown wide neck wide nipple. These are the ONLY bottles my son will take after breast feeding

Nanobébe are made for breastfeeding they are boob shaped and all it’s the only one my baby would take for the first few months

My kids have loved MAM bottles, their nipples have a very real skin textured feel. Also, we’ve used breast flow by the first 5 years. My babies loved that because it replicates the flow of a breast and it’s also shaped like my boobs lol. It may take a lot of trial and error.

All babies have different preferences. My daughter would only take the mam bottles after I stopped breastfeeding but my niece would take the nuk and dr.browns bottles and hated the mam bottles. If I was you I would get a few different brands that you like and see what your baby prefers.

Avent or MAM are the best hands down

I just used walmart brand for both of my kids lol

Avent were my go too my baby loved them

MAM 100% my 3 year old was bf and would not take a bottle for Daddy until we got a MAM.

The only bottles my son can use is tommy tippee bottles and they are amazing

I’ve tried alot of brands and so far my baby girls favourite is avent by far.

Comotomo bottles are the only ones my bf daughter would take

You’re only supposed to breastfeed for one year. Once they try other forms of drinks they’ll love it and wean off on their own. Just be consistent. Not hard at all.

3 top faves:

  1. Dr brown’s wide neck (LO’s current fav - she did not take any non-wide nipple types)
  2. Avent natural are a close second, their flow is a bit faster so she liked them a bit later.
  3. NUK simply natural- these are more about volume and less flow speed. Level 1 has 3 tiny holes, level 2 has 5 and so on. They are made to function like a breast. She loved them to 3.5-4 mos or so then kinda went on NUK strike but she’s picky lol. They are very good quality though!

Honorable mention:
-pros: slower flow for babies who can’t do fast at 1st

  • very good nipple for bf babies
  • great quality
  • easy clean
    -hard to open/disassemble
    ‐heating takes a while if milk is cold and baby doesn’t like cold
    -the silicone will take on smells like formula if any is used and dish soap, even if promptly rinsed and washed.
  • expensive.

Secondly: try at least 2 or 3 brands and keep in mind baby may have phases where they prefer one then the other.

Nuk simply natural is what we use. She is exclusively breastfed, as to being at work that’s the only bottle she’ll take. Comes in plastic an glass.

My guy like nuk slow flow

I used nanobebe and dr browns. I prefer nanobebes nipple shape, but dr browns straw air thing for bubbles.

Babies will drink when they are hungry. Parents make choices; not babies. I have a 16, 12 and 10 year old grandchild and their mom bought the cheapest bottles she could find bc nipples don’t last and I knew I’d be buying a lot. My grandkids took whatever she gave them and we never heard a peep. The first two kids were breast and bottle fed from day one. The third was exclusively bottle fed but with breast milk bc my daughter had sick horrible mastitis with kids one and two. They also had different brand binkis that their bottles and obviously her boobs. Buy what you want and what you can afford. They will eat just fine.

I got lucky with Gerber Bottles and changed the nipple to increase flow. I had to go back to work at 6wks.

Babies can learn to use a straw! You don’t need a bottle! Use a plastic pop up soppy cup! It’s amazimg how they adapt!
Bottle feeding doesn’t have to be…
And you can go to weaning by dropping the feeding that is least interested in or most difficult for you to handle…bit transition gradually for your health and the babies! Breast milk is always the best choice whenever possible for as long as possible!

There is no one right answer. Some babies will eat from anything and some well refuse the bottle entirely, no matter which one you get. Sorry to say, but it’s a lot of trial and error.

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I used these. Loved them.

Tommie tippie has one that is shaped like the breast and we love it my daughter used it but my son almost 6months won’t touch a bottle

At six months I would just go with a sippy cup or straw cup… But we used Minbie for bottles and loved them.

Avent was my very favorite , mam & nuk worked for my grandkids.

Babies have their own likes and dislikes so don’t be surprised what works for others might not work for you. You might get lucky and find one your baby likes right off the bat or you might have to try a few different ones, which isn’t unusual. Good luck

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We used these with breastfeeding.

My baby really likes the Dr. Brown bottles. We also use the Dr. Brown pacifiers so he adapted easily to both.

Then for sippy cups, we used the 360 ones with handles. Currently 9 month old

Put it in a sippy cup. By 6 months most babies can hold their bottle, so sippy is ideal.

I couldn’t get my son to use anything but MAM but the longest time and eventually he started taking the Avent bottles. He hated it though until closer to a year old even though I went back to work at 5 weeks

Avent. But, if baby is 6 months old, you could be starting solid foods now.
Personally, my breastfed baby never really took to bottles. She’s on finger foods now and I only nurse her before bedtime and in the morning.
No bottles means no weaning later.

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The evenflo. We have tried 4 brands. And when I’m not nursing this is her choice.

My kids weren’t picky, but I personally preferred the Mam bottles. They both took to the mam pacifiers the most.

But every child is different, and they all prefer what they want to drink from.

Mine wont touch any of our nuk bottles, but loves the MAM brand of pacifiers and bottles. I havent been able to find their brand at walmart but I think you can order online

I used MAM bottles after breastfeeding I found they worked best for my baby. I’ve also heard tommy tipy bottles are really good my daughter just preferred MAM

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Tomee tipee its nipple on the bottle is soft and shaped like a breast in order to give a close to natural feel for them.

Avent worked for all 3 of mine!

Both of my breastfed babies loved the mam bottles

Gosh my child was no picky. We had avent, dr browns, mam, nuk

I used Tommy tipys .loved them and didnt let in alot of air so no easy babies

Avent bottles are pretty good.

I use Phillips Avent and have since 8 weeks, exclusively breastfed. She will not take a bottle from me still, she just wants the boob when im around at almost a year old already. She will when I’m at work from her dad or others

6 months? Try a sippy cup with a straw. Believe it or not it’s the easiest trasition for breastfeed baby. Sucking a straw and a nipple are literally like the same thing. So many people are surprised how easily their babies drink from a straw cup

I use the wide nippled dr brown bottles

I went with the Tommee Tippee. I think I spelt that right? :thinking:

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