Best bottles for baby with colic?

What are the best bottles for a colicky baby?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for baby with colic?

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Mam bottles for me. No where near as fiddly as dr browns, self sterilising also. X

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Dr Browns worked best for my son when he was a colic baby. Also using bottled water helped a bit with gas when making formula

I literally tried every bottle on the market I swear… and the ones that my kid favored ? The cheap ones from walmart… lmao

MaM we used dr browns 1st ND didn’t work for us.

Mam or the tommee tippee with the vents! Dr browns always leak i feel like

Dr brown bottles make the formula in a pitcher and stir it don’t shake it :two_hearts:

I use dr browns. They work amazingly

We tried Dr brown’s with one and mam with the other and the mam were definitely the easier ones

Dr. Brown were the only ones my daughter could use. They are tricky, definitely worth it though.

Dr Browns hands down

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Philips Avent and then I burp until I get at least 3-5 burps out after every feeding. Sometimes that meant burping for 20 minutes but eventually more air would come out and no fussy baby or throwing up.

Mam. Are you using powered formula it causes a lot of gas if you are don’t shake it make it in a pitcher and gentle stir it.

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