Best bottles for breastfeeding?

Have any breastfeeding mama’s used ‘Bare’ bottles with the “Perfe-latch” nipple? If so, did your baby accept or refuse it? My baby is a little over a month old & has only eaten from my breast. We have only tried 2 bottle brands (Nuk & Alivent) and she completely refused them and would gag. I found the ‘Bare’ bottles online with the “Perfe-latch” nipple and it seems to be the only bottle that has a nipple that ACTUALLY represents the real thing. Anyway, I just want to know if anyone has tried it & had luck?

I haven’t tried them…
The thing is the way a baby latches and sucks on a boob is completely different then they way a baby sucks on a bottle, just keep on trying different brands, in most NICU they use dr brown bottles might wanna try them, plus if baby is hungry enough she might try the bottle keep trying if you really want a bottle you will find one

Have some one else feed the baby. She knows your smell touch you are her food. My second daughter would only take a bottle from my brother or my husband.

Only way my daughter would take a bottle was from someone else when I wasnt home. It was like she knew I was in thr next room. And the only bottle I found she would use were como tomo.

Playtex naturalatch… they were amazing! I used them with all 4 of my kids and was able to go from breast to bottle to breast. Good luck!

Bare were awful for us. The nuk simply natural is what worked for us.

I use evenflow , they have one on amazon the works great for my breastfed baby , she makes a terrible mess with all other bottles

Nanobebe they are expensive but are supposed to be the best thing for breastmilk and have a nipple amazing for transition to bottle

I use Maam bottles. I like the nipple on them. It’s kinda flat on each side and wide at the base.