Best brand of diapers?

What is your favorite brand of diapers? I am about to have my first and don’t know which are the best! Thank you!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best brand of diapers?

Pampers. Tbh, every child is different with each brand. Huggies and Target brand was horrible

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Target. I’ve tried all n targets are awesome n great price too

Just get a box of each and tape receipt to them in case you need to exchange. I asked for pampers with my daughter and she couldn’t use them. We ended up using Luvs with her after trying pampers, Huggies, hello bello, Walmart brand, target brand.


Buggies snug and dry with my oldest and Huggies special delivery with my second

Huggies little movers (this specific kind only.
Rascal and friends.
Pampers 360 (only this specific kind as well)

I always liked Luvs. But when money was tight we went with Great Value. Unfortunately we lived in an apartment without laundry facilities so cloth diapers didn’t make sense. Swaddlers diapers for newborns were the bomb too but only come in certain sizes. I think that’s pampers though. It’s been a while since my last diaper change!

HUGGIES GOLD!!!please don’t buy pampers You smell Pee the whole time while baby only peed once in them.


I use Huggies or little ones from Woolworths

Hello Bello is my favorite by far

I loved pampers with my first child. My 2nd child I love huggies

I’ve used almost every brand and while many are more absorbent or have features, these days I’ll use any brand really. I like Huggies or pampers when they’re tiny.

My oldest was Parent’s Choice. The only ones he didn’t rash from. My middle was Luvs. The only brand that she didn’t rash from. My youngest uses Huggies. Again, the only brand that doesn’t make her rash. There was another brand that is more expensive that didn’t rash my youngest, but I don’t remember the brand. It has colorful prints with rabbits or dinosaurs with like bright color backgrounds. But they run a little smaller than the cheaper brands imo.

I love Honest, Hello Bello and Huggies for my kids!

My son was allergic to just about everything except pampers and huggies

“All good” they are hypoallergenic too

Huggies but depends on baby. They can be sensitive to the diapers you choose.

For mine pampers broke him out. So we got him Huggies. And now that he is 3 all that works right is Huggies movers . The dry and snug roll down on him a lot.

Either huggies or pamper swaddles

I liked huggies best. When $$ was tight i got luvs. They were the best cheap diapers then

Up and up it’s the target brand, I highly recommend. My oldest couldn’t use anything except pampers unstop I tried up and up. I swear by it. It’s high end quality and at a cheap price

I prefer pampers diapers (all of them) and Huggies Wipes. Specifically the mickey mouse Wipes.

If you are open for it, you can also try cloth diapers :relaxed:

I used Luvs but, mainly used the Sam’s Club brand.

I’ve always used Pampers.

It’s definitely going to depend on your baby.
Some are sensitive to one brand and not another. Some are sensitive to disposables entirely and have to use cloth.

For disposables, i generally like pampers.


Every baby is different! Some react bad to diapers. My twins can only use Huggies or pampers but my 4 month old can use any brand. But I definitely prefer Huggies!

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Parents choice. Have always been my #1 &pampers. Those will be the only two

Hello bello & pampers swaddlers are my favorites

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I like the up&up target brand ones or I’m using rascal & friends right now and like them. Loved pampers but couldn’t afford them anymore

I always loved Huggies but then I tried the Walmart brand and loved them!

Pampers until he is a little older then I switched to the Sam’s Club brand.

I went from using Babyganics first, to Seventh Generation and now to Huggies Special Delivery!

Differs from each baby. My kids could only use Huggies and a relatives baby could use any brand. I tried other brands before I still knew with Huggies. Other brands especially ones with a scent caused a rash so I stuck with one that didn’t and only found Huggies to not have a scent.

If you want you can get one pack of ones you want to try then stick with one that works for your baby.

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Pampers and Huggies.

My son could use any kind but my daughter was so sensitive to everything she could only use pampers

Pampers and Huggies worked for a lot of my neices and nephews and still do

My daughter could use any kind but the parents choice from Walmart. I do not recommend. My daughter had chemical burns on her butt from parents choice diapers! :pleading_face: we were given a lot of Huggies, pampers & luvs diapers at our diaper party. So we used anything we had except store brands.

Pampers anything other than that all my kids had reactions sensitive and excema prone skin in this house.

hello bello.
but also cloth
aldi brand is cheap and nice too

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Aldi’s is one if our favs. Our sons couldn’t do Huggies or luvs but everything else they could. We also like Costco and sams brands as well.

Pampers are so soft. They are mu favorite

Mama Bear diapers from Amazon

Pampers work best for us

Up and up were my favorite with my daughter when I used disposable. She had a big butt and chubby thighs so Pampers and Huggies didn’t fit her right. And I don’t like the smell of luvs. Walmart diapers were weirdly crunchy.

I suggest, get a box of each & you see which one works best for you

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People always thought I was crazy when I said this when my son was in diapers. (He’s 6 so it’s been a while.) But Dollar General brand diapers were the absolute best! I tried them all: Pampers, Huggies, Luvs. You name it, I tried them. DG brand diapers were the only diapers that didn’t leak overnight with my son.

Get a box of each to see if theres any irriation with them. Me personally, i dont like luvs at all but have done well with the parents choice Walmart brand

We tried everything and every few months my daughter would have bad reactions. Finally we only use honest, hello bello, and aldi diapers. For price exclusively aldi now. The big box is only $18. I would also have a back up of cloth shells and diaper inserts (the bamboo ones have done great for us) in case your baby has a reaction you can let them fully heal before trying another kind of diapers. Also. . . Congrats :heart:

Luvs worked best for my son

Nana of twins, really liked the hello bello for day time and huggies for night time. Born at 2# these littles were very sensitive and prone to rash. Congratulations on your baby :two_hearts:

Luvs is our preferred brand. Pampers are good and recently one of my kids started using cuties brand haven’t had any issues with them yet. My kids pee through Meijer diapers everytime.

I used parents choice with my first two, no issues other than the occasional tearing off of the tag. I switched my youngest to Huggies after parents choice broke him out the other month, their tabs are a lot more secure & just a slightly better diaper overall. But ya get what ya pay for :two_hearts:

Cloth is the best.

Disposables it’s really going to depend on you kid.
My first struggle with any brand but huggies. That way with the second we choose cloth.

I swear by Pampers Swaddlers!!! Not baby dry or 360 none of that, they gotta be the style swaddlers! It’ll say it in yellow

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Huggies when they were little they broke out with pampers even in the hospital. There was another brand wasn’t bad but can’t remember it.

Huggies snug and dry

I have 4 grown kids and 5 grandchildren and I would have to says Luvs were the best!

Pampers 360 fit, cause mines liked to tear the tape off


Aldi brand is down right the best then luvs

Huggies little snugglers

Luvs or parents choise.

Huggies and pampers gave my kiddos a rash!!!

Pampers when they are super small. Then moved to Sam’s club.

I have three kids and my first one could only use huggies and I tried several different brands. 2nd child used honest company and/or huggies. My 3rd I have used honest company Huggies’, seventh generation , Kirkland brand and pampers. My favorite is huggies or Kirkland brand( Costco brand).

I feel like it depends on the baby. My first did great in pampers and not huggies. My second and third only did good in huggies

Cloth diapers- little river cloth co, stout house, fajardo’s family decor, sweetcheeks, sunny bums, happy beehinds

I started with pamper swaddlers, at about 6 months I tried Walmart brand (parents choice) and Luvs to save money and both were pretty good, however Luvs did leak over night if I didn’t do a bum change halfway through the night, we did try Huggies at some point and they were horrible

Huggies snug and dry.

Luvs were our go to. We tried huggies but they leaked

Huggies or honest company

Honestly, Targets store brand is just as good as the name brands

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Definitely Pampers. Then when the baby gets older around 1-2 switch to Pampers 360° fit

I love pampers swaddles but since they are so expensive and I felt like I was constantly buying diapers I bought luvs to save some money and loved those as well!

Pampers swaddles, once start crawling/walking-Pampers 360

Pampers I worked in a Daycare and most parents choose Pampers . They won’t irritate the skin especially if the the baby has sensitive skin

Depends on your baby. I really liked Huggies little snugglers. Some children react to certain diapers though so you’ll want little packs of each brand to see what works best for your little one.

Pampers! We’ve used them for all five of our babies

My kids could only wear luvs or Huggies

Huggies. I found the fit was better for my kids and they didn’t seem to outgrow them as quick. Plus, I could get them at costco. I’ve heard the costco Kirkland brand is comparable but I haven’t tried them yet. I believe the only difference was that they didn’t have the wet stripe indictator. Once my kids were older I still preferred huggies for the pull ups. They have the little velcro strip down the side still so theres multiple ways to remove them

Sams club diapers r better than huggies and cheaper!

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Personally I like Kirkland (Costco)

Sams club diapers work great & are cheaper. If your looking at Walmart, I like the all good brand

My best advice is don’t get too caught up in brand specific items because you can want to put your kiddo in Huggies or Pampers all you want and they’ll be allergic to them. I’m thankful for whatever I was gifted and for lucky my girls didn’t break out from them. But in general we buy generic ones from whichever store we’re at when we’re shopping

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Both of my babies could only wear pampers. They were allergic to all other brands.

I used Wal-mart brand and never had an issue.
Pampers gave my kids a rash.


Try different brands to check if your baby’s bunny is extra sensitive and then make you decision on the particular brand. Nothing is more sad than a baby with a sore hiney, including the bad nerves it causes Mama by a constantly crying baby.

Huggies diapers, pamper wipes.

Pampers with the blue line no question, there’s a reason most hospitals use this brand only.

Huggies for sure, but depends on how your baby reacts to them too. I’ve used Huggies Snugglers, Movers and now the pull ups with no issues for my 3yo.

I love hello bello when I can get them!

Pampers. Recently tried Coterie Diapers and now they’re my new favorite, very soft organic for a new baby’s skin.

Honest. Honest all dang day! I had a preemie and we never used anything but honest. The prints are absolutely adorable. But in the 2yrs I used Honest, not a single blowout or problem with diaper rash; they’re just good diapers. And you can get them delivered to your door for cheaper than going out and buying another brand. STRONGLY, recommend Honest.

In all honesty the cheaper the better for the first 5-6 months. They poo and pee so much it isn’t worth buying name brand or expensive. I learned that very quickly. I personally used Walmart brand parents choice. More bang for the buck. I then used pampers for the next year, and used Huggies night time, then switched back to parents choice and Costco brand again.


Cloth, super easy and you have to buy more every week or two

I used pampers in the newborn stage , then moved to Huggies. Targets Up+Up brand are decent too! Walmarts parents choice brand caused severe chemical burns.

I would say try a bunch (get small packs to start) and see what you like and what works best for baby. I had a bunch of different brands from my baby shower, and some brands that I know moms that swear by did NOT work for my daughter at all. What works well for some may be a terrible fit for another kid, while the brands they simply can not use may work perfectly for yours

Personally I did parents choice. all the other ones made my daughter break out… the big boxes were half the price of the expensive name brand ones to so that didn’t hurt lol

Pampers and Target are the only ones we could use. The others were hard on my kids skin. I think it’s dependent on the kid honestly.

We liked pampers and luvs