Best breast pump?

I’m due this month and plan on breastfeeding only for a few weeks and was thinking of getting a manual pump since I will only use it for a short while. Was wondering when the best time to pump would be. Between feedings, to pump while feeding on the opposite boob or… also any advice on the brezzer formula mixer? I have one and plan on using that when I stop breastfeeding


It depends on how much my son eats, but I pump either right after he eats or an hour later. If he eats a lot I pump an hour later. That gives me the most milk. Hope this helps

I try to pump but my son eats from both breasts and he’s usually attached to the boob all day. I’ve read to pump an hour after feedings

Pump one breast while he is nursing from the other. Make to alternate. Also after a warm shower is ankthet good time to pump. And depending if you have a heavy let down you can pump a lil before he nurses. I’m a bigger girl and had real heavy let downs so had to pump before nursing so he didnt feel like he was drowning from the heavy flow

I tried so hard to breast feed. So hard. I got a pump and everything. And she never latched, so she was formula fed. So keep that in mind. :disappointed:

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Wic gives out manual pumps btw

I usually pumped from one while they fed from the other. Drink a big glass of water 10 minutes before.

I pumped every 3 hours. Both mine ate every 3 hours i pumped before or after a feeding

If you have insurance you can get a free one through a medical supply store (like where you get walkers and such)

I was told to pump after nursing. I loved my Manuel pump

The brezza thing has horrible reviews if that’s what your talking about (mold growth) definitely check out milky momma’s fb group it’s a huge help with breastfeeding.