Best bug spray for babies?

Anyone use the baby ganics bug spray? Did it work? What did you guys do for bugs/mosquitoes for your babies???

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Yes I used babyganics bug spray it worked very well didn’t make her break out or anything, mosquitoes stayed away from her you just have to remember to reapply it because it doesn’t last very long

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It has a very strong smell and oily feeling but it does work great I’ve used it on both of my children 6yo 10months

I got the little bug bracelets and put them on their ankles. You can take them off and keep them in a baggie when they’re inside or sleeping. I still use them for my 11 and 13 year olds.

I love the green tube of Johnson and Johnson’s lotion. It helps!! I use it for me because bugs love me
And I also use the babyganics brand as well. It works

Fabric sheets rub it on them

Use basil leaves. Rub them on your kid.

Works great and it also works for around your house too! Ants and spiders hate it

I don’t recommend it. I used it on my daughter and she has quite a few mosquito bites.

I’ve heard great things about the hello hello brand repellent from Walmart. I’ve used their diapers, lotion and baby wash and love them. Waiting for the repellent to be restocked :roll_eyes:

Avon’s skin so soft, dryer sheets, bug band brackets, essential oils, deet free bug spray.