Best cold medicine for kids?

Hey mama’s, anyone know a type of cough medicine I can use for a (1 year old) with a cold.


Zartbeez or Baby Hyland


Delsym but check with your pediatrician first any ovc meds given

Zarbees!!! Works wonders!!!


Our pediatrician gave a script for ‘Bromfed’ not sure of the spell. Our youngest is in daycare and had rsv. It is a small dose but helped immensely.

Zarbees works wonders for our little one

Our pediatrician prescribed bromphenir. The OTC meds aren’t as effective. Recently my little one got a cough and the doctor prescribed breathing treatment as well bc it turned into bronchitis.

Delsym and add just touch of honey… Honey sooyhs the throat

My two favorites for cough. Both available at Walmart.


It’s all natural. It works very well. The night time one helps my son sleep without coughing all night long.


There are absolutely NO medicinal cough medicines for kids under the age of 6.

The only “medicines” you’ll find are homeopathetic and “natural” and have no actual medicinal ingredients in them. But, by all means try them it may help with the symptoms.


Take the baby to the Dr.

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Homeopathic? Sell it at most drug stores. Sit in a hot steam shower… Vicks…

A cough suppressant is harmful and counterproductive to children under 6. Coughing helps clear the mucus from the lungs and is necessary to get better. Doctors will usually say honey (or zarabees) is okay, but ask your pediatrician first. They gave my son nebulizer treatments for home since he has RSV and bronchiolitis multiple times this winter, but never cough medicine.

hylands cold and cough. it’s all natural and the only thing that would help my daughter. and it’s nice if you dont want to get sticky from honey from the zarbees. I hated that stuff :woman_facepalming:t3:

Zarbees or go buy some local honey and give a teaspoon a day.

Zarbees baby cough suppressant. Just got it for my 2 year old helps relatively well. Dr approved it and said it was ok since it’s made with organic agave

Bake an onion chopped up in golden syrup

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Zarbees with elderberry is great

Ask your pediatrician, I was told at a hospital that you shouldn’t give cough medicine to a baby even if it says it’s for babies.

When my little guy had a bad cough I was told to give him kids allergy medication. Its a cough suppressant

Benadryl to stop nasal drip. 1/2 a tablespoon is what the doc would allow only once before bed

Call the dr.dont.put your child in danger.everybody has an opinion but.your childs life is more.precious than that.

Zarbees :slight_smile: worked wonders for my son

Delsym, idk if spelled correctly…

Something natural with honey. Benadryl works better my dr told me I could give my son half a teaspoon at that age and the only reason they stopped making it for infants was cus people would use it to put there kids to sleep.

Zarbees for 2 months +, works great and the only thing I could ever find for my kids that young.

The kind your pediatrician prescribes.