Best diaper rash cream?

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My little one had non stop diarrhea for a couple of days and now her little bottom is so sore that theres blisters on it. She is so uncomfortable and even if I barely touch it to wipe her bottom she screams bloody murder. I’ve been putting diaper rash cream on it and it doesn’t seem to help. What else can I try ointment wise to help my little babe? Preferably something I could get at walmart. Thank you for your inputs!


Get monkey butt powder works like a charm! You’ll see a difference with just one diaper change! That’s all I used in my youngest because everything else make his butt worse!

Get athletes foot cream it works I sware


The brand is Butt Paste. It works.


Use wet paper towels to wipe her off instead of baby wipes.

Burt’s bees!!! Diaper ointment

And do not use baby wipes. .perfumed or unperfumed. …
They will burn her :sweat:
Use cotton wool and warm water

Let her sit in a warm bath too…the longer she soaks the better

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A&D ointment works best for my kids.

Use plain Vaseline and water wipes

We used warm washcloths instead of wipes until it got better. Just keep a bucket of bleach water handy to drop them in and then wash them on hot.

Stop wiping with wipes also. You can get a peri bottle and use water to clean her up

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Butt paste works great

Currently dealing with that as well. We started solids, so her bowels are changing. I’ve been putting a waterproof changing pad in her crib at night, and letting her sleep without a diaper. Letting everything “air out” overnight has worked wonders. I use A & D


Go to the doctor and ask for nystatin ointment


Try Resinol you get it behind the pharmacy counter but it’s not RX


Use a warm rag really easily then put aquaphor.

Desitin. Not the blue box, the purple overnight. It worked when nothing else would.

Triple paste and a bath in baking soda

The Desitin in the purple tube is all I ever used for mine. It worked wonders

This stuff is amazing just dry the area before applying. They also have a spray but I prefer this one

Try to let her “air out” without a diaper if it’s possible… if you breastfeed- breast milk is awesome to use, also like extra virgin coconut oil and let it dry on before putting a diaper back on… dr Smith’s diaper cream is also good too

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Gold Bond’s baby powder!! Anytime our girls have gotten diaper rash it clears in up FAST!

Corn starch is amazing. Works within a day n rash is gone

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Cornstarch works great

We used happy hiney from pharmacy!

I work at a Pharmacy and the most popular thing we sell for that is Calmoseptine ointment. My son uses it as well. Its the only thing to work for us. Hope it helps!


Lay a towel or a blanket on a trash bag on the floor. Keep her diaper off for as long as you can. The air helps a ton.


:speaking_head: Aquaphor will clear it up in hours!

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Aloe gel straight from the aloe leaf…works within hours! So amazing! You can get them in the produce section of major grocery chains usually (Publix for example)… and let air dry no diaper. Just keep a towel under her wherever she is

Have to let it completely air out before putting cream. Do that a few times a day and it will help! Put a towel under them in case they peel.

Aquaphor and instead of wiping, rinse with warm water

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Air…let her walk around without a diaper when you can


Calmoseptine then put vasoline over it for a barrier. Clears it up real quick!

Try a baking soda bath just let her sit in it and play. It will help take the soreness out of her little butt

Check with her doctor cuz my daughter had the same thing and it ended up being a yeast infection.


I live by resinol! It is the BEST cream hands down. We will put it on my son before bed and by the morning it’s better

Air. Cornstarch. Aquaphor


Calmoseptine!! It is OTC, but you have to ask for it at the pharmacy because they keep it back there! Well at Wal-Mart they do and bananas as an excellent diarrhea deterant!!

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Aquaphore and baby powder

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I used calmoseptine with my kids. Never found anything else that worked like this does. They use it in nursing homes/hospitals for bed sores.

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aquaphor is always our go to for rashes. keep her butt AS DRY AS POSSIBLE. as soon as she pees, change her nappy. i would use the aquaphor for naps/bedtime

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Bathe daily. Just that little bit of a soak helps. Then pat dry. Apply generous coating of purple lid desitin (or walmart brand equivalent). When diaper change time, use sensitive skin or perfume free wipes and wipe off diaper cream and area. Dont wipe clear to skin if urine or poop didnt get the skin. Reapply desitin cream. My daughter was born with no anal opening. We had bad rash after it was reconstructed and she started pooling normally and not in a colostomy bag. The aforementioned was a lifesaver

Try canestan mixed with polysporine!

Highly recommend this! Some Walmart’s carry it if not amazon does or their website is super fast I tried everything and this is the only one that worked on my baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t use regular wipes. They’re irritating. Use water wipes or make your own wipes by mixing water and baby oil then use gauze to wipe. My daughter had severe diarrhea after being on iv medication and once we stopped using regular wipes we saw a big difference.
Also the red tube of butt paste helped immensely. One of the nicu nurses said she swears by it.

Butt paste takes away the worst rashes over night

Diaper rash cream never worked for my son. Aquaphor works awesome!

it’s a cream that comes in a jar called pink sav-ask a pharmacist, it’s a pink paste, its smells but it works like a charm

Pure corn starch ! Nd no more wiping right in tub even just a little water with a teeny tiny bit ( 2 -3 table spoons baking soda in water … it will sooth, and gently clean along with help with irritation
I use baking soda all the time … It’s great for yeast infections I use baking soda baths before I used yeast infection meds … even useful for hair and skin on a regular

Boudreaux butt paste, for now but I’d take her to the dr and get some silvadene for burns. It will help dramatically! They might can give you advice on what to feed to help stop the diarrhea age wise too. Anytime you can avoid wipes do- or at least grab a pack of honest wipes from target or Walgreens. They aren’t harsh like huggies and pampers wipes. They’re the only ones we use .

I give my child a warm bath that heals the bottom up real fast after that I put desitine rash cream and baby powder so it stays on.

AQUAPHOR! it’s at Walmart, it is a little expensive but works quick and when your baby is in pain you need quick. Best stuff I’ve used after 4 kids, I swear by this stuff. Can clear up a nasty bottom rash, like within 12hours it’s completely gone.

I used corn starch and vaseline mixed together.

I would stop all juice or water it down. I had to do that for my son. Also he was allergic to milk, after constant diarrhea, I took him to a pediatrician and he did tests on different kinds of milk. Ended up he couldn’t have milk at all. He had to drink nutramagen. Not sure if that’s the correct spelling lol but it stopped immediately.

Triple paste
U can use a warm wash cloth, pat dry and keep diaper off for a few min then put the paste on

don’t use wipes. just put em I. the shower and spray off for poop. the wipes hurt and reopen the blisters. and I had to get special cream from my doctor for his butt because it was a yeast

Instead of constantly wiping her, washer her bottom. Give her a break from wipes being rubbed against her skin. Then apply whatever bottom cream you desire.

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There’s a powder called Stomahesive, it was the only thing that worked for my daughter when she had sores from pooping so much… it was a trick one of her nicu nurses taught me and I still use it to this day for her. Works wonders!

when that happens we use water wipes and a&d. Usually clears it up quick.

Brown flour in a skillet. Use every diaper change, i swear by it

A & D ointment works for my son. He always screams when we try to apply something like Desitin. Let some air get to her bottom too. Lay her on a towel naked for awhile.

Boudreaux Butt Cream is fantastic and works very, very quick. Had to use it on GRANDSON and his bottom was bleeding. Also have you introduced a new food? I had given him peaches for the first time and he was allergic to them but so was his momma

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Use corn starch over night… it’s cool, soothing & it works

Corn starch is a miracle worker trust me

My son would get the same way when he would get diarrhea and diaper rash cream was torture and made it worse , all u need is too keep it clean with warm water and soap and Pat it dry lightly and apply either Vaseline or aquaphor and keep doing that until it’s gone my lo was almost 80% better by the next day

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Bohams butt cream it’s thick and it will heal quickly. It used to be just sold at the pharmacy but now at Walmart u can get it over the counter

The dr gave my girl a fungus cream. It was cleared up in 2 days

Corn starch. Coconut oil. Try not to use wipes just rinse with baby soap and water until it gets better

Buy an anti fungal and an antibiotic cream. Mix them together and apply

Yep. I say go to the doctor, this happened to my youngest when she was a baby and they prescribed me some cream that helped a lot. It was caused by the yeast like someone else said. And also, laying her on a towel and leaving the diaper off for a bit every day to get her butt some oxygen, helps wonders.


Vaseline and cornstarch

I recommend straight up corn starch. I sware it has worked better than any ointment or powder in the baby isle… at least for my son. It’s cheap and worth a try.

You want a diaper rash cream with 40% zinc oxcide. If there is a Walgreens by you, they have their brand. I use it on my son when he has rashes like that. You’ll notice improvement within 2 diaper changes. The higher the zinc oxcide percentage the better

Vaseline or A&D Ointment

Just plain corn starch. Works miracles!

Go to the DR or call… Diarrhea for a few days isn’t good

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Brown some cornstarch and put on her butt. Worked wonders for my daughter.

Corn starch and vasoline

Always soaked bottom in baby oil at each diaper change. Rub in well. Neither child had diaper rash.

Put an egg white on baby’s bottom to create a seal. X

believe it or not, a lot of diaper rash creams actually burn on bad rashes/open sores. last year my daughter had a diaper rash so bad her poor bottom was bleeding. i got a prescription for Nystatin ointment (typically used for yeast infections) i figured i had nothing to lose at that point so i tried it… within in few hours her butt looked much better. totally cleared up by day 2 even tho she continued to be sick.

I’ve worked in daycare for 30 plus yrs. Aquaphor …Cornstarch…or 2 tbls. Of baking soda in a warm bath…even Balmx…good luck Hun with your little one!

Corn starch. Use as you would baby powder. Sprinkle on her bottom and in her diaper

Corn starch and athletes foot cream/antifungal cream. Together is a rash miracle worker!

Do not use wet wipes!!! Use water only and pat dry then corn starch. It will clear up in no time. If the child pees at all I would clean with water right away and put corn starch on again. Keep it dry and clean.

I had to go to the doctor for my sons. They gave me nystatin for his bottom.

You can call the doctor / nurse and they can tell you just don’t not do anything and allow it to get worse

I would keep the diapers off , let the air get to it. What color is the diarrhea ?? Is it runny green??

Call dr and get niastatin ointment

try making a baking soda paste or putting baking soda in her bath water…it’ll help soothe her

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Corn starch and keeping it gery dry giving it some fresh air


I use this on my little girl, it works wonders! When she gets a bad rash i bathe her instead of using wipes its easier on her!

Also, it could be a yeast rash… look up pictures of a yeast rash and compare…in this case you will need a prescription to clear it up

For yeast you can buy Gentian Violet and apply. What they use to use on nipples of nursing mother’s that developed yeast

Calmoseptine you usually have to ask the pharmacist for it they keep it behind the counter…but it’s an over the counter cream

most likely yeast from moisture only an anti fungal will help your could call in or use over the counter

Mylanta worked into the diaper rash cream. Or milk of magnesia

corn starch or browned flour and open to the air.

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Soak in a bath then go diaperlesa with baby powdwe

Cornstarch work very well.

Use a washcloth not baby wipes until she heals. Buy triple paste. It works fast and is at Walmart.