Best diapers for toddlers?

If only pampers have worked on your child’s body type in terms of diapers, did you use pampers easy ups? Or did you end up trying huggies pull ups? Or another brand you recommend? My son is a size 7 pampers swaddlers and just about to outgrow them!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best diapers for toddlers?

Huggies all the way. I’ve done pampers, and luvs when huggies wasn’t available, we are on kid #3 and I’m a firm huggies believer.

I personally love rascal and friends pull ups. I find them better quality, more absorbent and they don’t irritate my daughters sensitive skin!


GOODNIGHTS! only thing that fits my son well after growing out of size 7 diapers at 15 months :joy:

Do you want them in pull up or diapers? If you are switching to pull ups it really doesn’t matter. Both my children could only wear luvs and now that they are in up pulls I can get any and every brand from super cheap ones to name brand :woman_shrugging:

Goodnites they hold up better then papers easy up and huggies pull up

Hello Bello!!! Just as good as papers!

Aldi’s brand diapers are the best. If you have an aldi’s where you live

My 3 year old is a pampers kids. He’s super skinny. I’ve used the pull ups, or tried too. But they just fall down. The pampers 360 are good, I like them more than the easy ups. I find they start to slip down.

I use luvs or parents choice

I only use parents choice all others suck lol

I think we used Huggies for pull ups and they worked fine after the Pampers

Huggies pull ups! No leaks over night & feel like under where no bulkiness

LUVS…they work and affordable! Used them with both of my kids…and they are 15yrs apart… they even were made even better when i used them for my youngest

My toddler wears Pampers easy ups and I have zero complaints

i used washable diapers for two reasons, 1. my son was and is a big little guy 2. it was much cheaper and they just get throw in the washer and dryer

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Goodnites all the way!! All the others leak! I’ve tried them all!

We use rascal and friends and I’ve found them to always be the best brand never had issues with rashes or leaks no issues at all and I’m going on my 4th baby! They’re also cheaper than most brands ! Pampers and Huggies never seemed to do the right job and are overpriced :woman_facepalming:t2:

Overnight diapers. I used the walgreens brand

We just used parents choice from walmart. If we had to go elsewhere we preferred luvs. Goodnights for pull-ups- less leaks

We started with pampers then switched to luvs. I used Walmart brand pull ups

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I never used diapers on toddlers. In my opinion… if they’re old enough to walk they’re old enough to be potty trained. All mine potty trained by age two.

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huggies pull ups after transiting from papers diapers

Target brand dippers are great as well and priced cheap but they hold up and don’t get blowouts

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They make youth size diapers my daughter has special needs and we use Attends brand they have xs and small

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Walmart brand worked for mine