Best educational toys?

What are some good birthday present ideas for a 2 year old boy? Preferably educational toys


Leap Frog learning pad or center


(Big) puzzle pieces with ABCD…

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Some hot wheels cars can be educational as you can count how many cars he has ? Or the tyres on the cars

Musical instruments (and ear plugs for yourself) Mega Blocks, art supplies like safe paint and washable markers, it’s a good age for kid friendly tablets that you can load with educational games ( they LOVE those and they really help)

:point_up: :point_up: :point_up: what Amy Wilson said. Got it for my son around 2, he’s 5 and still uses it.

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My 18 month old daughter and 2 1/2 year old daughter are both loving the wooden puzzles…shapes, colors, numbers and letters

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Google DIY sensory board

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Fisher Price and leap frog are my favorite brands for our son

Look up rose & rex on facebook! Educational, darling, lots of different interests, and gives to children in need because of you.:heart:

I find toys pointless now. My daughter finds empty water bottles/tissue box more entertaining than her pile colorful toys.

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My son got some toys from the leap frog line for his 2nd birthday/ Christmas and I am very pleased. He has improved his counting, colors, animal recognition and even learned a couple words in Spanish

Language builder noun cards. Pictures words cards. Gymnastics lesson. Finger painting kit make sure is washable or use pudding so if the eat it is not as bad as eat the paint. Mr Potato Head and/family, shape sorter that you put shape in the holes, pull toys are still good, Match games that the family can play together. Texture thing. You can make most of your thing. Don’t buy expensive Vech Leap Frog at this age still a little young unless you you think they are ready. You can cause a child to become ADHD and Anxiety if you push they to fast if they are not ready They are still babies and brains are still forming connection don’t overwhelmed the electrical connections. If your child is not ready. Take child to store let them pick at this age biggest Education toy Is Ability to make Choices and develop Language formal form of communication.