Best formula for a baby who spits up a lot?

Whats a good formula for baby who spits up a lot…like a lot alot


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best formula for a baby who spits up a lot?

My lo used gentle ease by Enfamil, but it’s best to speak to your pediatrician and see what they

Every baby is different. Mine had this issue and it was a lactose sensitivity and she had to have soy

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Go for a formula that’s not milk based you also just might be feeding to much.

When my son did that he had acid reflux but also switching to enfamil prosobee helped out so so much. Back then they also had me put about a teaspoon of rice cereal in his bottles when he got to be about 6 months old. But that was 11 years ago.

Are you warming it? Makes it easier to digest. I’d make sure to try that first

I would try alimentum. but if you use a different formula that’s not alimentum make sure you are doing proper formula Prep. For proper formula prep you have to make sure you boil the water to 158 degrees to take any bacteria from the powder formula . If baby for example drinks 48 oz a day you’d boil 48 oz of water and when it gets to 158 you pour the 24 scoops and mix, you let it cool and you can actually put it in the fridge for 24 hours! All you have to do is pour and heat the bottle and you’re good to go ! This can help especially with baby’s who struggle with spitting up

My daughter had to have soy

Enfamil AR but if it’s really excessive then you should talk to your pediatrician and see if baby had acid reflux. If so, they can give a prescription for it.

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Find a good burping technique.

My son was on soy but then they found he had a soy sensitivity so they changed him to nutramigen but he is now having a hard time gaining weight so he is waiting to start speech therapy and they are playing with the idea of adding rice to the nutramigen. Talk to your doctor because you would want to know the reason they are spitting up it can be acid reflux my son is also on Pepcid for his acid reflux which causes him to spit up.

Alimentum. It’s a prescription so you would have the insurance pay for it

Sounds like my daughters issue. Shes allergic to milk. Go to goats milk.

Similac alimentum formula, it’s purple!

Similac AR. Similac brand in general is supposed to be easier on their belly. We also did spoonfuls of oatmeal mixed in formula here and there because I would not add it to her bottle. Helped a TON

Ask your doctor/paediatrician. There may be a specific reason why this is happening that needs to be addressed.

Similac sensitive or baby could be lactose intolerant so Similac soy

I’d talk to the Dr before changing, but Alimentum. Worked great on my middle.

Does it seem to bother baby? One of the best things for spit up is honestly muscle development. We did OT with one of mine to help. But doing things to strengthen the core depending on age of course.

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My son did nutramigen and baby Zantac and being propped up after eating. Good luck!

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Speak to your pediatrician for why they are spitting up and what they recommend

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Similac sensitive worked best for mine… the alimentum was worse for her … straight acid came up

Nutragramin or puramino

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You should talk to your child’s dr . But what worked for my son was more burping…so burp after every 2 oz. Always have them sitting up a bit when feeding. And always have them sitting up a bit for 10-15 minutes after a feeding