Best formula for baby with gas?

what is the best formula for a gassy baby?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best formula for baby with gas?

It depends on the severity. My sons both had gas issues and couldn’t take regular formular so we tried the gentle ease which didn’t work either. We ended up on Nutramigen and it’s the only thing that doesn’t upset their stomachs.

Gerber gentle is what we used along with Mylicon drops. You can get them at target or Walmart I believe

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We used gas medicine drops and bicycle legs to relieve baby gas.
We could never really pinpoint a specific trigger for her gas, so relieving was the ideal plan.

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Mylicon drops and Dr Brown’s bottles

I would say similac sensitive or pro sensitive. But they were recalled. Give them a little peppermint water. That’s what i used for my son and daughter. Just a drop or two.

The premixed similac in the bottles. The power gets bubbly when mixed with water, the premixed isn’t bubbly at all like that. All 3 of my kids had gas, switched them and then were fine.

A gentle formula is usually used for gassy babies. A ready to feed or a concentrated liquid would be better than powder. Powdered formula gets air mixed in when shaken. And burp, burp, burp.

Grape water in baby area

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Better to ask your dr than strangers on fb

I do not know the best formula for your baby, ButI usually made babybelched after drinking, I held her upwith her head and mouthnear my shoulder and pattedher back and behind gently, until I got that burp, always place a teatowel over the shoulder to catch any milk drbble or, I would place her laying across my legs head down moving my legs back and forth pstting her back and bottom gently until I got the burp, Remember milk will come back up so you do not want to lay them on their back until you get the belchpatience,gives them security and a sense of well being knowing that theyare loved, Happy motherhood Life is gentle kind and great patience, listen speak sofly bchose words wisely say what you meanmean what you say, hig often always tell them you Love them everyday.

genteless enfamil A+

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Similac sensitive ready to feed

Sensitive kind usually an orange can always worked for mine

I used gentlease and put them in the Dr brown bottles. It seemed to help as well as tummy massages.