Best gift to gift someone who just had a baby?

Hey guys, two of my closest friends have just had a baby boy (1 week old) and we want to get them/him something really special/thoughtful but also helpful/useful but I can’t think of what!!! For context, they’re living in a small rental with limited space, so we’re tryina think of something that won’t take up too much space or could help them utilise the lack of space?? They have most of the essentials so I’m trying to think out of the box but strugglingPlease help!!!Thanks so much in advance


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best gift to gift someone who just had a baby?

A bottle of their favorite wine, a gift card for dinner and a “free babysitting” coupon.


My son’s having a baby, they asked for baby blankets. It’s what they needed

I would look into getting them a food delivery service gift card from like DoorDash (or whatever they have near them) so they don’t have to worry about some meals and/or I’d get them a Visa gift card or if they have a favorite store to be able to pick up whatever they may need or want for the house, themselves, or for baby :green_heart:

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Pictures. Memories can never be replaced

Home made gift certificates for baby sitting nights! So they can have a date night and you watch the kiddo for a few hours.

I would also suggest gift cards for food delivery, groceries even or visa gift cards so they can buy whatever they may still need for the baby. Everything is so crazy when you first have a baby that being able to order a meal and not have to cook would be perfect. And visa gift cards could cover diapers or essentials as well!


Bring meals!!! Food is always winning


Gift cards to use later for things the baby will need or a savings bond.

Diapers are always good

A bath set for mama, some soothing bath stuff for baby, and something to peak dads interest


FYI no blankets, no bumpers, no pillows, no stuffed animals in the crib til after the first birthday. Suffocation hazard


Etsy has really cute personalized baby blankets

Gift certificate for first photos

Baby backpack carrier, Diapers and More Diapers :laughing:

Cook them dinner for a week

Spatz do adorable personalised lunchbox sets

Bring a meal or a gift card they could order dinner.

I always buy new parents food gift cards. There’s always more than enough for the baby but we tend to forget how tired and be so new parents get

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Gift cards. They grow so fast mom will need to shop for new sizes pretty soon.

Im about to have baby 3. Unless theres something they really need/want this is what i suggest. Diapers. Wipes. Dinners. Gift cards. Cleaning service.


Just had my son a week ago … food or gift cards for meals… diapers… wipes.

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DoorDash gift card or something.
And Simethicone drops. People always get gripe water but it’s such crap compared to this stuff.

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Offer to watch the baby for a night or 2 and let them have a date night or a good nights sleep

Food gift cards, mani pedi or massage gift card for new mom, frozen prepped dinners, department store gift cards like target or Walmart….and take new mom out for lunch one day so she can have 1 hour to relax……

I think the best thing would be cooked meals or babysitting while they go out for a couple hours. Gift cards for food delivery.


Gift cards that way when they need diapers, wipes, formula or whatever for baby they know they have those cards to fall back on


Baby wipe warmer with light :bulb:

I think what would really have helped me would have been one of those plastic drawer units from Walmart. One of the three drawer jobbies. Put diapers in one drawer, along with baby wipes, Desitin, baby powder, baby shampoo, and baby body wash. In another drawer put 3 summer onesies, a couple of receiving blankets, some bibs, socks, and maybe a little outfit. In the bottom drawer, see if you can find a blanket sleeper or two, a crib blanket, a teddy bear, a rattle, and a plastic set of keys and a little toy phone. That should fit in the floor of a closet and give them some useful items and some toys for the baby too. You can find a lot of this stuff at Dollar General so you don’t have to break the bank. But the better 3 drawer units are at Walmart.

The very best present is the biggest gift card you can afford right now. So many unexpected purchases hit at the worst times.
Next best is send a dinner over once a week for as many weeks as you can afford it.
Taking their laundry to a wash/dry/fold service is a huge help and is about $1 a pound


A gift card for a date night and you watch the baby.


Postpartum gift baskets for new moms, you can make it yourself and put in what will benefit a new mom: sanitary napkins, perineal spray, comfy socks, gift card to her favorite restaurant, the list is endless.
For baby- diapers, wipes!

Homemade meals, gifts cards, diapers , wipes


Diapers baby wipes is a must

A big box of diapers and wipes

Diapers and wipes and if they use formula and u can find it some of that.

Meals delivered or homemade/freezer meals brought to them. Free/paid babysitting. Gift cards for restaurants in the area. Cleaning services.
These are things I wish I would have gotten when I had my babies. It was a pain to cook or clean with an infant in my arms all the time. And when the baby slept, I wanted to sleep, which isn’t super doable when you have to cook and clean and run a household. Lol

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Meal kit subscription for the parents (good food/hello fresh etc)

cleaning service for the family,

a compact stroller that folds super small if they don’t already have (Cybex has a great one that connects to the car seat)

Diapers and wipes

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Maybe ask the mom if a cleaning service would be ok with her. I know in those first few weeks the house can get very messy. Having someone to help clean would be amazing and very useful.


If they are bottle feeding formula, an electric kettle for tea is a godsend. Many have variable temps to keep water hot after it boils it for sterilization, mine kept it at a nice 98* F and was well worth the $35 on Amazon, when I had to wake up frequently at night.

Your time.
Offer help. Offer to cook some meals, run some errands, do some chores etc.


Diapers wipes and if the mom isn’t breastfeeding then formula since it’s hard to find.

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Honestly, the best gift would be going over with a prepared meal, letting them shower and nap while you hold the sweet baby and pick up their place for them!


Cleaning, letting mom shower or nap, gift cards for fast food places, meals they can reheat or freeze for later, coffee, wine. Lol

My sister owns her own cleaning business… after both of my babies she came over and visited & the cleaned for me. Another sister dropped in with breakfast, coffee and time to take a shower. My stepmom made a homemade meal and dropped it off. Maybe put together a little gift basket with a few essentials(diapers,snacks?) and a pedicure or coffee gift card.


Is she registered anywhere??? This helps alot!!!

Take the a home cooked meal. Offer to watch baby so Mom can get in a nap or shower. Vacuum for her.


Gift card or a date night away from the baby (when the timing is right)

Something personalized to hang on the wall or a lamp with a personalized shade.

Also I’ve gone over to a new moms house and done laundry, dishes, swept… and let her rest.

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If they’ve got the essentials I would pay a house cleaner to come clean and I’d take them a meal.

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Other than helping out if they use formula I think it would be super awesome if you went searching for the kind they use and got them some as a gift. It’s hard to find and a really big stressor for lots of mommas right now

The book “goodnight moon”

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Honestly…the thing I needed the most when my baby was a newborn, was help with housework. You can’t “sleep when the baby sleeps” when you have dishes and laundry piling up. I would either offer your time, or pay for a cleaning service to come a few times. That would have helped us out so much!


Your time will be very helpful, check if she needs help with cleaning , laundry , cooking or even ask if she needs some time to rest .
As gifts , if she is using formula that will be a big help also diapers and wipes


Drop off a meal

Stay with the baby while they get some sleep

Door Dash gift cards

A massage

An amazing robe

A maid service


for the mom something to pamper herself or her favorite snack or dinner.
for baby, even if i had all the essentials i still appreciated people gifting us diapers or wipes , an outfit , toy, etc, all things help. babies grow out of newborn diapers quickly .


I’d say cook them some dinners so they don’t need to stress for a few nights!! That’s what I appreciated most!!

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Diaper cakes are cool…make a bunch of meals ahead of time and bring ng them over…

Shoe hangers for the backs of doorways to put baby things in. They hold a ton and are out of the way so they’re not taking up floor space!


One thing I would have loved is one of those digital picture frames where you can easily upload all your favorite pictures. I know I have tons of pictures of my kiddo from birth to the present.


Get them all matching shirts and a sleeper for the baby so its comfy and maybe a gift certificate to a family photographer. You could also do a nice sign or picture that is personalized.

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If you can get a photo of birth that would be utopia frame :heart: if not get a beautiful small blanket that the baby would love to carry forever :heart:

if u can afford it a nebulizer . beat gift got. I still use it n my boy is 3

Open a trust fund account and they will be able to add to it whenever,and it’s a longevity gift they’ll appreciate.jat.

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Start a photo album for the bub.

I bought Tylenol gas drops desitine thermometer teething gel lotion baby shampoo baby fingernail clippers brush comb set mittens for scratching their face big box diapers and wipes

Gift certificates! I usually go with Walmart target or Amazon they can get something they enjoy or if people are struggling often times they don’t tell people and they could use it for food or hygiene items even gas if you get a visa God knows everyone can use help with gas. And to add a personal tough a heartfelt card along with it would be nice


Something that folds up and can fold down

The best thing you can give new parents is sleep. Tell them you will watch the baby while they take a nap. It takes up no space, it’s free and they will appreciate that more then anything. I would have LOVED that after I had my baby


You can never ever go wrong with diapers and wipes. Both are expensive and very much appreciated considering how many a baby goes through. Always get bigger sizes to last them for a while.

Has the baby got an amber necklace yet? If not, get baby one of those. New moms often forget about getting them.

One thing, meal prep a few meals. Some quick meals when you have a new baby is such an amazing thing. Maybe ask what they need. (or see if they have an Amazon wish list)

A photo shoot? Lifw time of memories? Baby sitting duties while they have a date night or just sleep? Engraved keep sake? All that failing vouchers?

Pamper kit for mum! Masks creams hot chocolate and sweets make her feel special everyone is about the baby and mum gets left out


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Babysitting vouchers so they can get out a nice dinner for the couple and a bottle of wine

Diapers! Absolutely! Diapers can get expensive and it would save them a whole bunch of money.