Best homemade baby food?

I’m a first time mom of an almost 6 month old, we are getting ready to start food. So I’m looking for the best homemade baby food maker and tips for making your own baby food and baby led weaning! Thinking about doing a combination of both!

Regular food that you and your family eat. Blend it up. Kids survived before on less than that. Get a blender, after you cook dinner, blend it up.


U really dont need anything special at all. Whatever your eating, blend with some water. To start it’s more watery, and it gets thicker as baby grows.
Cook a few sweet potatoes, mash them with some water, blend them so they are smooth. BAM, baby food. Dont add any salt or any seasonings at all. No. No. No. Lol. I suggest starting with veggies for a while first. No fruits. Baby will love them too much and not want the veggies anymore lol. Have fun. Baby food stage is my favorite lol

Definitely do not invest in a system, especially if you are doing blw. Blend or mash some frozen fruits and mix with oatmeal for a great healthy breakfast. Roast off vegetables in Spears for blw. Also, use spices! I really think that helped my kids be better eaters as they had a wider palate of familiar tastes from the get go (example: cinnamon pears, ginger on carrots)

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Baby led weaning was the best way to go for my kids. Little pieces of food you’re already eating/cooking. My kids did horribly with purees and regular food was just better.

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I did blw with all of mine I have 3 bio, 1 bonus and he’s the youngest at 3. Little pieces cut up of whatever we’re eating. Lots of fruits and veggies cut small and meats I sliced and cut small, they did fine. I like baby led weaning all of ours will literally eat whatever we give them, with a few exceptions due to texture issues. I’m texture weird too so I understand it. Lol

Oh girl, I am a Nana of 20 grandkids! When my children were beginning to eat solids, I would buy 2# of carrots, beans. Take them home and wash and steam them, no seasoning, mix them in my blender and then put the food in ice trays. Freeze the food and when it is frozen, dump the carrots in a freezer bag and the beans in a bag, zip it up and voila! To feed, take out a cube or two, I always started with carrots, warm up and feed. You can do all sorts of food. When you get to meat, do chicken thighs with no skin or fat, and do all of their food the same way! Liver is great for them and my girls would just mix a little carrot with the liver or green beans. Peas, spinach, you can do any food. but start with the ones that are easiest on their little tummies! Have fun!

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We just used our magic bullet and then u bought ice cube trays that had a silicone cover so I could freeze and make batches of it. I would then transfer the cubes to gallon size zip lock bags and label and date. And at night I would pull out what i would use and put in glass containers with tops and store in fridge. Keep trying food even,if babe doesn’t like it. They say sometimes it could take up to 10,times. Good luck

I literally steamed all his fruits and vegetables and put in a blender

If you’re gonna do baby led weaning it’s best not to do purees at all. It can confuse baby

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Baby led weening 100%. No purées. So much easier