Best laundry detergent?

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I need a new laundry soap… I’m currently using gain flings. I don’t know why but after the wash it is smelling like 6th grade gym locker room. What is the best laundry detergent?


I use purex cold water

I use arm and hammer with oxi clean! Affordable and great!

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I use Tide with downy.

It may not be your detergent. If you have a front load washer thats usually the culprit to that god awful smell.

I love arm and hammer sensitive skin for detergent, and use snuggle scent boosters. Then I use the snuggle April fresh dryer sheets. The laundry smells amazing and the scent lasts for weeks.

Tide or Arm and Hammer…

Try washing your washer! It made a huge difference for mine. I use the tide brand cleaner. You get 3 packs for just under $10 use it once a month. I also run empty washer full if water and bleach once a week.


I use liquid tide no pods. They are made of animal fat and leave residue on ur clothes and washer

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It could be your washer. You should get some washer cleaner

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Been uaing sun blue kind fresh and clean

Definitely take the trays out of your washer and wash them and soak them! My top load washer gets like that and eventually ruins clothes. You’ll be amazed what filthiness you’ll find! I had a ton of mold and mildew buildup in mine :flushed::face_vomiting:

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The scent beads help a lot too

Clean your washing machine and switch to tide. I like to add biz to my extra dirty laundry.

Scentsy has the best smelling laundry products hands down.

You might need to clean your washing machine.

Add Arm & Hammer Washing Soda to your load

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Clean the washer they make tablets to put in or liquid and i use arm and hammer with kids clothes pet bedding and my other half works in a foundry i still have fresh smelling laundry

Maybe its your washer. Try washing it with vinegar no clothes loaded. There is also a washer detergent meant to do a deep clean. Check Walmart but I know for sure target has some. Or just Amazon it. It’s made by tide.


Try cleaning your washing machine. Mine did the same thing.


I DONT SELL THESE but scensy sells awesome detergent

I still use dreft cuz I love that baby smell and my girls have allergies

Purex is good and cheep

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Have you tried bleach and running a complete cycle with hot water? Sometimes your washer needs to be cleaned :woman_shrugging:t3:


First off try using a tide washing machine cleaner! That might help…it did with us


I’d try cleaning your washer first. We use persil. It’s my fav

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Tide will always win.

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My daughter swears by Tide

Persil is seriously amazing!

I used to love tide but changed to purex mountain fresh and love it. I always use hot water because - yuck - you can look up the studies for yourself. Underwear and pillows weigh more after a year from our gunk if washed on cold.

I have used gained for over 10 years and will never switch. For my daughters clothes I use the All free and clear

It’s your washer. Try cleaning it with vinegar or the stuff you buy from Wal-Mart.


Tide, method, caldrea

I love the Sam’s club brand. Members mark, it’s cheap and does a great job keeping clothes fresh and good with stains from my kiddos.

Its your washer. Pick up a thing of washer cleaner from any store and it should do the trick. Or baking soda and vinegar works as well.

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Either they are sitting too long or you need to clean your washer

We use Purex mountain breeze with dirt lift and gain moonlight breeze dryer sheets. The smell is amazing. my husband has never been one to dive into my clean laundry and freak out over the smell but once I changed to this mash up, he actually takes the clothes out of the dryer for me :rofl:

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Accent washer cleaner once a month

Lysol laundry sanitizer is a life saver for my husbands stinky clothes.

I don’t think it’s the laundry detergent creating the smell, sounds like it hasn’t been drying out. Try getting washing machine cleaner from Walmart and leave your washer open to dry.

I use Tide original and snuggle dryer sheets. Scent lasts a long time and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy :heart_eyes:

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Clean your machine!!! Changing soaps want help.

I love my tide pods or xtra brand. Then i use gaine dryer sheets lol.

I make mine. You can get great recipes off pinterest

I use the same detergent and my clothes smell lovely. I think you need to buy a cleaning agent for your washing machine or thoroughly dry your clothing.

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I use tide. Its the only thing that ever worka with grease and smells. And i use snuggle fabric softner and bounce dryer sheets. And washing machine cleaner to i buy it from lowes because its cheaper then walmart. And i use it once a month. Just dont forget to run a normal cycle with just a old towel to clean out all the extra cleaner

I don’t sell Norwex, but it’s amazing.

I also really like Dr. Bonner’s with some vinegar for washing

Clean your washer. Yes it’s a thing. My new washer even has a setting for it. Good luck.

U need to clean ur washer with washer cleaner if its an HE machine.

I use purex linen and lilies on our regular clothes and it smells amazing and the smell stays with the clothes. and I use arm and hammer laundry pods for my bfs work clothes (he does basement waterproofing and his clothes smell like a gym locker most days)

I use the same but my clothes only get like that when my washer needs to be clean. You can clean it yourself or buy the packs at Walmart

Tide with febreeze and snuggle dryer sheets

I use gain flings and mine dont smell like that

I use plant based detergent, vinegar as a softener and dryer balls with essential oils instead of dryer sheets.

I make my own in 5 gallon buckets. Definatly clean your washer tho doesnt sound like a soap problem

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Run a cycle with white vinegar in it to clean your washer it will help

It sounds like you need to add a bit of bleach to your washer! I add a few tablespoons even with a Color load sometimes to get that smell out. It doesn’t affect the Color!

Sounds like you may need to clean your machine.

I use ALL free and clear, then downy. My clothes smell sooooo good.

I use All clear no smell

I use tide free and clear it gets stains out really well.

Run your washer with 3 cups of vinegar through it at the large cycle so it fills right up with water. It should help clean your washer out well if thats the problem.
If you want a diy poyent laundry soap i know a real easy one and it cleans as good as tide. I prefer tide and when I compared the soaps I was impressed.
1cup washing soda
1cup borax
1bar of grated fels-naptha soap.
Boil dwn the grated bar in a large pot, have hot water with your your borax and washing soda stirred in a 5gallon bucket ready on the floor next to you. Consistently stir your boiling bar until fully mixed- then pour into your 5gal bucket. If you want to add scents use the scent crystals and stir it all together really well, you may need 2 scent bottles depending how strong you like the smell.
Once its all stirred up close a lid tightly on for overnight or at least 12hrs. When you first pop it open it will be a jello type consistency, give it a good stir.
Half cup per load, or 1 to 1 1/2 for real dirty loads.
It’s great stuff.

It could be your washer! Those new ones, front loading, need to be cleaned periodically. They make something you throw in with no laundry and it run s cycle. Works like a charm!

My suggestion is to add a cup of vinegar to each load. It’s an odor neutralizer, as well as helps ur detergent do it’s job. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Arm & hammer & oxyclean ( at dollar tree it’s a $1) I swear by it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I use arm and Hammer, I love it

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But it’s good to clean u washer once a month

I love gain flings. I also get the little balls that help make your laundry smell better. I also use a fabric softener in it. I have gotten a lot of compliments on how good my laundry smells.

It very well could be your washer and it needs cleaned out. Also when you’re done washing a load, do you leave the lid up so it can air out? My step mom taught me to do that and that helps keep the washer from stinking and she had her washer for 20 years before it finally gave out.

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I use those with a frabric enhancer

ALL free and clear and downy.If you have a front loader washer by some AFFRESH 1 tablet throw in washer by itself wash on hot

It sounds like your washer needs to be cleaned

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I started using the new sanitizing detergent that lysol came out with. My washing machine had that smell too. But after I used that stuff with my detergent it basically acted as washing machine cleaner and my machine didn’t smell anymore. I was so excited.

If it’s a front loading washing machine clean it with white vinegar also locate the panel on the bottom it should come off to reveal a twist off plug type thing put some towels down and open the plug ad there may be excess water in the drain. Only open the drain when washing machine isn’t full of water

Wash your washer. That should it.

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you need to clean your washer. at least once a month.
i usually use all free & clear or tide and have never had any problems.

Do you clean your washer ever? Could me mold or mildew. At the very least keep your washer open after use so it dries out.


I use Tide and Downy or Sauvetel

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We use arm and hammer . We all have allergies to something. 2 adults 1 dog and a 1yr old. So I do laundry every day. At least 1 load but we also use the (washer cleaner) once a can get it at Walmart just empty the package in the washer and run the washer as a load.

Do a washer cleanse. And the scent boosters help a lot! It gets out all the bad odors that come back on my kids clothes from their dads house.

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To many clothes in at one time . And Arm n hammer is good

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Tide stain release won’t use anything else

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You’re actually supposed to wash your washer once a month. So that sounds more like your problem not your laundry soap.


Try less clothes per load. Pre-wash the super stinky stuff. I separate my laundry from the kids. They get super messy and often have mystery stains…I don’t want their art or science expert on my work clothes. Use liquid fabric softener and a dryer sheet. I also put apple/cinnamon scented soap bars (unwrapped) in my teen son’s dresser drawers to improve the smell. If the weather is nice try line drying outside too.

Sounds like washer needs to be cleaned out. It’s got mildew in it


All free and clear and downy or snuggles. We used the code washer cleaner stuff and it helped dramatically.

You usually have to use 2-4 of them little suckers depending on the load size. I just switched back to the liquid because of this and my problems solved

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I LOVE persil or tide with downy

Look up Melaleuca and order there detergent. Its an all natural, organic and biodegradable product

I use tide and with downy & wash smaller loads. clothes smell Amazing! I also wash my washer once a month

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Clean your washer… I always rinse my clothes again

Walmart brand of gain doesnt do that! It’s cheap and I love it for my large family.

I use tide sport defense! I work in fast food and could never get the grease smell out. That’s the only thing I’ve found!

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I love dreft the arm and Hammer and surf

Make your own. You can make it smell the same and it’s much cheaper. There are plenty of videos on YouTube

Have you washed your washing machine? If it isn’t cleaned every once in awhile your laundry will smell.

May I recommend you use white vinegar as a rinse, instead of fabric softners!! They 'll be no smell after clothes dry!!

I put a dash of bleach in the wash to kill odors

Add 1 cup of vinegar to each load until the smell goes away. That’s a rotten washer issue.

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I like gain botanicals orange blossom vanilla, it smells awesome!!! Also, might need to use a cleaner in the washer and run it without clothes. I had a roommate that would smell upy washer with his work uniforms.