Best online school?

So for the next two to four years I will be a stay at home mom I would like to do some part time online schooling while I’m at home. Are there any moms that are or have done long term online classes? One friend told me to check some courses out on University of Pheonix. That’s actually how she obtained a degree in accounting. I’m opened to all kinds of choices. I have another friend who is currently taking online office administration. So my question is, any moms pursing 100% online degrees? How are you liking the journey so far? Any regrets and if so, what?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best online school?

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I’m currently doing an online medical billing and coding program through ashworth college. I only pay like $75 a month and my textbooks and coding books are free, they ship them to me. :relieved:


I would check with your local community college. You can get online classes and save a ton of money.

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I’ve done university of Phoenix. I also went for my bachelor’s and master’s online through local colleges and universities. Online was higher then in person classes though.

I’m in school online for forensic science and love it

As a SAHM ,online courses are a boon .The flexibility, the mental engagement and growth you experience are highly recommended.
Go for it .
Introspect ,find your area of interest and take personality& aptitude tests( available on many such course content) and get your time and money’s worth.

All the best :+1:

I haven’t tried online college. Can’t help you there. I would check very carefully for accreditation though. Like making sure credits transfer and so forth. Checking with local schools for online classes is a great idea though. Just be careful of accreditation. My daughter went to in-person classes for 2 years at this one school. Turns out they ended up “going out of business” shortly after she graduated. Her degree isn’t worth the paper its printed on. She’s supposed to have an associate’s degree in criminal justice. She can’t use it to get a job anywhere. And the credits won’t transfer to any reputable school anywhere.


Community colleges are cheaper

I enjoy going to school online for my bachelor degree. The school I go to are 8 weeks classes and no holiday breaks. Community college is cheaper and you should find a college that connects with your university that your planning on going to. Depending on the schools you can take classes at a community college and transfer credits over to the university. That’s what I did. When I enrolled in this online university I started off as a senior and now I’m almost finished.

Check the local universities. They are normally cheaper and a lot offer degrees 100% online.When I was going I looked at liberty and it was almost 4k more a semester than Middle GA university.

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I’ve done all my courses online. I’m going for community support worker. I like it bc I am not committed to be at a location for a certain time so I am able to do it when my kids go to bed and what not

I did it. It was super hard. For me anyway. I also did a lot of community college and some university classes when I was young, many many moons ago, :joy: Idk which was easier. I graduated with honors and had straight As in hs. College….psssht. I hated it. Online was just hard. I was a new mom too. And runnning a couple companies.
And I never even needed any of it. I learned to program computers before internet was born. So I learned all that website building and marketing online stuff myself. I just built my own businesses. I’ve had ranches, a hay farm, been a traveling ferrier when I was pregnant with my first, welding shops, snow removal companies, and a mining company for over 18 years. Now I just sell mining claims and gold. And more. Idk if my college helped me or not, I don’t need any kind of degree or PHD behind my name to make a good living.

My local community college offers online classes. You don’t have to find an online only school to take online classes.
I actually received my AAS through mostly online classes. And even the in person classes have been offered via zoom thanks to the pandemic.
I would look into your local schools

They are expensive…a lot of people i know in Emergency Mngt went through Columbia Southrrn

Shawnee State University is where I’m going. Fully accredited, they started offering online courses due to COVID-19. $250 per credit hour. Every other university I looked at was $800 and up per credit hour

I’d look into Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). It’s much cheaper and has a better reputation.

I used university of arizona global campus for my bachelors…currently attending walden

I had a good experience with getting my Masters in special education online with Grand Canyon University. I was going to return for my Doctorate, but now my state isn’t paying for higher degrees so it’s not worth the cost.