Best place for back to school shopping?

Where are you guys school shopping for your kids? trying to find the best deals since everything is so expensive now


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best place for back to school shopping?

I don’t do back to school shopping. I buy things when my kids need them, rather than all at once.

Jeans and tennis shoes are typically cheaper during Back To School sales. I will probably buy a nice shirt for school pictures, but other than that I’ll watch sales or wait until they need something.


This isn’t the place to ask because people all over the world are on this so you’ll get names of places you have no idea what it is

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Walmart is the cheapest for supplies, clothes and shoes

Walmart, target, Amazon, children’s place. Depends on what you’re looking for. I’ve found by me the big stores had the same deals on supplies. Children’s place has deals on clothes rn.

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No tax on school things this wk end. Maybe starts tomorrow not sure

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Walmart for school supplies. Children’s Place has a good sale on uniforms

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to be Honest I’m From the UK.

I Normally go to Tesco sometimes I Buy the polo shirts from Asda online as they Cheaper And my kids Get them stained with pen which I can’t get off so I throw them. I Buy shoes From Clarks or other places I normally look at the prices. I don’t like buying cheap shoes as they don’t last very long.

I would just shop around and look at the quality and prices. I do that Alot! If I’m unsure I Shop around abit more then make my decision

There is nothing wrong with Walmart also check out Amazon. If u have cash app check out cash back deals at certain places

I ordered all the clothes online from childrens place, they are having a sale. Dollar tree, target, and Walmart for supplies.

For little kids check out Once Upon A Child