Best pools for an 8 month old?

I’m looking to have my son learn to swim. He will be about 8 months old when summer hits. Is it okay to go in outdoor pools or should they be indoor and heat regulated. Summers are normally 70-80 degrees here if that helps at all! Any other tips would be appreciated!


Just make sure you put some kind of life jacket on that baby.

We did swim lessons in an indoor pool but it definitely wasnt heat regulated. Water was cold lol but my daughter still loved it she was 6 months

I don’t think outside matters!! With your weather.

We loved Goldfish Swim School, it’s indoor. I feel like when they’re so little indoor heated pools are better and protect from sun burns but that’s just me. My baby was little and fair skinned. :wink:

Our local ymca has great infant and toddler swim classes. I did them with my son, this year he will start the ones without me in the pool


Sun would be your biggest concern, honestly

Yes perfect time to have swim lessons! They have mom and baby great idea!

My daughter learned to swim at 8 months. Although we were by the water in South Florida, we took our lessons indoors and swam in our indoor pools which were warmer than outdoor pools. We used facilities for convenience only. I would say if the water is warm enugh to feel very warm to you, outdoor pools would be oksy. But, if your air temps are only 70-80, u less you have many 80 degree days in a row, your water is probably not very warm.

Outdoor pools are fine just be sure you use a waterproof sunscreen on your son and you as well