Best sippy cup?

Sippy cup recommendations?

I’ve brought 4 different kinds and my daughter just isn’t liking any of them.

She is 11 months old and I want to switch to sippy cups with milk


I loveeeed the playtex sipsters… they never leaked and were super easy to clean.

These are nice and spill proof
Not really a sippy cup but they can drink from anywhere around the rim
You can get them at Walmart


One piece lid and don’t leak

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We use nuby starter cups

NUK sippys or the munchkin 360

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Nuk trainer cups is what I started my daughter with when she refused all other types of cups. Still only cup she takes when we r at home and she’s 2 and chewing holes in nipples and every now and then I have to buy replacements

My kids all have loved the nuby and nuk cups all have gotten rid of the bottle by age 1

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This is my baby she loves them and only gets sips of water on them for now. And one is for formula. She will be 9m tomorrow

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I have munchkin 360 amd always seemed to leak when my boy drank from it so I got the exact same one but from nuk think they call it the magic something but I love it and my boy does as well

Comes with the bottle nipple and sippy nipple. We let my daughter use the bottle nipple for a few days then switched to the sippy nipple. Only way we got her switched.

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Gerber have been both my kids’ favorite.

I bought one with a soft tip.

I started with these for both of my boys because they are easier hold and soft spout makes them think it’s still a bottle and once baby gets the hang of the new shape then you go to a hard spout.

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Not technically a sippy but my girls preferred straw cups to sippies. We did do the munchkin 360 cups for a while but then my 2 year old figured out how to flip the silicone insert thing to dump water everywhere and I was done cleaning that mess up. These also technically will leak if turned upside down hut they don’t have a reason to tip them now so it’s less frequent. This is ZAK brand but there’s tons of cups like these

My daughter likes the nuk sippy cups

Nuby with silicone spout

I don’t have recommendations that haven’t been listed. But try to let her pick out her own cup. I find my daughter is more likely to use or wear something if she picked it out. Grab like 5 appropriate choices and let her pick

My youngest was like that too. He liked the Gerber soft spout ones

My daughter LOVES the Nuby straw cups over the spout sippy cups.

360 cups or weighted straw cups my kids love those

Which one have you tried nuk transition bottle is a good one

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360 cups are the only kind my son likes. He hates the ones with spouts.

360 is all my kids use. I threw the bottles out at a year except for one at night. They had no choice but to drink from a cup.

Munchkin weighted straw cup

We just started using the mam trainer sippy. It comes with 2 nipples, one that feels more like a bottle nipple and then the full sippy nipple. One week and she’s fully onto a sippy!

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My kids liked the 360° cups

The 360 cups! The almost 3 year old loves them

Werent the 360 cups recalled?

Nuk or Nuby with silicon spout. Worked for my little girl and she never missed the bottles :yellow_heart:

I like the tommie tippee cups bc they don’t leak…

I’ll be that person an just put this here :woman_shrugging:

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This isn’t a criticism…just a suggestion… maybe she’s not ready yet…

My daughter would not take any sippy cup except for the one with a straw!

360 is all my son will take

Honestly try them all! Lol I’m serious too… I legit had to buy almost every kind of cup just too see what my son wouldn’t throw! Weird thing is he likes the 360 cups and also straw cups… So best bet try them all…
My friends daughter doesn’t do sippys so she had to buy little drinking cups :joy: to each their own lol

Mine loves the Nuk sippy cups. Hes on the soft nipple ones right now. I bought every kind to find out which one he likes and which ones didnt leak

My daughter loves the NUK soft nipple ones

My daughter liked the soft nipple ones.

I bought different kinds and my youngest son wasn’t happy with any of them. My mother in law bought the Nuk brand and he loved it.

Any 360 cup! My daughter started with the Nuby… well, kind of. She didn’t get the hang of it at first. We took the lid off the first few times, and held it so she could take sips. But it didn’t take long for her to understand. We’ve also used Nuk, and My First Years with success.