Best tablet for kids?

Was thinking of giving my 2 1/2 year old a tablet for Xmas … what’s everyone opinion of a iPad vs the Amazon kids tablet??


For that age, I’d get the Amazon tablet lol apple is pricey for a toddler. I’m thinking about getting my son one too.

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The Amazon fire is a great tablet to start out with!! Once they are older and know the importance of taking care of a tablet, then I’d upgrade!


Just got my 3 year old daughter a Amazon Kids tablet with Amazon Kids + and so far we love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I would def not get the kindle fire. I love it for reading but the amount of times it’s frozen up or just randomly slowed is exhausting when you’re trying to teach a toddler patience and problem solving

for that age i would get them a bucket and sand pile to play in and read them bed time stories

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Love the amazo fire tablet for kids. Comes with a built In 2 year warranty and so far has been amazing for our 20 month old.

We didn’t like the Amazon kids tablet. We bought Cheep android tablets from Walmart that were much better

personally i tried a tablet, they didn’t last long so i got my toddlers cheap prepaid smart phones, i didn’t put minutes on them. My kids are able to watch videos while connected to wifi and play games while connected to wifi and it connected but if you want to go the tablet route, a ipad would probably be the best to get.

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iPad. They hold up better honestly and I find it better than the Amazon tablets. However I prefer apple anyway. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Get something less expensive and get a case, because toddlers are rough. They’ll drop it and break it so fast. Don’t get apple until your toddler is old enougg

Fire tablet kids has a fantastic warranty. I would recommend 100%

My kids both love the Amazon tablet. My son has been using his since about 3.

Get a decent tablet if you are going to get one. Not one that is meant for kids either, one that will last. We went through so many because the suggested ones for kids sucked. Finally got tablets through my phone service so they could have service anywhere

My kids have fires. Pros are the bumper case, 2 year warranty &, content/parental control. Its not free though & you can download it on any device. It’s also for the price point they’re much sturdier than any other tablet we’ve had.

Cons it’s not android so you’re stuck with Amazon content which would be great for her age You can’t put stuff from the play store on it including free Google parental controls. My kids are older but prefer their phones. I got them cheap moto phones. I put family link on it.

For a toddler I’d say Amazon kids is the best tablet.