Best toddler learning activities?

I’m a SAHM, my daughter is 16 months old. I was wondering what some good learning activities were for her and I to do?

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If the weather is nice by you, we loved doing letters and numbers in chalk outside. Your local library may have a reading program where they read stories to the kids.

I found this very helpful & educational

I plan on getting some of those ABC fridge magnets to play a alphabet game with my daughter. She’s 13 months but I think it would be fun to just let her play with the letters & let her arrange them how she wants. Maybe just show her a letter & say it’s name to learn.

Go to Amazon: meet the… series. It’s dvd’s on colors, shapes, numbers and such. There’s also teach my toddler series.

Any kind of wooden peg puzzles my daughters are 18 months and 2 1/2 and they absolutely love them. We are in Minnesota so outside stuff is pretty much not possible. Last week we were blowing bubbles in the house and my 6 year old son and both daughter loved it. Can start teaching her to color and not eat the crayons :joy: reading of course. Look on Pinterest

Singing songs and reading

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Pinterest will be your best friend mamas. :relaxed:

Sensory play, if it’s nice out a water table and you can add sand marbles (supervise since choking hazard), make playdoh, stack blocks, musical instruments, painting and other arts and crafts

Painting/drawing, reading, singing, flash cards, animal noises… my daughter and I play tea parties. She pretends to drink from the cup and then she pretends to give her stuffed animals a drink too. She even pours the tea. It’s all quite imaginative play at this age. We do a lot of singing and I’m trying to teach her the alphabet by singing it and pointing to the letters.

Teach them to play uno at about 2years old

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She is a good uno player

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