Best way to give birth?

Vaginal birth Vs. C-section? Dark truths about each?


I have had both ad perfer natural birth amazing experience


The Dark Truth: both produce a child. Boom.


Either way, the kids eat a ton as teenagers. You’ve been warned!


I mean. Honestly. I had two vaginal births. The first with an epidural the second without. And, the epidural is the worst thing in the world. I could feel the needle in my back the entire time. Afterward though I was in no actual pain. Occasionally the episiotomy hurt but it wasn’t a constant. With my second we had no epidural. I lost a lot of blood (bc I have low iron) and couldn’t catch my breath I felt. But it was over in an hour. I had no pain at all after. No episiotomy that time. And was up and moving within minutes afterwards.

I had two emergency sections, ended up with an infection they had to open back up after 3 weeks of recovering… instead of cutting it they rubbed a swab tip over it till the pocket broke :ok_hand:

I got the epidural with my oldest and it took forever to recover with my second I didnt get the epidural and it was a faster recovery (both births was vaginal)

I had a vaginal with my 11yr old when I was 18yrs, NO meds and 3 days of labor. They did have to cut me so i didn’t rip (but it wasn’t a bad experience) I’m now 17 weeks and plan to do the same!


I’ve had both. One csection and then 2 vaginal. Preferred my vaginal births by far. I had a picture perfect csection/recovery but I was really effected emotionally and mentally. There were ALOT of things I didn’t like :disappointed_relieved: it’s different for every person but for me, the actual birthing process and birth of each child was really important to me.

Recovery wise- they were about the same. Csection was harder in some areas and vaginal birth was harder in some areas. I preferred that I could get up and walk around immediately with hardly any pain after my vaginal births! I went home the next day after my 2nd vaginal birth.

I’d take vaginal birth over a section any day! I’d rather give birth every day of my life than suffer one more section!

I had a c-section and it definitely takes longer than 6-8 weeks to heal. It took me about 5 months to fully ‘heal’ after popping a staple. I’ll have another c-section if I had a chance though. (Vaginal gives me huge anxiety)

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I had and emergency C-section. Cesarians aren’t that bad , just uncomfortable for a few. I was up and walking the same day , stayed in the hospital for 4 days. Worst part is when the nurse or doc has to press hard on your belly to see if your uterus is still in place. That hurt worse than the C-section itself. You just got to be very careful with the incision so it doesn’t get ripped back open or infected. I never had any problems.

Both have downfalls. Both are scary. Both end in happiness.
Ive done vag with epidural. Emergency c section and planned c section. Planned c section was my favorite if i had to pick because it was planned, which makes everything so much easier imo.

Vaginal 100%
Caesarean is MAJOR abdominal surgery. Recovery is long and painful (2nd hand knowledge but I’m sure any experienced momma will agree). And you still have to take care of your newborn either way. I can’t imagine healing from a surgery like that while introducing a new life.

Emergency is totally different. Do what needs done to have that baby safely. But I would never choose a caesarean.

Both of mine were born csection

I had vaginal with both my girls and with in days i felt great my frist daughter got stuck but my doctor quickly corrected i had 4 stiched tbat took about 5 days to not be so sore but i was tired for a week or 2 second was a dream pushed 2 time 1 contaction under 3 minutes felt great with in 10 mins! Like i coupdve got up and left if they let me but i was bleeding a lot because i had pre eclampsia had her at 39 weeks the hard part with both for me was pregnancy. Delivery is literally the best part and the easy part so worth it!

Vaginal, my scar still itches sometimes not going too lie. I can’t use tampons no more they make my cramps worse, my pelvic bone hurts a little when I have a hard time going number 2. And my back still kills me from the epidural…

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Both are disgusting lol you won’t know what you can handle until you see yourself that way :see_no_evil:

They push on your uterus after birth everyday to see if they are going back into place. VERY PAINFUL! It hurts to pee after.

My first was a planned c-section due to her being breach. My second was going to be a planned vaginal delivery. I ended up going over almost two weeks. Dr stated that if I didn’t have her my Monday, they would induce. Sunday night I started feeling a lot of tightness off and on all day, with no pain. Lets just say, she wasn’t waiting on the next day… we ended calling 911 in the middle of the night. Eight minutes later she arrived bright eyed and weighting in at 8lbs and 5inch long. They took us to the ER and released us the next day. Still shocked and relieved over the entire birth!

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Csection is a longer more painful recovery process. You have to be able to get up and down while trying not to pop your stitches or reopen your incision. Let’s not forget having to take care of your newborn ontop of it.
I know from first hand experience I’ve had two and the recovery is absolute hell

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I’ve had 3 caesareans last one being two weeks ago … it’s such a painful recovery while catering for a new born and two other children plus my last one two weeks ago I went into heart failure on the table and they couldn’t get my bowels to stay back in … and I ended up with 34 staples
If that’s not a dark truth I dunno what is ?:woman_shrugging:

I’ve had 3 C-sections and I would do it again :purple_heart:

Vaginal deliveries with my first two It hurt so bad i thought i was gonna die

Emergency csection with my first son 7 years ago and a planned csection with my 10 month old son… I was in labor for 3 days with my first and I never wanted to go through again, it was exhausting… I don’t even remember holding my first son for the first time I was so out of it.

My first was an emergency C-section, 2 years ago, m y body recovered/healed very well. When I had my second, 8 months ago, he was a C-section, as I knew how well my body recovered the first time. I have 6 yrs of ballet behind me though, I thank that for my core strength

Heal quicker after natural birth

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C-section…1st was a breeze 2nd took 6 attempts and 25 mins of it to just get the epidural in…seriously feared id feel it all. Gas pain from the air they put in you for surgery…I felt like I was dying. Every birth is different, I think it was so bad for me because I was blindsided it was so hard and painful the second time.

Vagina Birth is perfect for having babies. C-Section is for women who have babies that are too big, breach, or their are complications. If your healthy, babies healthy and in right position never opt for a c-section . I assume you know this, but you asked

I’ve had 3 vaginal births, 2 being so fast I couldn’t get any pain management. I would do that ish over major abdominal surgery any day of the week. I salute csection mommies.


I don’t think you really have a choice so I don’t know why you’re asking. I’m not positive on this but my doctor didn’t give me a choice.

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There is dark side to both. Regardless you hurt. You just gave life to a human being that will have control over your life forever.

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If you have an option… have a vaginal birth…our bodies are made for it. I’ve had 3 csections due to high BP… lots of risks with surgery…

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Vaginal birth creates a better microbiome for the baby. They’ve linked higher likelihood of allergies in cesarean births. I had a vaginal birth without meds. Other pain coping mechanisms helped to relax me during the process. Because I wasn’t straining to push the baby out as fast as possible, I ended up only needing one stitch.

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It’s all mind over matter you just gotta remember that one day of pain will bring you a beautiful baby, just stay strong :muscle:t2:

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I had all 5 of mine by C-section…my oldest they induced me after 10.5hours of labor my son got stuck his heart rate dropped n my blood pressure dropped…it turned into an emergency C-section n race against the clock, my 2nd son was then a scheduled C-section in which apparently my spinal didn’t take so when they started to cut me open I felt it n had to be put to sleep…I woke up hrs late…my daughter was scheduled also but I actually went into labor 2days early so she too turned into an emergency…my forth son was so big n it took so long I lost so much blood I had to have a blood transfusion…my fifth n final pregnancy was horrible I was told he would be down syndrome, n that he would have issies…the C-section went well but since so much scare tissue once again I lost a lot of blood n needed another transfusion…but my baby boy was n is perfect!! For anyone who says a C-section is the easy way out is full of shyt…each one was different n each one took different time to recover from!!

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I had natural birth, brutally painful, lots of stitches afterwards which made it hard to walk or sit comfortably for about a week but otherwise all was good :slightly_smiling_face: I think the healing time for c section is longer

Thats the truth most of the pain with natural is the delivery I just wanted to b knock out I literally begged for a c section but the most pain for the c section is the recovery and going about life qhile recovering

I have only had a vaginal birth and it wasnt that bad, hurt to sit for about a month was very uncomfortable but healed faster then I thought it would (had only a couple stitches), but I could imagine a c-section takes longer to heal and isnt to comfortable either …

From a C-section mom…

  1. accept the pain meds & the stool softener! (Cannot stress stool softener enough).
  2. Use a pillow to hold your incision to cough, sneeze & laugh because ouch.
  3. Gentle walks even though it hurts to move, get up, or sit down.
  4. Ask to coordinate medicine before leaving the hospital because that car ride on the way home can be bad if there are bumps in the road!
  5. Mesh underwear, very loose clothing & Peribottles will be your friend
    Good luck!

All births are different weather u have a natural birth or c section. I’ve had 2 natural births and 1 emergency c section never had a problem with the 2 natural births just gas and air with my 3rd I went in to Labour 2 months and 4 days early got rushed for and emergency c section after about 13 hours in labour they put me straight out came round 14 hours later to a 3 pound 3 ounce baby girl It was very painful after but I was walking round the day after had normal stitches no staples and was aloud home after 2 days. The baby had to stay in for about a month but I was food shopping the day I was aloud home I think it all depends on how you feel.

Don’t have a c section if you don’t have too.
There’s no easy way out of child birth. They both hurt.
I’ve had 2 csections. I wish i could of had my babies natural.

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First csection was harder to recover from I was 18 weighed 120 and just couldn’t seem to get with it. Tore my stomach open standing up. 2nd csection I was 28 weighed 230 and it was a breeze. I was walking within hours of, and wanting to go home lol everybody is different and every birth is different. I thought being fat would make it harder but it didnt get in the way.

My first labor/csection was rough. 30 hours of labor. Baby got stuck. Emergency csection to get her out. Lost a lot of blood. Incision became infected and ended up having to be cleaned/packed twice a day for almost 8 months before it fully healed. My second csection was a breeze and I healed quickly with no complications.

Had 3 vaginal and 1 c section … C section hurt more n I hope of we have another i can bypass it so many say how easy etc i say no its horrible

I’m not bad ass enough for a c-section.

I had 2 vaginal births, highly recommend. But, I never had a csection.

Both of my csections were horrible, the first one being the worse it was an emergency C-section and I lost a lot of blood, and every time I tried to get up and walk I would get dizzy or faint from all the blood lost so where I couldn’t move in the hospital I was really sore and hurt so bad at home I couldn’t move for about a month and I bleed for months afterwards, my second csection was a little better I lost a lot of blood also but I got to move around in the hospital but when I got home both if my feet were swollen and I couldn’t move, I couldn’t walk, tool about two weeks for the swelling to go down so the pain was horrible for about a month as well and I bleed for months afterwards.

I ended up having a C-Section and it took forever to heal from it. It literally felt like every little move caused it to bust open. I’ll be completely honest, it was terrible. Especially trying to have a bowel movement after and the car ride home. Be sure to have a pillow to hug, it helps somewhat.

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I’ve had both. Would rather do a vaginal birth anyday. Recovery is way less painful and way quicker than a c-section!

I’ve had 6 vaginal. Only 2 with an epidural… In my opinion all natural was painful but much easier. Never had a c section

Vaginal here and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. But when they both crowned I thought my clit was ripping in half but really I only needed 3 stitches. However my mom had 3rd degree with both kids completely ripped through.

Had two c sections. Multiple bleeds which led to 4 transfusions. After 5 days my incision began to open. Turns out I developed a massive hematoma and two and a half weeks after having my son they had to reopen it THE ENTIRE WIDTH and deeply to remove the hematoma. What you don’t realize is they DO NOT CLOSE YOU SHUT AFTER THIS!!! I had to be “packed” daily and eventually was given a wound vacuum. They do this so you heal from the inside out. I was walking around literally gaping. It took months for it to close.

2 vaginal here. Rough time with 1st (epidural) recovery was slow. 2nd no epidural or meds. Painful AF BUT less bleeding, healed quickly, and 1st BM was easy as well. I’d do my 2nd again. (Optimal conditions of course)

First Born Was a C-Section Due to him being Breached and of natural birth were to high as I was High Risk All Throughout my Pregnancy! My 2nd Born Was a Successful V-back all Natural Birth! Well To me Ive had both and Both hurt Both recoveries were difficult…

I’ve had both & I would much prefer vaginal any day.

I had three vaginal birth. My last one I almost died because I had him to quickly.

I’ve been through both. For me, c-section was easier.

Why would someone choose a c section? If you’re someone that hasn’t had one yet, and you’re thinking it’s easier i can assure you it is not. Yes you do less to get the baby out, the delivery may be easier but the recovery is not worth it. Everyone I know who has had both says they’d choose vaginal any day. I’ve only ever had a c section so I can’t say anything for vaginal, but having to recover for weeks in pain, I would never choose it if it were an option.


I had a c section with my son. Nobody told me how painful the recovery was

3 csections not by choice all emergency and its scary i wish I had the option to try vaginal

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Vaginal births are better xxxx once the baby is born the pain goes xx

I had 2 c sections, recovery wasn’t too bad. The second was worse than the first. The first one I was up and moving around the next day, back to work after 3 weeks, max. The second one I was back to work 3 weeks max, however, it hurt to move for the first three days. Bleeding time was about 1-2 weeks.

I’ve had one c-section and two natural v-backs! I would rather push out 10 more babies without medication then go thru another c-section! They are no joke!

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Vaginal birth with no meds

2- make sure they check your bladder if you’re not dilating. They didn’t check mine for 3 hours and pulled 900mls of urine out; I dilated 2cms almost instantly.

If you’re having back labor, ask them to help you try to get the baby flipped, because baby is likely sunny side up. I didn’t know this and 14 hours and a healthy baby later, I got 33 stitches in a stellar tear(star shaped tear). It took 2 hours to get stitched up. My recovery was 9 weeks. Worth every second, though!!


Idk about c-section but other you will tear, I had epidural and didn’t bother me so that’s my suggestion

I have mad respect for all the women that I’ve had C-sections, unfortunately my vanity gets in the way and I wish I would’ve had a C-section because my vagina ripped from every single angle, both my kids ripped me the entire way down through my Canal. Sex is always painful now and my vagina doesn’t even resemble anything it once was.

I’ve had one c section and they just don’t prepare you for the aftermath of it all. I feeling when you first get up, the indignity of a nurse having to shower you as I was in to much pain to stand. I had to then go back after my stitches opened and became infected so another 3 days in hospital and the period you have after feels like your losing all the blood in your body

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Loved having mine naturally. C section recovery stories are what freaked me out. Plus, the pain leaves instantly as soon as I push my babies out. For me, it’s my preference.

Pushing caused my hips to be VERY sensitive to some housework and ways I play with my kids.
Csection(had my first natural then had a csection) had me bawling my eyes out cayse I couldn’t hold my baby, the nurses didn’t care how long I sat in my own blood, no baths, couldn’t sleep on my stomach for weeks, hurt to pick up and put down baby, hard to sit down, hard to lay down, itches like you broke out into a poison ivy rash, I’m still numb all in my stomach. I’d prefer csection, but I don’t like the danger nor that I couldn’t hold my child for hours on end after

Not to push people towards c-sections because I do believe that a natural vaginal delivery is best for mother and baby if it’s possible… but not all vaginal births are a walk in the park recovery wise. I had a home birth, labored 24 hours, and ended up with pretty bad hemorrhaging after birth which they were able to get under control with pitocin. I also had 2nd degree tearing which required stitches at the hospital. The hospital nearly had to give me a blood transfusion as well for the blood loss. Recovery was really rough for me, could barely walk for a week with my blood loss making me extremely weak and faint, and my poor lady parts all torn up and painful. I literally thought I was dying for about a week there, blood loss is no joke, it messes with your entire body. It took me about 2 months to fully recover. But after everything healed there was no scarring or permanent affects from the trauma.

All of that being said I would still choose it again if I could go back, and if I have another child I will choose to do it naturally again. I will go into it knowing what to expect from my body and hope it goes smoother the next time.

Emergency c section was terrible. First few days recovery was the worst pain I’d ever been in. Planned c section. Loved it. Watched my baby being born. Good nights sleep the night before so wasnt exhausted from contractions or pain. Recovery was a breeze this time. Had it last Monday and I’m back running about after my baby and 2 year old a week and one day later.

Well they had to cut me in half literally. Hole to hole so the doc could get both hands up there to pull her out, her shoulder was stuck on my pelvic bone. Here I am almost 13months later about to have ANOTHER surgery to fix things. I actually can’t have another vaginal birth it will have to be a c section which I wanted from day 1 but my dr was against it. I couldn’t sit or walk straight for 3months after my delivery.

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I had 4 vaginal births with pitocin and an epidural. They were all great, and easy.

The dark truth is that no matter what giving birth hurts, and you need to give your body time to rest. And no matter how you give birth, you’re strong and badass. Motherhood doesn’t give out cookies to whoever “had it worse”.

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Had two c-sections felt great after both!

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Weather you go vaginal birth or c-section it will have it’s up and downs reason i know is because, my friend had an emergency c-section, a week before I delivered my first. Wich was my daughter my friend was up and walking the same day of her c-section. I had a 3rd almost 4th degree tear inside and out it took awhile to stich up I was fine thru labor and delievery but right after my doc was done stitching me up, they took out the epidural and within a few minutes I was in so much pain and shaking bad they also wouldn’t give me anything for pain till I got up to the 4th floor. Then I could have some wich would be an hour or so later so about 10 mins later im sitting in my labor room by myself I was crying because, I was in so much pain my ex husband left me to go with my daughter because of her heart rate and my parents also left. I couldn’t even get up from my hospital bed without the help of 4 nurses I hurt so bad and it wasn’t until 3 or.4 days later I was able to even get up it took me about 2 months or so to get back to normal. But my second baby my son was a breeze but i was so scared before I even delivered him I asked about pain medicine right after they take my epidural out and bam I felt perfectly fine could get up move everything I didnt even need anything after delivering my son.

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All 3 my boys were natural birth. It’s more meaningful unless there’s medical problems

I had an emergency c-section… took me around 6 weeks to recover… quite painful afterwards… if you’re planning on breast feeding the milk takes a little longer to come through (I wasn’t told this until I became physically and emotionally exhausted and my midwife told this week after I had my lo). You can’t feel anything throughout the procedure (maybe just a little tugging) but that’s about it. Im glad that I had mine because my son’s head was so swollen he was stuck so couldn’t give birth vaginally. When I decide to have another child, I’m going to opt to have a caesarean purely for peace of mind. Hope this helps x

C sections r the best way… I had 3… I walked a few hours after wards… …

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How about asking people to share positives rather than perpetuating fear?


I have had both… My C section was 10x easier than my vaginal delivery.
My first son was vaginal. He was only 7lbs 3oz and my labor was over 26 hours… 6 of those hours were spent pushing. He was stuck on my pelvic bone… was born dead and had to be revived.
My section with my second son was decided by me given the choice of a vaginal birth (that might end in c section) or a v section. I chose the c section for the safety of my child and myself. They believe I have a narrow pelvis. My section was amazing so calm, I didn’t feel a thing. Went in to surgery at 3 my son was born at 4. He weighed 7lbs even. It took about another hour for them to stitch and glue everything… that hour all I could think about was my son though and how much I wanted him and couldn’t wait to hold him and feed him. He spent that first hour with his dad in the nursery doing skin to skin… ( which I felt a little deprived of not getting that bonding time right away- even tho with my first son I didn’t get to hold him until after about 30 to 45 mins of his birth)
I recovered much faster with my c section than I did with my vaginal birth. I didn’t bleed as much either. With my vaginal birth I was bleeding until 13weeks after delivery… with my c section I bled maybe 3 weeks.
The only thing though is with my c section I got a horrible headache from reacting to the spinal tap…
That lasted for ever I could barely lift my head up off the pillow and had to have some help holding my son for the 1st hour after. But was able yo still breastfed no problem.
From my experience with both my c section was sooo much easier than my vaginal birth.


2 of each. I’d never wish a c section on anyone.

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I had a c-section with my first baby, vbac with my second baby. I must admit, the day after my son was born I regretted going for vaginal as the pain was unbearable. My vagina was so so sore BUUUTTT a couple days later and I was healing I was greatful I was so adimant on having my VBAC. More for my own issues I had about my c-section (feeling of failing and defeat of not being able to deliver naturally). If I have a 3rd baby I will opt for vaginal again based on the risks of c-section. I breasted both babies and had no issues with milk from the c-section. I will add I was on my feet about as normal after my section but not after vaginal. I was sore!!

Vaginal 2 kids and it tore me up. Ive had two hernia surgerys and i have mesh and i have to get a third surgury in the near future because my adominal is so weak when i was in delivery i pushed so hard i streached my stomach muscles and the mesh from the 2nd surgury didnt hold and where they cut me i have hernias forming again and now idk what they will do. I was induced both times and in labor 2 days with each child.I think c sections would be very painful too. Its hard no matter how you deliver. Im done having babies lol painful experience.

I had three cesareans. C sections are major surgery… I also had to be put to sleep during the c sections because of my scoliosis… Not before being poked and poked over and over for every c section did they figure out I couldnt be numbed and had to be put to sleep. It was rough for me… but I had huge babies my first babygirl was 10lbs 14oz and my two boys were each 8lbs 11oz. Whatever one you have you will be bringing life into this world. You’ll be overwhelmed with love once you see your babes face

The laboring part of a vaginal is obviously way worse but for me I didn’t tear so actual birthing was easy. After the epidural wore off I was up walking around no problem. Total labor was 26 hours.
C section was easy just because there’s not a lot of work but healing from this c section (just had 10 days ago) has been the worst thing. My c section was twins so maybe that’s why it is so bad. Total delivery 2 1/2 hrs.
Idk but I much rather give birth natural 100X.

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My opinion, if you and baby are healthy why not do a vaginal birth? Womens bodies are designed for it, and babies as well. I have 2 under 2 both vaginal, no epidural. The 2nd one was much easier then the first. It’s a wonderful experience, painful yes(ever ones pain tolerance is different) but what if in future you dont have a choice and you have to have a c section? I know a few people that wish they were able to do vaginal but didnt have the Choice to b/c of health issues and such.

5 vaginal births. All a little different at the start. I never tore. For my first the doctor used lube and finger to stretch my vagina. Only for my first. My emergency csection was my most traumatic event because I was informed before the procedure that my baby had no heartbeat. I still had to wear those mesh panties. I knew I would still bleed, but the care you get after having a dead baby is ruthless. They’re either appearing to be sympathetic when they’re laughing at you under their breath. Doctors come in and make it feel like its your fault.

C section is quick and I healed very quickly. I was up walking around the next day like it was no biggie

I had all my kids csection. The first two were both eventually emergency csections and the last one was planned because of my prior history.

I was scared of having a c section with my daughter as I have a phobia of stitches and scars (on myself). But I still ended up with having to have stitches as I tore inside and needed cutting anyway. Gave birth within 4 hours naturally without any pain meds, but was totally out of it from the adrenaline. And to this day I barely remember any of it. Total blur.

A few days after having the stitches, I was crawling around on the floor as I was in agony between my stitches and my swollen boobs. I remember the tearing feeling every time I moved and how dehydrated I was afterwards. I don’t think I ate properly for almost a week as I was constantly thirsty.

And let’s not even get started on the piles I had from all the pushing.

Child birth is not glamorous, like they make out in programmes and films.

We do what we do, no matter how shameful or embarrassing, and we handle it all like a boss :v:t3:

Had two c sections because of pre eclampsia. They had me go in little sooner. I tried to have my first naturally, but it just wasn’t happening. My cervix wouldn’t open enough. I waited nearly 48 hours, they tried to manually help stretch it, which was not fun! Then had to have a c section. Both of my c sections went well. I was back to walking very quickly.

My c section was so easy and smooth. The only thing that sucked, obviously the recovery was longer but I didn’t get to see my son take his first breath and that still bothers me.

Both of my boys were natural birth! The only part that hurts is the contractions

My first was natural I couldn’t get up and walk as I bleed out and they had to stop me from bleeding oug she was only 3kg born, 2nd ended up as an emergency c section he was 10 pound 2, was up walking around within 2 hours, there is more recovery with a c section

Iv only had vaginal deliveries 2 but very different my first 9am-4:45pm no pain releif my 2nd premature and dry birth due to loosing waters at 25wks was 8am-12:25pm my god did that hurt gas and air got me through although i was sick after.

Everyone is too different to say. I had no issues.

I have had 4 vaginal births and one c section I recovered quickly from both but I was sad for my fifth bc I felt robbed of labor and delivery she was 10 wks early

I had an emergency c section. After the initial shock I recovered pretty easily. I found two things happened - was asked more times than I care to remember how my daughter was born. When you say C section you’ll get either looks of pitty or a war story about how they had a 48 hour labor with no drugs, breech, posterior and everything else and delivered vaginally followed by a look of what is wrong with you.

At the end you’ll get a baby. And a few months or so after the birth it won’t really matter.

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Vaginal birth is a natural occurance that has been happening successfully since the beginning of time. C-section is a major abdominal surgery with all the risks of any surgery.