Best website to order glasses from?

What is the best site to order frames/glasses from? My son lost his. Insurance won’t cover a new set yet. Lenses are going to be super expensive as it is. Need to find decent frames (even though I know it may be a get what you pay for type of situation)


I’ve had great success with ordering from Zenni optical for my spouse.
Just need your son’s eye measurements and prescription. Takes a little while for them to show up, but that’s to be expected. Great prices and the glasses fit his face perfectly. Can upload a photo to be able to “try” them on as well.

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I LOVE Zenni!!! My glasses from them are awesome and actually WAY better than the ones my insurance covered from the doc.

Payne Glasses
I’ve ordered literally 12 pair from them! $6 for most pairs and includes RX!

Zenni Optical and Eye Buy Direct

I use and I love it. I don’t have anything complicated with my lenses but I spent a little over $100 and I have 5 pairs of glasses. Just make sure you get his pupilary distance with his prescription and you should be good to go. They do take a week or so I believe but I have a very handsy toddler who rudely pulls mine off my face and is rough with them and I haven’t had any issues with breaking or anything and all my frames are plastic its all we use!