Bet sunscreen for kids?

Hi everybody… just trying to reach as many people as possible; I guess… my son’s 2nd birthday is coming up, and we are planning a whole day trip to the zoo… which obviously means spending LOTS of time in the sun… does anyone have a specific brand of spray-on baby sunscreen I could use? Usually, for playing outside in the water, we use the “paste” kind, but it’s just too messy and gets on everything. I’m fine with having to reapply it like most sunscreens; I just want something that isn’t super thick and messy but still does a great job! I’m not trying to ruin his first zoo trip with sunburn… TIA


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Bet sunscreen for kids?

We use the Walmart brand 50 spf and love it at our house!

I use banna boat at 100 proof. Reapply every hour.

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Do. It use copper tone spray. It has glue in it and it burns my children


Use a makeup brush to apply the sunscreen less mess, and gets it into the skin well… we use the Walmart brand kids 50spf for our kids, it’s the spray kind and my kids are pale works really well

I use the Sun Bum Baby

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Banana boat MINERAL sunscreen. My 6 never gets burned! Love it. Don’t buy sprays half of it doesn’t go on their body

You could try using a make up brush to apply the “paste”/lotion sunscreen and put it in a zip lock bag to prevent a mess. We use Hawaiian tropic reef safe spray 30-50 proof for the body and neutrogena sunscreen stick 70 proof for the face. I reapply every 2 hours or so depending on the weather. My children r 14, 10, 9 and 5. The 14 yo is very fair skinned and doesn’t get burned as long as I get a good layer on him and reapply. The 5 yo is red headed with fair skin she doesn’t get burned either following these steps. The other 2 kids don’t really burn easily but I still make sure to get a hood layer on them.

Coppertone is what I always used on my kiddos. Don’t know if it comes in spray???

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Bet sunscreen for kids?

I would use the old school lotion, but use a make up blending brush to apply it. There have been problems recently with the spray on sunscreens.

Look for a lotion/spray at 70 or above. That’s what I use when I’m out for more than an hour.

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Pure and Simple Coppertone…Dr pointed out to me most sunscreens do not have zinc oxide anymore and that’s what you need.

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I found sunscreen wipes on Amazon! Haven’t tried them yet, but want to. Theyre a bit pricey, but id think worth it!

anything really. Its about reapplication frequently.

Do not use banana boat. My son and a friend’s son both had blister burns a year apart when using banana boat. I did research and there is multiple lawsuits on them for the same thing.

Coppertone Faces works super well! Not sure if you can get it in a spray but take it from a pasty white girl, IT WORKS!

Neutrogena spray :100:% súper recommended

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Neutrogena was just recalled

You can make your own with coconut oil (it already has spf 5% naturally) and zinc oxide.
Commercial sprays are creating benzene which is highly cancer causing.


Hello Bello it’s vegan and we also now use blue lizard since all the others I had got recalled.

The dermatologist i work for recommends using a 50spf + sun screen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide the neutrogena SPRAY sunscreens were just recalled but their lotions are still fine.

Beach defense stick sunscreen, basically looks like deodorant lol but great for little kids since it goes on fast

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Life savers sunscreen can get it st the supermarket, big w etc

Not a mum, but try P20 if you can get ( check Amazon otherwise). It works brilliant. It feels sticky not much reapplying needed.

I carry umbrella/parasol when we do things outside for long

I recommend think sport for kids. Also although spray sunscreen’s are easier they don’t work as well as lotion.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Bet sunscreen for kids?

Best and safest for people and the environment: Caribbean Sol, 100% Natural & Biodegradable Sunscreen

Long sleeves and hats. Some many sunscreens are being recalled for carcinogenic.


Sprays aren’t good. Apply cream before you go.

We use Coppertone Kids spray. The mom police are gonna jump on here and tell you not to use this or that but that’s what we use and it works very well on all skin tones.


Aveeno and neutrogena spray sunscreens have recently been recalled.
If used correctly, other spray on sun screens are safe to use. Use in a well ventilated area.
You must reapply every 2 hours. Sunscreens are not waterproof. And use 50 or more spf, as there has been studies showing companies are NOT giving you what is advertised. So, the higher the spf, the better coverage you have.

The most sun damage is done as a child/adolescent, increasing your risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging (face/neck wrinkles) - so please y’all- protect your skin :raised_hands:t3:

We use baby coppertone in the pink can if we don’t my oldest breaks out with any other kind because her skin is so sensitive

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I love hello bello’s mineral sunscreen. I have seen a spray form once but it was only spf 30 as opposed to the lotion kind that’s 50.


The Babyganics spray sunscreen. Mineral based is the way to go! We have used this for years. They also have a stick if you want something thicker to put on your face or perhaps moles or birthmarks you’re more concerned with. Reasonably priced too.

Mineral Block (based) sunscreens are the best. They are made with pure Zinc and/Titanium Zinc Oxide therefore they are natural and healthier for people and aquatic life. I worked as a Dermatology nurse for several years and that’s what was always recommended along with sun protective clothing. That’s was I only use of my kids. Aveeno has some Mineral Block sunscreens but there’s a brand called Blue Lizard which is specifically known for being Mineral Based.

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Creams are better. They last way longer than sprays. I use Blue Lizard. My daughter is fair skinned and it does great.

I’d say find a spray version of the paste kind you already use. That way you don’t have to worry about it being too harsh or causing any irritation/ reaction.

Use a lotion style vs a spray . My trick is when I get them changed that’s when I put it on. When they are basically naked. Then you know your covering everything. Sun hat to cover the head ears and neck . Ready to go

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Bet sunscreen for kids?

I like the Banana Boat Baby sunscreens. Also, Alba makes some nice natural based sunscreen. They seem gentle and effective! Also, always important to apply 15-20 before going into the water and reapply often throughout the day! I like to use the spray for the body and a cream for face! Hats, sunglasses and keeping as much cover over babies and children (adults too) is great too! Maybe you can carry an umbrella so your 2 year old isn’t in the direct sun when he he is resting or walking between looking at the animals. Hope he has a very happy birthday!! :birthday::gift::tada:


All children’s Coppertone is wonderful. Use as high # as you can find. Lotion are more protective than sprays and the children are not inhaling them.

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Blue lizard is a great sunscreen. It’s gentle on the skin. Our kids all get eczema during summer months and th blue lizard does not bother them

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I liked water babies.
It wont get in their eyes and doesnt seem to irritate

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I have always used coppertone water babies for the kids and myself as well. We love it

No sprays! They have been known to cause chemical burns. We use the lotion kind only. I prefer mineral based sunscreens like Blue Lizard. They are more gentle to skin.


I wouldn’t use the aerosol sprays. They don’t always work well and some have been recalled.


Whatever you use, the first coat should be fresh out of the tub before you leave, reapply when you get there and every couple of hours during the day.
Biggest mistake people make, adults or kids, is put sunscreen on in the sun. Sunscreen should be applied a minimum of 30 minutes before getting in the sun.
I have 5 minutes before I burn without sunscreen. It’s even less if I stand out in the sun and apply it.
Good luck!


I use coopertone pure and simple for my daughter whose 1 1/2. I have to use babyganics on my son when he was little because his skin would break out from the zinc

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My dermatologist told me banana boat for kids is the best. It has to be for kids. It only has 2 ingredients so it would be best for my sensitive skin.

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I have a suggestion that might help with the messy. Try apply to the face with a beauty blender… it’s a game changer for apply to the face. Have fun at the zoo!

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Ultrasun it lasts allay waterproof. On qvc shopping channel. Cream or spray oil.

Most sunscreens are terrible for anyone. The environmental working group gives àĺot of great information.

Sunscreen doesn’t necessarily stop sunburn. It stops UVB rays. Too much sun exposure even with sunscreen can still produce a burn!!

I always used Coppertone for kids/babies.And don’t forget a hat to protect eyes/face

Use an old makeup brush to apply the lotion or paste. They work better than the sprays- no added alcohol or aroesal.

Baby Face. A bazillion sun block and water proof

Sun bum/Sun Bum Baby or neutrogena…all I have ever used on my kiddos.


Get a good long sleeved shirt and pants and cap ,
as well as sunblock.
I was a red haired and got burned. My dad took me to a doctor that told us to do.

I recommend you talk to a pharmacist or doctor. What may work for them may harm your child. 1 size does not fit all.

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No sun screen heer but when my twins where little I used a large make up to put it on their face and ears! Work great!

Ask your pediatrician

Spray sunscreens aren’t effective

Use ones that have zinc.

I like Neutrogena 100 SPF

Higher the S. P. F. the better

Just make sure you don’t spray his face . Spray your hand and wipe it on real good.

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cooperation sport they have a 50spf

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Babyganics mineral sunblock, stuff is amazing

First I use the baby organics it’s 80spf it’s thick but I apply it about 30-40 minutes before going in the sun allowing time for it to dry then for a second application I use cooper tone sport continuous protection 100spf my son is very fair skinned and with this combination he’s never gotten a sun burn and we live in Florida where the uv rays are always extreme.

Banana boat spray on sunscreen. Obviously don’t spray it right on your kid but spray it into your hands and rub it on him like you would with normal sunscreen. That’s how I did it for my cousins kids and it worked great.

Coconut oil…the kind you eat

Make sure you get him a hat too, it helps!

Blue lizard is good and if the child has some sensitive skin then CeraVe.

We use Walmart brand 100 spf or banana boat 100 spf if out of Walmart brand. Works great.

I’ve been using the Walmart brand spray I’ve never had a problem with it. If you look at ingredients between the cheap and expensive kinds it’s pretty much the same

We use Asda baby ones. Fantastic stuff. They have creams and a top up spray. I guess as they’re owned by Wal-Mart it would be a good place to look if you’re in the U.S…

Blue lizard is our favorite. My oldest burns through a lot of sunscreen but not since trying blue lizard

I use badger sun screen now…doesn’t contain any of the nasty things in other sun screens that are being recalled. Totally safe for your babe!

I’ve always used nivea cream. Soaks in fairly fast and has not let me down over the years …of course the normal hat, loose cotton clothing , cotton sheet, plenty fluids and reapply sunscreen often. Walk in the shade as much as possible

Nutragena 70 spf spray I won’t use anything else, and then use cream for the face just use a makeup brush to apply it and it keeps your hands clean and the sunscreen out of the child’s eyes

I dont find the sprays work as good as the creams .

This is the best for protection. Plus, it is safe and free of many toxins.

None in my opinion. Chemicals get absorbed through the skin. They make great UV resistant clothing now. Hat and sunglasses.


I have found that young children are often allergic to the propellants in spray products. Try anything you use, even creams several days before needed on sensitive areas of the skin

Babo Botanicals 100% zinc oxide, worked great for our daughter

Coppertone waterbabies whipped sunscreen most definitely!!

Sams has a 4 pack of 50 SPF spray on for 15 dollars. It works perfectly. Spray it on at home so it’s working by the time you get there.

Buy the sun shirts long sleeves drys quick

Thinkbaby- it’s basically zinc oxide.

Stick of sunscreen with ZINK. No mess. Also hat

Coppertone sport.
Also a hat and a light colored shirt, even one with long sleeves

Why not just go to big box and see whats available where you are

Put suncream on with a makeup brush. No mess n quick to do or use a spary one

I use this La Roche Posay for the real hot days and a 30spf for hazier days, applying more frequently. The 30 is great as it isn’t too greasy and absorbs in quickly. It protects too.