Bf ex calling at 9:30pm

Hi everyone, I’m here with my current bf we were together for five years in the past and about six months ago rekindled and we have been together.

He recently got his own apartment and he invited over to stay a day. We’re spending time together and he got a video call at 9:30pm via messenger from his ex before he and I was together the first time. That’s before 2013.

He like :eyes: and he just watching the phone like he doesn’t want to answer it so I said answer it. He’s taking really long to answer the call and the call ended.

Something ain’t right because I never had these type of issues before.
Strange right. Why is his ex calling at 9:30 pm on a Thursday night and video calling too. To me this has to be a frequent thing.

I told him call bk. So he did. She’s laying in bed with night clothes on prepared to chat. But if a woman knows he have a gf why would she feel so comfortable to video call him that hour of the night. something not right.

Him: hi
Her:hello good night, how you?
Him: I’m okay just chilling with my girlfriend.
Her:okay cool. Well later then.
She Hangs up phone.

I asked him, why does she feel so comfortable calling at 9:30 pm via video call.

He said she haven’t call in months but to me this cannot be right, and my gut feeling is tingling and telling me this ain’t right.

I ask him o open the chat of both of them on messenger it’s empty. I asked how it’s empty. He recently bought a phone about a month ago and he said since he switched the phone maybe the chat cleared. Everyone knows thats a lie. And I told him that if you switch phones the messenger chat doesn’t clear. He was like well he doesn’t know how the chat cleared.

I asked if anything is going on between them he said no they haven’t spoken in months. Mind you I wasn’t even aware they were talking.

And let me add this Im a very pretty woman I get offered everyday from men and I turn it down. So while I was questioning him about it now I asked him so if I’m video calling my ex at 9:30 pm is that okay with you? He said no. So how does he expects me to feel.

Has anyone ever gone through this before plz leave what happened when you experienced it. Any healthy honest advice will be nice.

My gut feeling have been acting up really bad since we started bk to talk ad I never had this feeling with him when we were together first and now I’m seeing this. I honestly just want to end it for I get hurt more.