Birth control side effects?

Could you post my question for me please?
So I’m about a month PP and I started my birth control at 3 weeks PP, before starting my bc I was going though only a panty liner a day and since starting I’m going through 3-4 jumbo pads every day and cramping like you wouldn’t believe… every time I go to the bathroom it legit looks like I’m dying. And the cramps are crippling to the point where I can’t stand or walk. Has anyone else experienced this when starting out a new birth control or am I just worrying myself? I meant to ask the pharmacist last time I was at the doctors office with my son but it completely slipped my mind. Any advice or similar experiences welcome.

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my periods are worse after having kids. and after each kid they get consecutively worse.

Oh yea completely normal you’re only a month PP your hormones and periods are going to be crazy for awhile, plus healing still from birth. It’ll take awhile to all even out but it’s all normal. Sucks but normal

Probably normal but this is a question for a doctor not Facebook… PS I’ve had 3 children, and birth control didn’t make me suddenly start bleeding heavily so I think it’s a bit odd.


This really seems quite normal. While i think its a question for a dr and not facebook…to each their own. But seriously, talk to a medical professional just to make sure things are ok

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Yeah completely normal mine was the same after having my daughter it took a while for them to regulate properly the cramps were awful not even lying on bed helped with mine! Try taking a hot bath with lavender in it an a few paracetamol or cocodamols should help you… I was going thru 2 packets of pads every 2 days also so I know how you feel…

The heavy periods are from being PP it takes a little while to get balanced again.

Whe this happened to me i miscarried. Sure you not pregnant?

Well did you have a follow up appointment? I know six weeks is when they recommend figuring out birth control because it takes that long for your body to get back to normal. Maybe you took the birth-control prematurely and your body wasn’t ready.

Too heavy to be normal.