Birthday gift ideas

Birthday gift ideas for a 12-year-old girl?


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How about know your child more than asking strangers. A 12 year old is not that difficult to understand. You obviously don’t actually know any of their interests at all


Calligraphy set.
Tickets to an aquarium.
New tablet.
We “adopted” a sea turtle in her name for her birthday.

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Lunch & shopping! Let her pick out what she likes. Do it with my grand daughters. They love the one in one attention- make the day about her.

Depends what she’s into. If a girlie girl maybe lipgloss, is she artsy? An art set, into sports? Maybe some equipment to play. Maybe a spa day for the two of you together.

Bouquet of flowers with money wrapped around the roses. So she can go to the mall and buy whatever she wants

Drawing paper
Nice drawing pens
New paint brushes
Make up

Shopping spree ( we gave our daughter $150) and took her to the mall

Mine just turned 12


Whats her interests? Two of my girls love all things girly loving boys, dresses, make up. The other one is a tom boy prefers skateboard, airpods and anything football with the occasional mani pedis.

I just got my daughter band shirts, a salt lamp, chucks, peace tea :joy: also canvasses and paint…she turned 12 last Monday

An experience. Even if it’s just a girls day with lunch and her choice of movie!

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Time with you is the best gift.

Go someplace fun, a peaceful place that means a lot to you or her, a tour of a historic home, an animal sanctuary, a nature walk, a cat cafe, indoor or outdoor water park if that would be fun, a pro or semi-pro sports game, a concert, shopping, a nice meal someplace she’d like, maybe a day at the beach or just time at your home with an old friend she hasn’t seen in a while, ski trip, river rafting, make lunch & just talk with her and answer all her questions about life & share what you’ve learned over the years.

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Diary, make up, nice blanket, Bible, monagram necklace, curling iron, charm braclet, books, camera, backpack purse, art set.

Wireless headphones. Jewelry. Make up if they wear it. Bags if they use them. Drawing or puzzles if they like that. Money. Spa day. Fav stuff? Artists? Band tee?

Spa day
Colored pens
Hover board
Chrome book
Experience (day out of school, water park, staycation, movie day, trip with fam to the beach or Disney)

Pedicure / manicure spa day with mom or another friend

Gift cards then she can buy what she like or need.

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Concert tickets to a teen band? Amusement park tickets? A magazine subscription (I always check with the mom on that one)? Dance classes (or karate or whatever she wants to try)?

I liked getting the friendship bracelet kits or art kits

books! you can never go wrong with books :books:

Daughters pride ring

Journal and a gift card… or take her to lunch and for a mani pedi. Depends on her interests.

You do not know her interest ?
If she is on the girly side you can take her shopping, to get a mani and pedicure, maybe a new hair style …
Just ask her

Diary, earrings, nail polish, wireless earphones.

Skin care products, Money, gift cards for Amazon or video games such as roblox or mindcraft, jewelry. Friendship bracelet kits… ect.

Take her to get her nails done, dinner and maybe a hair appt?!

Visa gift card, bed bath and beyond gc, bath and body works gc

What is she into? An age doesn’t give enough info.

Make up perfume clothes gift voucher books theatre trip

<3 I absolutely love making baskets! Get a fancy pretty basket and fill it with her favorites. You can make them themed baskets (example like everything pink or purple) I make them for my daughters birthdays. Lip glosses, hair brushes, hair ties, beauty blenders, makeup brushes, face masks, gum, candy, nail polishes, gift cards, the list is endless. I also like to make adventure boxes! Example I get passes for the wild safari park or arcade, a new outfit, spending cash, maybe a cute little cross body purse. Another great idea would be to have an unbirthday party! That’s when you celebrate the entire day for her. Wake up and go grab her favorite breakfast, maybe a Starbucks. Go shopping. Get your nails painted. Have a special dinner where everyone dresses up.

Put together a hamper of her fave foods/sweets/drinks, hot water bottle, dvd/CD, journal, pens, etc

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