Boyfriend forgets birthday, am I not that important?

My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year and a half and my birthday is tomorrow, so far we’ve only celebrated one of my birthdays. Tomorrow will be the second birthday. I asked him a couple weeks ago if he remembered when my birthday was and he didn’t. I hid it on Facebook and kind of just let it go to see if he would eventually remember and he still didn’t so after a couple weeks I told him when it was. Last Thursday he said “we can go out to eat tomorrow for your birthday” I said, “tomorrow isn’t my birthday, it’s next Friday”. :woman_facepalming: He is just now back to work after ankle surgery and he’s down to two days right now and can pick any two days which he has been doing Fridays and Saturdays, with my birthday being on Friday I asked him yesterday if he was still working Friday and he said yes soooo that kind of sucks. He also asked me this morning what I wanted for my birthday and I didn’t really say anything, when he asked before I just said I didn’t want anything. From what I’ve said in the past was even if it was just a card I’d be fine with that to show he cared for any holiday etc. I don’t care to get anything for my birthday, sometimes in a way it’s just another day to me but am I wrong for it to bother me that: he didn’t remember my birthday, I had to tell him, he’s still working on my birthday when he could have picked a different day and he’s waiting till the day before to try to pick something for a gift. My kids are at their grandparents for the summer so I’m going to be alone for the day and it sucks. He said we’ve only celebrated one birthday so it was hard to remember when it was and has a bad memory but just makes me feel not worthy enough to remember something like that then waiting till the day before to try to figure out what to get me like he doesn’t care that much. I’m going to be 29 but ugh still bothers me.