Breastfed baby uses it as a pacifier: Advice?

10.5 week old EBFd baby has decided she wants to use my breast as pacifier 24 hours a day. Send help. And any tips to hopefully get her to take a pacifier or self soothe so I can have my body back a couple hours a day.


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Sounds more like cluster feeding and/comfort nursing. Your milk is still regulating up to around that 12 week mark when it switches to hormone driven production (up to this point it was mostly controlled by baby’s nursing schedule), baby might just be giving that extra nudge to help you produce more or might just need extra snuggles and loves right now. My advice; make yourself a nest with snacks and the remote control and get cozy. It gets easier. If it’s driving you up the wall though, I would suggest speaking to an LC and make sure baby is getting good intake and all that jazz just to rule it out. :slight_smile:


Stop letting her. When the feeding is done stop and give her a pacifier. Obviously at just over 2 months feedings are very often every 2 hrs etc, feed her and when shes done give her a pacifier. Advent Soothie. If you keep that up you will be seriously regretting it for next year when she demands to stay on your boob for comfort and to go to sleep. Ive seen that happen with others.


No such thing.
She is most likely getting ready for a growth spurt or developmental leap so her body is asking for more milk, which causes more latching and feedings.
And young babies/children cannot self soothe, it is not developmentally appropriate.


baby uses it as a pacifier? that is because you let her. it is your breasts not the babys. get a bottle and let it go. she will take it if she is hungry. what ever.


She is still very young and apparently just enjoys the leisurely snuggle…and like Kara said, she might be lingering for more sustenance…maybe dessert. Enjoy this time. It is a blessing. Extra closeness to a new creation builds a stronger person. … you and the babe.

Give her a soother! Had the same issue with my youngest, gave him soother it worked

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It gets easier! My babe was attached all the time in the beginning. She’s regulated :heart: you’ve got this!!

She’s most likely growing… 

No such thing. Baby is cluster feeding & it’s completely normal.