Breastfeeding is taking its toll on me: Advice?

I am so sick of breastfeeding my six month old. He won’t take a bottle. I can’t leave him with anyone else without him screaming the entire time I am gone. I stopped breastfeeding my first baby at around this time and kind of regretted it. Would she had amazing benefits if I had powered through? He is starting the bite me, which is making me want to breastfeed him even less. I would like to be away from for longer then is possible now. Part of me wants to power through to a year. But I’m a little afraid of having a lot of drama about weaning him. I can’t really imagine myself breastfeeding a toddler. Help! Should I? How do I get him over to a bottle? I’m not interested in pumping.


Try a transitional sippy cup with a silicone spout. He’s a little younger but it worked on my last kid!

What ever it is start asap.


He will take a bottle when he gets hungry enough. Your life and feelings matter, too.


Exactly. Be strong and more bullheaded than that strong little guy. You’ll win. He won’t go without. He will be a leader. :heart:


I went through this with my son. He was allergic to dairy and no matter how much I cut out he was still fussy. I tried weaning many times. Finally at 6 months I said enough is enough! And I refused to feed him. I had a bottle handy at all times and offered it to him every 10-15 minutes. Finally after 6 hours of not eating he took a few ounces. The 2nd time he wanted to eat he cried for maybe 10 minutes before taking the bottle, took 6 oz and that was it. He was on the bottle ever since. Just don’t give up!

Have you started to wean? Maybe once new tastes starts he won’t be as demanding for breast?

Try slowly weaning him. Try out different bottles. Maybe he’ll like the nipple more from a different brand. Or a different formula. Maybe he just doesn’t like the taste of the one you’re using. Pumping isn’t too bad if you’re really that worried about the benefits of breast feeding. Either way, no matter what you decide to do…bottle, breast, formula or your milk…the most important thing is that your baby is fed, healthy and happy and so are you.

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They bite, they learn to stop. 2 1/2 years old and I only work. No date nights, no mom going anywhere.

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Pump and try different bottle types.


They make bottles with nipples like the breast. Try those. Maybe try one bottle breast milk and the next formula.

Offer a sippy cup, he might mock you with it if you have a sippy cup too

Power through and he will take a bottle w someone else. Most babies wont w mom. Pump and freeze in ice trays then pop them out into ziplocks so whoever watches him they can heat up a few at a time. He will adjust it takes more than one time. Start weaning slowly but it sounds like u just dont want too and moms do need breaks but u sound selfish. I nursed my daughter for 3 yrs and my son was 4 when she was born. I went to school and worked the whole time. Still pumped until almost 1. she did learn to take formula from child care, most babies do.

I would personally try to continue as long as it is not affecting you mentally. I’ve breastfed 3 kids and all bite at some point or another. You can end up finding your child has allergies and intolerance to formula. Maybe try supplementing w the bottle and see how your child tolerates it first, if you cannot continue to breastfeed. Either way you will be a great mom. Whatever is best for you and baby

First, I’d talk to your pediatrician and a lactation consultant. Next, have you given any actual foods? If you haven’t then it’s not realistic to expect him not to fight you. If you have then you’ll just have to cry through it with him but wean him and take some of your life back. I had to bawl like a bitch but she eventually got hungry enough to take a bottle. Best of luck. First and foremost make an appt.

I nursed my 1st for a year and other 2 babes for 6m each…barely :joy: it gets hard, I know and they all had allergies, so I couldnt eat much while nursing them.
That being said, there is no difference in their health at all!!

Don’t worry, it won’t be long before he takes the bottle… if he’s hungry enough he’ll eat!


Continue to pump and bottle feed he will eventually get hungry and take it!

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I brest feed my son about 6 mths an I ween him off in one day after I try to give him the Brest an he bite me that was it every child is different do not give up ,

Phone the leleache league about this u cant be a completely tied.down at his apron strings give him a bottle hell take it.if hed hungry.enough

Have someone else try to give him the bottle maybe. Be playful. That is how i got my little one to take the bottle even now at 11 months she doesnt take the bottle easily. A lot of times i will place the bottle near her while she is playing and eventually she will get interested in the bottle pick it up put it in her mouth and start drinking. And i will help guide the bottle for her…She is stubborn so i have to make it seem like its all her initiative/idea. :rofl:

Give him cow milk in a bottle or sippy cup…

Do what you feel is right. Maybe try a nuby sippy cup instead of a bottle. I have breastfed all of my kids and as soon as they started biting me I was done. I pumped and put it in their sippy cups

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My boy would barely take bottles. I went through all the annoying things like biting, scratching and pinching it is what it is. He’s 19 months now and at this moment he’s nursing. He nurses 3 times a day. It gets easier hang in there if you want to if not then the baby will have to take a bottle or sippy eventually.

Advent is the only bottle our Nursing grandson would take

My daughter would ONLY take tommee tippee after breastfeeding. They mimic the breast and when she first stopped she liked to have my shirt while she took a bottle


My first self weaned around 12 months but was barely nursing at all since like 10 months. My second on the other hand I had to cut him off cold turkey at 14 months because I was over it. I hated every minute of breastfeeding but did it for the benefits and because it was cheaper.

Aversion is very real and it sucks. I just suck it up personally. My baby is worth it.


Try the simply nuk bottle. It’s the only one my daughter would take and she would NOT take a bottle from me because she thought I was holding out on her, her father had to be the one to introduce both a binky and the bottle and I had to leave the room both times. She would night nurse and then take a bottle during the day and eventually she weaned herself off 1 wk before she turned 11 mos

Try a bottle that mimics the breast and try switching mid feed. Start nursing and then try to remove your nipple and immediately give the bottle. Keep baby snuggling at the breast during this time. Even if he only takes it for a few sucks at a time it’s progress.

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My first would not take a bottle at all, but was ok taking a sippy cup. I breastfed her for 16 months, after 1 it was only at night to go to sleep. My second is 7 months and shes biting too, she will take a bottle but I am not good at pumping regularly enough to keep supply built up, and I dont want her having formula (my own issues with it, I dont judge other moms for giving formula). I choose to power through the biting and not wanting bottles, the night feeds and being their on demand buffet, because for me, I’d do anything for my babies, (not saying other moms wouldn’t) they want/need ME, so I put my wants aside and give them what they need.

I would try a more natural nipple on the bottle to see if that will help. Breastfeeding is hard and you have already done 6 months. That is an accomplishment right there. I am at 7 months with my second and I can definitely relate at times.

Just my opinion. I regret not weaning my daughter earlier. Breastfeeding took a lot of me mentally and physically, to the point where I lost large portions of my hair. I believed all the hype and I wouldn’t even begin to entertain the idea of formula, which I regret.

Do what is best and healthiest for YOU, and your child.


My little guy would not take any bottle at all, I kept researching and I was able to order MAAM bottles from amazon and that was the only bottle he would take and still takes. Good luck mama.

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If all you offer is a bottle he’ll drink at some point. Babies won’t intentionally starve themselves unless they have a severe mental incapacity. Just squirt milk from the bottle into his mouth and follow the bottle in with it. Make sure you’re sized right for the nipple too because he’s probably really efficient at breastfeeding now

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People will holler I know, but it worked. My son was about 5 mo. Or so when he deliberately bit me. I was so shocked that without thinking I thumped him in the nose. He never did it again. Because the bottle does not work it doesn’t mean something else won’t. They also are capable of learning no. Give him cuddles, but let hi. Know that if he bites you etc. Cuddling is o very for the momentl


This bottle was a life saver

My opinion might be less popular then others but, if you get to the point where you dread feeding your baby, then I would quit nursing. Keep trying to transition to a bottle. You could always pump if you wanted. I hated nursing. I just had a baby and am exclusively pumping. I did not get any joy from nursing and didn’t want to pass those negative feelings off to baby.


Flick his nose when he bites you, you have to let him know he’s hurting you. At this age they’re starting to understand things. I have a friend who just went through this. Talk to him. Take away the boob if he bites you too. It’s very stressful. But only you know for sure if you wanna give up or not.


I would slowly start to wean. Start giving your baby plain yogurt if your pediatrician allows it. Also make sure you’re giving the baby water to avoid dehydration.

Try using a nipple shield. The texture might be what helps with transition

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I am glad this popped up. I’ve heard mothers swear by this bottle. Apparently it mimics the breast and if you ever do want to pump it’s supposed to hook up to any pump

My step sister had troublenweaning and in the end my step mum took the baby for 3bdays with a supply of formula and bottles. Hebfoughtnit, but eventually took to the bottle. I don’t know if this is an option for you but it worked for her.


I use the avent bottles because they simulate the way your nipple works my little girl wont take any bottle that isn’t that brand and honestly I would start while your baby is with you incorporate bottles it makes it eaiser with him being in your arms to get used to the bottles

First of all congrats on making it 6 months! One of these best tips I have is to have someone else feed him. He can smell your milk when you’re trying to feed him. Ask for help. Most people are more than happy to feed a baby!

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Honestly, give yourself a break. Breastfeeding is flipping hard as hell and you’re doing absolutely great.
I know they do make bottle more like boobs and less like bottles. Not sure how else to describe it. :woman_facepalming::rofl:
I know other people have put their shirt around a warmed up bottle so the baby smells momma and have more positive results.
Best of luck dear!! :heart:

You’ll be surprised how quickly he’ll take a bottle if he misses one feed

Such a tough choice! So many breast feeding moms struggle with this. Do what is best for you. You made it 6 months, that’s great! Maybe keep pumping and feed him breast milk with a bottle? He will eat eventually, he won’t starve. It’ll be a little tough so start it on a weekend. Good luck mama!

If you can pump and get him taking a bottle then the weaning part is easy. Once he takes a bottle you an just start skipping one feeding from the breast every couple of days (2-4) until you no longer feed him on breast at all. That’s what I did and it took me about a month to wean my daughter

I stopped at 8 months with my second. He’s 14 now and just fine.

Your baby will not let himself starve. There are good bottles/nipples mentioned on this thread, and he WILL eventually take the bottle. Good luck mama❤


Glad I’m not your baby if you feel that way -seems so sad. :cry: Having said that, he has had most of the benefits by now and it’s safe to wean him. I went straight to cup/mug, but mine were much older by then.


What I wouldn’t give to breastfeed. If he doesnt take a bottle, I recommend a bottle that is supposed to mimick feedings.

Girl same boat! My son breastfed till 6 months but my daughter is going on 9 months and not looking like she is gonna let up soon but she can be a hand full at nap times. I will say it gets easier when they start eating food or snacking vs always wanting the boob

When my daughter started bitting the nipples, I realize it’s when she didn’t want to be feed but when she was taking the nipples only to be near mommy. I reduce breastfeeding that way she was only taking it when she was hungry. No more bitting.