C-section nerve damage

So I gave birth to my daughter on March 3rd, and she had a very complicated birth so I ended up having a c-section. Prior to the C-section I had received a mini spinal and pushed for over an hour, because I got the mini spinal I was unable to get the full one stay awake during my c-section so I had a general anesthetic. When I woke up I regained feeling, except in my right leg. Over a couple days I regained feeling up to my ankle. The doctor said I had a bad reaction but the more I read up the more o think I got nerve damage. I am unable to wiggle my toes or roll my ankle, the hospital gave me a cane and walking boot so I can get around easier. I am struggling to stay positive, my doctors said it could be up to 8 weeks to heal if it does at all. The if at all part scares me, I have a 2 1/2 year old and a new baby and I feel so defeated needing help with most things and not being able to do everything I want to with them. I have a physio apt on Friday and am making an apt to ask for a referral for a neurologist next week. Has anyone else experienced this and healed okay? Or any suggestions?


I had 3 C-sections and this never happened. I would consult a nerologist and a lawyer depending what paperwork they have had you sign you might not be able to sue. In my last C-section he ripped my uterus and had to give me an emergency hysterectomy at 26 and I couldn’t sue unfortunately


I’m sorry you are going through this, I’ve had 4 c sections and never had any issues other than back pain months later, the spinal seems to have aggravated a nerve problem I already had. I would definitely see a specialist on it to see if there is any damage. It’s quite possible within one of the many forms you signed that you waived any rights for litigation unless there is negligence or something like that. I know they told me that although rare there could be some nerve damage among other risks of a c section.

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I’ve had a traumatic brain injury with nerve damage in my left leg. Your brain needs to reconnect all the nuerons. It took me about 6 months to FULLY recover my leg use. I started with a walker…moved to a cane…than dragging my foot…than walking normalish but really hesitant with stairs ect…now i go down the stairs like a bat out of hell lol.


I didn’t have a C-section but after pushing 4hrs I had nerve damage on my right thigh. I was told it was from when they’d lift my leg to push and for so long. It was very painful at first with a lot of nerve pain and weak muscles and numbness at the same time, but over time the pain subsided but was still partially numb. My daughter is 14months now and my thigh is 90% better I realized I have a lot more feeling in it now (I got used to it and started ignoring it)

I had bilateral femoral nerve damage after I gave birth to my son! I was unable to walk unassisted for weeks and regularly did physical therapy! There’s a Facebook group for mommas who had nerve damage, I would suggest you to join it! Lots of positive support for women all over the world!