Can anyone recommend easy recipes for kids to make by themselves?

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Precooked chicken that just needs warmed on stove, boil in a bag rice. She/He can get 4 bowls of chicken and rice.

Depends what you’re looking for, baking or cooking. If it’s cooking you can do things like grilled cheese, eggs, hotdogs, soups, noodles, low ingredient pastas. Baking I would start off with cookies, muffins, cupcakes, a small cake, possibly the boxed cake mixes until they’re comfortable. There’s lots of no bake treats good for when you aren’t around.

Get some pizza dough. Give your kids just enough dough to make a personal pan pizza. Go by the directions on the can. Pizza sauce, cheese, etc


If you teach your kid to use a air fryer, the possibilities are endless. My son makes himself so many things in there.

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My grand I started with cupcakes and scrambled eggs not 2 . I was right there . Sugar cookies with cookie cutters.

Oatmeal cookies. Oats, sugar, water and shape them. Chocolate chips optional

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Sandwiches/wraps, fruit bowl w/yogurt, cereal

My 7 year old uses flour tortillas to make homemade pizzas. Flour tortillas, pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings they want. Then microwave for 30-45 seconds. Easy!


My kids have always enjoyed making their own pizzas


Anything with directions printed on the box.

My son loves making grilled sandwiches, mac n cheese (follow box directions), eggs, and pancakes

My boys are on a hot pocket craze.

Cheese and bacon pasta melt

Pizza w premade dough, sub sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes

Make sugar cookies or cupcakes and let them decorate.

Toast with butter or jelly or peanut butter

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Celery w/peanut butter, put raisins on top…called bugs on a log. That was the first thing I was taught through 4H then I was taught how to make an omelet, grilled cheese, fried bologna

Flat bread pizza . Peanut butter cookies. Cupcakes. Jello . Pudding. Scrambled eggs. A lot of stuff.

Rice Krispie squares

If all else fails…Google

With my 3yr old we make easy things like Jello, Pillsbury pre made cookies (all she wants to do is lay them on a cookie sheet) Mac and cheese…I let her put the milk and cheese packet in she helps mix after momma starts it off for her.

Jello pudding, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, crock pot recipes are easy- read directions , dump in pot , turn on , set timer.
Ramen noodles, Mac & cheese. French toast .

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My 10 year old enjoys making is own salmon on the stove. Also will make hamburger helper, pasta, eggs, Mac n cheese, ramen.

You can give them instructions for making devilled eggs, fruit salad, or they can make stuff from a package like pasta salad, Jello, or some kind of a mix. If they are able to follow directions, measure ingredients, and handle stuff that’s going to be hot with care then they can do just about anything. But you may want to stick around in case you are needed.

Jello is a great start. Ramen and instant oatmeal too. Then my kids moved on to scrambled eggs and grilled cheese.

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What age and are they? each child has a different level of safe food temps.

Pb& j
Microwabale snack ( if you can use microwave)
Ritz cracer/ cold cuts
Toast/bagel butter/ creamcheese/jelly etc

Ice cream in a baggie, it’s easy and fun. Google it.:blush:

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Mac and cheese, hot pockets, sandwiches

Cheese dips, sour cream based dips

Losts of egg recipes.

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English muffin, pizza sauce and cheese put in the toaster oven instant mini pizza :pizza:

We love the Kraft Snack Peanut Butter Balls. Super easy to make, no oven or stove needed, not too unhealthy.

My 9 and 11 year old make their own lunches after school daily almost. They love it. I’ve taught them how to make grilled cheese, hotdogs, box Mac and cheese, frozen foods in the oven, and yesterday they made me mother’s day dinner of Mac and cheese, hamburgers, and stuffed mushrooms. Each kid is different. I’ve watched chopped junior and seen a 10 year old cooked more advanced and better then me!

Cream cheese, cucumber, and dill sandwich. Dips of any sort with dippers. Charcuterie with fruits, cold meat, crackers, cherry tomatoes, jarred olives, sun dried tomatoes, etc.

Yes one lb. of dirt, one cup of water,mix instant mudpie, get them outside…

Sautéed spinach and mushrooms