Can anyone share some good simple Turkey seasoning ideas?

Homemade or store bought seasonings are both great. Looking to have some delicious Turkey.

Also any quick and easy meals or deserts would be appreciated. I’m looking for some new ideas.

Thanks in advance.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can anyone share some good simple Turkey seasoning ideas?

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Mccormick rotisserie chicken seasoning. Caramel apple dump cake

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Pumpkin cheesecake is on my menu for dessert

Turkey seasoning I use powdered bbq seasoning creole slap yo mama on top of the skin then I mix butter with the same seasonings and add that under the skin and in the cavity I add onion smashed up garlic Rosemary & thyme and more butter that’s rubbed in the cavity

For leftovers I do turkey pot pie, turkey noodle soup, turkey tacos, turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce, turkey enchiladas

Mashed potatoes I do the leftovers and make twice baked potato casserole and a kfc bowl with the turkey and corn

Leftover corn I add to soup pot pie and kfc bowl

Desserts you can do whatever you prefer from brownies apple/cherry/pecan/pumpkin pies to cake even to cookies

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We do the turkey in the crock pot with liquid smoke and ice cream salt! So good, and moist!

I did garlic/lemon turkey in oven bag. I picked the easiest turkey to cook and turned out great. Put halved lemons in its hole, chopped garlic cloves under skin. I used sage,rosemary, salt, pepper to season skin all over then cook in reynolds oven bag. The bag comes with cooking instructions

Brush some ranch dressing on it.

My mother in law injects her turkey with white wine it’s delicious :yum: