Can anyone suggest cute indian baby girl names

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Krupa :slight_smile: one of my best friends name!

Himani, Sayda, Jaspreet, Nidhi

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Native American? If you are not East Indian or Native American, pick a different name.


Kaiah one who is little and wise. Suggested by my friend Wynona Sixkiller Irvin

You messed up saying Indian

Taya- pronounced tA- ya it’s supposed to American Indian and means “ precious”


i can’t remember how to spell it, maybe with a little google you could find it. but my former co worker’s name is Eusyra and I love it. (use-er-a sounding). I believe she is east Indian

I liked Aasha and Nita but I didn’t have a girl

Why? If you’re Indian you would know some.


Lalani the spelling is middle eastern

My step daughters name is tejaspreet, I I call her taja, pronounced as tay-ja